New Pregnancy after IVF
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jennifern - August 4

Oh &
Julie where are you???


Risa - August 6

Thanks Jennifer for asking your dad and sister about the peanut butter and nuts thing, I think it's a very strange theory. I hope everyone is doing well. I also have my next appointment this Friday and can't wait, still very anxious about the appointments because I am scared something will be wrong, but also try to think very positive in seeing the little heartbeats. I am now down to only 2 suppositories a day, which is nice... but I just hope the babies are getting enough progesterone. I called my RE about my concerns and they seem very certain everything is okay, even though I havn't had any B/W done since July 3. Also concerned about the babies since we couldn't wait anymore and had sex the other day. I havn't had any spotting afterwards but I still can't wonder if they're okay.
How is everyone else doing? Okay I hope and hope you all had a good weekend.



love2Bparents - August 7

Glad to hear everyone is doing great. As for me I am so freaking excited for tomorrow afternoon, I can’t wait at all. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Baby A isn’t shy! I am going to drink my H20 on the rocks religiously tomorrow as well as eat a snickers or something in the car on the way to the appt. I want to register already! Hahahaha I know I have my priorities straight. Hehehe


jennifern - August 8

Love2be- can't wait to hear the results!!!!!! Sooooo exciting! That's great that you are finding out at 20wks..I've heard some doctors wait till 20?

Risa-My father has never heard of the peanut butter thing & thinks it sounds v. strange......
I am so jealous you actually had sex with your DH!!!!!! I forgot what that is even like!!


Julie - Hoping - August 8

Hi ladies
Sorry I haven’t written in awhile we were away on a long weekend. Everything is still going well with me we had our last U/S this morning. (Atleast last for awhile I think - not sure how often the OB will want them.) The little one is growing great ¾ of an inch now! And the heartbeat was 142, my Dr said while they’re usually 150 around now but the range is 120-160 and they don’t worry unless it’s below 100. I have my last BW there on Thursday and if my progesterone is good I can be all done with the suppositories and I’ll be “released” back to my OB/GYN. I’m pretty excited about 8 weeks an I think I’m starting to relax. I hope everyone is doing great!! I still don’t have any m/s, I’m just so tired though, I’ve been getting 10 hours of sleep a night. If I'm off the suppositories I can't wait to have sex - it's been forever! Write soon!


Julie - Hoping - August 8

HI ladies me again - Forgot to ask... is anyone else REALLY bloated? I swear I look pregnant which at 2 months is ridiculous. I know it's just bloating, pants really don't fit etc. I've only gained a pound so it's not even weight gain. I don't even have gas (sorry if that's TMI) I just wondering if anyone else feels/looks like this? Bizarre. Write soon


Risa - August 9

HI everyone,
That's great luv2be about finding out the sex. I'm sure the snickers bar will get them moving around so you can see.
As for the bloating, yes!! I feel and look huge. But mine isn't only bloating, I actually have already gained 8 pounds, way too much considering I'll only be 10 weeks on Thursday. I bought a few new work pants and skirts since my old ones weren't fitting anymore.
I have to let you guys know how sad and scared I am. My cousin and his wife pregnant after the 3rd round of IVF just lost their baby today. She was almost 6 months pregnant!! Their first try of IVF got them pregnant with twins and she lost them at 4 months and so this time we thought the singlet would make it. She's still in the hospital so I haven't asked her if they know what happened, but I cried for them because we all know how hard it is. It's not like a normal conception where you can say "we'll just try again". It just scared me into thinking there really is no safe zone. I am trying my best to take it easy at work while trying to get my classroom back in order, but will put more effort into asking people for help. You guys take care of yourselves too.


jennifern - August 9

Hey all!

Julie, don't worry about the HB...'ours' was only 120 at 7 wks (monday) and lil' one only measured 6 wks 4 days! I was really obsessing about that but they seemed not to be too concerned & said as long as it's growing & the heart is beating it's all good...and as your research indicated--120 -160 is normal.
I am totally bloated too & sooo queasy but only when I don't eat!! I've gained around 2-3 pounds & can't wait to be given the green light on the exercise(cyst is shrinking so hopefully soon)

Sorry about your cousin..that is SO tragic. I can't even imagine.
Try to trust in nature & (as you said) take good care of yourself...I find myself reading aboout MCs often (don't know why I torture myself) & each time it scares me to death...I just can't stay in that state of mind or I'll go crazy.

OK- off to bed soon--hope you all have a restful evening


Julie - Hoping - August 9

Hi Ladies
Risa I welled up reading that, I think that's the saddest thing I've read, it truly is tragic. I don't know how she'll move past that, hopefully with a lot of love and support from your cousin and family. I'll keep them in my prayers. We do all need to stay relaxed and healthy and just hope for the best.

Love2B - Any idea what the sibling is?

I hope everyone is doing well, I'm officially off all drugs as of yesterday morning. It's nice but I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something. DH and I are finally allowed to have sex :-) Hopefully all goes well with no spotting.

