New Pregnancy after IVF
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Julie - Hoping - July 24

Hi Jennifer
I can't beleive the doc didn't let you see anything? I would think the black spot of the gestational sac would be seen. I hope they let you see more next time! I had cysts on a few IUI cycles, they're uncomfortable until they go away. I'm glad it won't affect your pregancy at all - it's good you went in to check!

I can't tell if I'm tired b/c of the pregnancy of b/c I'm up every other hour peeing. Guess it's a combination of both. I'll just feel so much better if tomorrow goes okay. For Risa they saw heartbeats at 6 weeks 4 days this will only be 6 weeks and 2 days.

A friend of mine told me today she is due in January - I was dying to tell her I'm ue in March but I'm going to wait until the 3 month mark.

Hope you sleep better!


Julie - Hoping - July 25

HI ladies!
Wow that was definately amazing! We got to see and hear the heartbeat! We have the U/S pics and first you hear your heartbeat and then you hear the baby's. It was just awsome. I'm so relieved the Dr was happy that everything looks great and is progressing great. I'm so relieved! I'm am going to stay unstressed now, that felt like a huge hurdle. I'm also excited to read all about week 6 too now that I know everything is going okay. I barely slept last night so I can't wait - I'm going to bed the moment it's dark. I hope all is well with you and everyone is feeling okay!

Oh and YAY I may finally get to stop the progesterone shots!! They'll let me know later today.


jennifern - July 25

CONGRATS!!!!!!! That is absolutely fantastic news !!!!!!!
It must feel incredible to finally relax into the pregnancy ...
I am really so happy for you
So you actually heard the baby's heartbeat?
Oh & I'm soooo jealous about the end of your progesterone ! I forgot how life it without it

I am still really nervous because they haven't seen the sac yet but will know on Thursday. My RE didn't see to be scared but I am...very

I'll let you know

Congrats again & enjoy !


Julie - Hoping - July 26

I think I did finally relax... I slept for 11.5 hours last night! Wow I needed that. I actually only peed twice so it was good and restful. My Dr let me FINALLY go to the suppositories I'm thrilled I'm finally done with needles in the rear!

I can't wait to hear how your U/S and BW goes please keep me posted on Thursday I know it will go great!


fiso - July 26

Wooohooo! You are free fom all the shots! Congrats Julie. It's always a big step to be off all those nasty meds! You have only the suppositories now and they are not a big deal, not after everything you had to do!

Hearing the heart beat for the first time is beyond words. In our cases (formerly infertile women), it's such a miracle. I'm happy for you.

Get as much rest as you can. The peeing is , well, part of the whole deal! I used to hate waking up in the middle of the night to pee, but after 7 months of that, it's no big deal any more. You get used to it.

Jennifern, keep us posted on your appointment tomorrow.

Take care.


Risa - July 26

Hi everyone, I'm back from my cruise and the entire time I also was checking for blood. But my symptoms of fatigue, quesiness and constant peeing tell me they're probably okay. It makes sense what Jennifer's dad said about our bodies getting ready for breastfeeding by the constant waking at night. Julie I am so glad you got to see and hear the heartbeat. Did you get a picture? I love the picture, it makes it so real and it is great to see them when I want. I kind of feel the same way as Jennifer towards my RE. sometimes he is really nice, but sometimes he doesn't turn the screen well enough for us to see or he just seems short. But I am so grateful for everything he has done for us. Oh and because they are twins, our due date got changed to Feb. 14th, valentine's day, because twins come earlier. February sounds so close! We are so excited and yet nervous for tomorrow's appointment. I'll keep you posted.


Julie - Hoping - July 26

HI Risa!
I hope the cruise was a lot of fun! Yay a Valentine's Day due date how great!! Has it set in that you're having twins? Very exciting :-) Please let us know how tomorrow goes!


jennifern - July 27

Hey ladies!
I can breathe a sigh of relief b/c got my U/S today & they could see the gest. sac, yolk sac, and fetal pole.Looks like I'm only having 1 .... I measured at 5 weeks 5 days which is perfect b/c that's excatly what I am!
She tried to find the heartbeat but couldn't yet--she said it was too small& she wasn't concerned
Can anyone confirm that it's not always normal to see the heartbeat at this stage?

JUST got my beta levels which she says indicates everything is going well--up to 3653 from 1683 on Monday

I have my next U/S on Monday when we will HOPEFULLY (!!!!!!!!!!!!) see the heartbeat!!! Next week is our 3 year anniversay so that would be the best present ever (cuz I am still not allowed to have sex!!!!!!!!)

