Looks like a Big Fat NO!
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paige - May 5

Well good luck my first two I was so worried and stressed out it's no wonder it didn't work. This time I only told five people did yoga and meditation and tried not to let it get to me so will see. Good luck I am in the same boat. This is it or no kids! What's meant to be will be that's what I've always believed! :D


SMS1129 - May 5


I just started b/c pills too for my first IVF in June. We'll have to keep in touch.

Good luck to everyone. It is not easy to stay sane on this quest, that is for sure.



Fortyfour - May 7

Hi everyone, Its another rainy day in sunny California, Ha!. My donor has accepted us! Our next step is to have her see the doctor and get tests (money!!!!) and then we sign the legal papers if he thinks she will be a good donor. She has donated before not even a year ago so hopefully nothing has changed. After the legal papers are signed we get our cycles together and there we go. Help me, help me my anticipation is almost too much.

Wantbaby2, maybe we will cycle together. I asked them to have this ready for a june transfer. I could tell they thought I was pushy but I told them I am was in control of the first one and its timing so its hard to wait around for things to be done. I have to try and be in control of something I guess.

TTC- its hard when holidays are sad. Sorry about losing your mom right after mothers day. That is a hard one. You kind of lost your dad too. Double sad.

Samantha - Did you get your period yet? When you want it it doesnt come and when you dont want it it comes. Argh.

Paige - I hope you get your baby on your three times it a charm try. Baby dust.


BabyBound - May 7

44, that's good :D. You're ready to go again. I wish all the luck for success this time around. You are so deserving of this.


ElizabethS - May 7

Congratulations 44! That is very excting and wonderful. Thanks for the update and keep us posted.


shaz - May 7

Congratulations Fourtyfour. I will be sending lots of positve thoughts and energy your way......

Paige - Do you test tomorrow (Monday). Fingers crossed for you. It does make a difference having a relaxed and positive outlook.......



Fortyfour - May 8

Thank you for your thoughts ladies. Baby dust to all.


paige - May 8

Fourtyfour I am happy for you good luck. It's so hard to wait when starting anew cycle but it will be here before you know it. Thanks for the luck I am getting nervous! SHAZ yeah I test Monday morning I am trying to have a positive attitude but i am starting to get nervous and scared. It is so hard not to but a test but I am trying hard not to. It is only one day that's what I keep thinking. Thank you all for being so supprortive :) Paige


cassandra - May 8

44, wonderful news! Good luck! I hope the mountain of paperwork isn't too bad. I'm very happy to hear good news!( Of course you would be accepted ;)) Baby dust to you...cassandra


Fortyfour - May 9

Thanks paige and Cassandra. Let the magic begin!!!


Debie - May 9

44 I'm sending you best wishes and loads of babydust. Will be prayiung for you.



tiggerpounce418 - May 9

Congrats 44! :D Good luck! Lots of baby dust coming your way...


LisainAK - May 9

Great news 44 - the process begins - and that is the first hurdle - stay positive and know we are all routing for you!!!!


SamanthaS - May 10

Another conrats and wish of good luck for you Fortyfour!


Fortyfour - May 10

Thanks ladies. take care all.



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