Stay healthy and relaxed and write soon!


fiso - August 10

Risa, my heart goes out to your cousin. I can not imagine what she must be feeling. I'm in my 7th month and can't imagine losing this baby.
As for you, I know you must be feeling really sad for her and also concerned for yourself. Just make sure you get plenty of rest and eat well.

Take care of yourself


love2Bparents - August 10

Julie: I felt the same way. It is perfectly fine! Doctor said that your waist line thickens because everything is shifting right now. Congrats about being off all the drugs. That is always good news!

Risa: OoOO sorry to hear about their losses! I can’t believe it. There are so many people out there with and without multiples that suffer from painful losses. Please, as much as it hurts you, you can’t dwell over everyone else. You have to think about you and those babies and keeping them in your tummy for the time remaining.

As for me:
Okay so here is what happened. Sorry if this is kind of long. We went in for our regular doctors appointment and ultrasound. Both babies are still doing great. I can't believe they have gotten so big so fast! Heart beats are wonderful. Now if you recall last time we went Baby A had his/her feet crossed so we could not see anything. But baby B was showing us his goods. Well that was when one baby was on top of the other. Not the case this week. Both babies are exactly at the same place at my tummy (Baby) and (Baby) on the same level. I couldn't believe it. Again one of the babies we shouldn't budge so we could not see again. So doctor doesn't know if we were looking at baby B or Baby A. So basically I am back to square 1! Goodness gracious I am going bananas! Okay good news is I go back in two weeks for a Level II ultrasound and we will do all the measurements, genitals, 4 chamber heart check (we already saw that one of the babies had a great 4 chamber heart 2 weeks ago), and so on. After that I go back to high risk category and I will now be seen by the doctor every two weeks with an ultrasound.


Risa - August 12

Hi everyone,

that is crazy that you couldn't be able to tell which baby you were looking at. I wonder when I go in for my ultrasounds, if baby A is always baby A or if they shift around. But I guess your experience answers that question for me. Hopefully next time, they'll get to see everything.

you are so lucky that you are off all your meds. I know what you mean about feeling like you are forgetting something becasue we have been using different meds for the past few months. I am down to once a day for the suppositories. My doc had me taper off the medication very slowly.

Well, I had another ultrasound yesterday and it was great. The babies are moving all over the place and look like they are dancing. Dh and I couldn't stop laughing because it was so funny to see them waving their arms and kicking their legs, one was moving like the Ally McBeal dancing baby. Most of the pictures were a bit blurry becuase they were moving so much. So amazing! I am 10 weeks and 2 days now and looking forward to the 12 week mark to tell everyone. But everyone at work already knows. News spreads very fast at my job. I asked about hearing the heartbeat but I guess the machine didn't have a doppler thing, but we could see the hearbeats just fine. Unfortunately, the doc said we will not be doing the ultrasound at every visit anymore, because in 2 weeks (next visit) they will be big enough to hear the heart beats through my belly.
Speaking of belly, I have to share with you all this wonderful thing a girl at work gave me. She is 5 months pregnant and gave me her Bella Band, which is the best invention ever. I know you guys have not gained as much as I have, but when you get to the point that buckling your pants is uncomfortable, this band allows you to keep the buckle open and it conceals the open buckle so you don't look so undone. It's great becasue now I can wear my regular clothes without feeling uncomfortable, and I know I am not yet ready for maternity clothing.
Well I hope everyone else is doing well and thanks Fiso for your advice.


jennifern - August 14

Hey ladies,
I need some comforting as I have been spotting this weekend...just brown & not so much but of course I am super worried. Yesterday I had some cramping on my rt side that I thought was due to the cysyt or uterine 'expansion'......
Plus my nausea seems to be better today

I know that Risa & Julie both spotted & thankfully everything is OK
UG- I made it to 8 weeks today & I am a wreck! Gonna go early for BW tomorrow (wasn't due for more till Tues) & maybe they'll give me another U/S


jennifern - August 14

OK...all is really good!!!!! Just got back from U/S and heartbeat is up to 152 & baby is growing perfectly

That was really scary & I HOPE I don't have much more of this spotting!

Hope you all are well......updates?


liz - August 14

Hi Jennifer -

I just wanted to say I was glad to see everything is ok. I saw your post this morning about the spotting, I was crossing my fingers all is well.

Hopefully you will not be a continuing issue for you. Does the doc have any idea why you were spotting?

Take care of yourself and your little one.


jennifern - August 14

Hey there Liz!
From doing research & talking to the nurse I think it's just leftover blood pushed by the uterus stretching (cramps due to stretching as well). She said that the ovaries are doing all kinds of things as well..not sure what that means really!
I don't have any rips or visible blood on U/S so all is fine...
Spotting seems to be normal as long as it doesn't get bright red--BUT I think Risa on this thread had red blood & it was OK--is that right Risa?
How are you feeling? When is your U/S?

Another one of nature's little headtrips!



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