Emotions During Pregnancy

Finally getting word of a positive pregnancy test can be a joyful and exciting experience. After trying different fertility treatments for so long, a positive pregnancy test can make it all worth it. But you may find yourself emotionally overwhelmed by the results. It is often difficult to move out of the treatment mindset – hoping for the best, but expecting nothing – and it is entirely normal to feel scared, worried, or fearful about your upcoming pregnancy.

After all, this pregnancy is precious to you and took hard work and courage to achieve. Here is some important information about the emotions that you may face during this next step in your life.

Previous Pregnancy Losses

If you have suffered previous pregnancy losses, it may be difficult to see this pregnancy as any different. You may find that you and your partner are afraid to get too excited about the pregnancy in case something goes wrong, like it did before. You may even "expect" to lose this baby in an effort to reduce the pain and suffering should it actually happen. It is important to discuss these fears together and share your innermost feelings with one another. This will help you to rationalize your fears and put to rest some of those worries.


Many couples worry about miscarriages when they are expecting. If you have tried harder and longer than most couples to get pregnant, you may feel like you have even more at stake. The idea of miscarriage may prevent you from telling family and friends that you are pregnant. Or you may be upset that family members aren’t as worried about miscarriage as you and your partner are. It is important to explain your fears to your friends and family, so that they know how to support you.

Miscarriage worries often prevent women from shopping for baby or maternity clothes until that last trimester. You may find yourself thinking, if you don’t buy anything, loss will be easier to deal with if it does happen. This may have a direct impact on how you much you enjoy your pregnancy, which every woman deserves.


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