Hope you all are well today & can't wait to hear wonderful updates


Julie - Hoping - July 27

Hi Jennifer
That's great news! Congratulations! Isn't it just amazing to see it in there!! I read Week 6 is the earliest they could maybe see the heartbeat. I was 6 weeks and 2 days and I think Risa was 6 weeks and 4 days so you should be all set to see it next week! My RE was able to give us a pic of the week 6 - make sure you ask for one! He was able to let us listen to and record the heartbeat too but I'm not sure all REs do that at 6 weeks. That's great that your HcG is increasing like its supposed to. These visits are so stressful but so great when they go well! Make sure you relax and rest and congratulations on your 3rd anniversary! We haven't been cleared for sex yet either... anyone know if you can be while you're on suppositories?


jennifern - July 27

Thanks Julie!!!!!
That's comforting info re: heartbeat. I wasn't supposed to have my first U/S until Mon (6wks) in the first place so it was an added bonus I got to see anything !

That is so cool that your RE recorded the is so amazing--when my mother was pregs w/ me they didn;t even have U/S ! My mother had an X-RAY to see my brother right before he was born!!!!

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one banned from sex!!! I really hope we don't have to wait until we are off of the supps but to be honest I don't feel very 'sexy' when I am using them--they are gross...
I have no idea how long I'll have to be on the prog...have they told you?

When do you get dischared to an OBGYN & do you have 1 yet???


jennifern - July 27


& Fiso- thanks for the well wishes & seasoned preggos advice!


Risa - July 27

Hey ladies,
Great news, the babies are three times the size they were last week and they look so cute to me already, all curled up in a little ball and I can see their arms and legs and very strong heartbeats. We are thrilled and the pictures are great, they each have their seperate picture and we have one with the two of them together. I am 8 weeks pregnant today. Last week when we had the first u/s, they determined I was 6weeks and 6 days. Jennifer, I think I read somewhere that it is around 6 weeks that they see the heartbeat. But it's great that you at least got to see the fetal pole and that everything is okay so far. I still wish we could have heard it, I bet that was soooo cool. Well, my RE has okayed me to go to my obgyn in 1-2 weeks. I have an appointment with them in exactly 2 weeks.
As for sex, our RE said it was okay 5 days after the transfer. We thought he was crazy, he even mentioned that sex was okay again at the last visit. He said we may see a little spotting after and if we did, to refrain from it again for another week. I don't want to see any spotting at all and like you guys said, the progesterone suppositories are not very sexy. Also, with it 3 times a day I don't want any of the meds to not get to where it needs to. I think we're waiting until the suppositories go to once a day and this is 2 weeks away.
So, Julie and Jennifer, when are your next appointments? And how are you feeling? Have you been gaining any weight Julie? Well take care guys!


Julie - Hoping - July 27

Hi ladies
My RE must be more into Progesterone boosting than most... I'm on the suppositories 4 times a day! I'm spreading them out every 6 hours - it's easy to keep up with since I always need to pee in the middle of the night anyway. We were told no "relations" from 3 days before retreival until at a minimum 6 weeks. But at the 6 week visit I forgot to ask and now I have the suppositories... and yes I agree these are not so sexy.

I've had no spotting but did also read you may spot some after sex and I know this would cause me to panic. I still go to the RE every week until 8 weeks and then at 10 weeks I go to my regular OB/GYN. Rather my usual GYN is an OB/GYN so that's where we will be continuing to go after me RE releases me.

Risa - your visit sounds amazing! The pictures must be great!! Yay for 8 weeks!!

I'll be 7 weeks along on Sunday and I go back Tuesday for U/S and B/W. How's everyone feeling? I can say with enthusiam my cheeks feel much much better and the bruising from the shots has mostly gone away! I have some strong hunger in the morning and I'm a bit bloated. No weight change although my breasts are bigger. No morning sickness - just tired often even after sleeping. Write soon!


love2Bparents - July 28

****Congrats New Mommies*** I am so happy for each and everyone of you! May these 40 weeks being filled with happiness!


jennifern - July 29

I saw your post on the medical ref. thread about spotting & I am wondering how you are???
Please let us know whenever you read this--


Risa - July 29

Thanks for asking Jennifer....I'm actually terrified. Last night when I inserted the suppository is when I noticed it and everytime I wiped until late this morning. The spotting has stopped, but still some cramping. I could not get a hold of my RE, the line was busy each time I called, very strange. The OB/Gyn was closed and said to show up at some women's pavillion at the hospital and my Primary care physician's nurse said if it is a miscarriage, there is nothing that could be done anyway. She just suggested that I lay down all day today. After the bleeding stopped, we decided to wait until Monday and are just hoping that this was just because of the ultrasound irritating my cervix.
I have read from other threads on this site that some women spot throughout their entire pregnancy and the baby is born healthy with no complications. We are just praying and hoping for the best and I am really trying to think positive. Thanks for asking me how I was doing, I didn't want to worry you guys or put more fear and anxiety into each ache or feeling that you all have. Today, I am just being pampered by dH and trying to rest. You all need plenty of rest too, I'll keep in touch.




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