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jamielee - February 27

Thank you so much for the well wishes, I hope the same for you!
I don't think that the doctor would suggest this procedure if it was not successful for other women, so try not to worry to much!!



Orchard - February 27

Hi Jamielee,

I'm so sorry for all that you have been through. I really hope that this cycle if IVF will be successful. Thank you very much for the encouragement. I'm in need of it given that I haven't built the courage to have my tubes removed. However, i will first get a second opinion. I had plenty of tests, including a Sono HSG, prior to my lap and I was never told about the Hydro. If this second opinion resullts the same as the first, then I'll have to move on and have my tubes removed. I'll continue to post and keep you guys updated. Please do the same...I'm sure that your good news will keep everyone's hopes up.


destinybaby - February 27

Hi Jamielee,

You are right I should not worry too much. I know everything will be fine. Keep us up to date with your progress. oh, did you know there is a board ART with women going through IVF you may find should find support there as well. Check it out.


you are doing the right thing by getting a second opinion. I must tell you sono, hsg can be wrong about any test, but a LAP is 100% correct about the hydro. however how to go about getting pregnant with the hydro may be different with REs. There should have had photos during your lap. you may want to take those to the other RE.

In the mean time as Jamielee told me don't stress to much. In the end you will have a baby.

Baby Dust To Us All



destinybaby - March 8

Hi Jamielee,

I had my app today with a RE my second opinion. It went very well. He told me like you Jamielee, I had to have them removed or clipped depending on how bad it was. Everything else was great, my FSH level was 5??? plus my endo was tripple line at 11mm and he said my uterus was fine too. So I am schedule to have the surgery on April 3rd. I thought about you while I was there. You had the courage to do this and so will I.

I am so happy that I had a second opinion. The first RE told me about the needle aspiration and I did some research and found that it was not the best procedure.

Also, great news I am covered for IVF :D. I am so excited to be pregnant this summer.

How are you doing? are you done with the stims, and did you do the ER or ET as yet. I can't wait for you to get you BFP.

Hi Orchard,

How are you doing?

Baby Dust To All Hydros we have a chance :)


jamielee - March 8

Hi Tia,
Thats good that you figured out what was best for you! I think it will work out well for you!! It is hard to make that decision to remove them but if IVF is your only option then I suppose keeping them is useless!! I have my ER tomorrow morning! My doc said that I have a lot of follicles so I am excited! I'm also starting to get really nervous I don't think I can deal with another negative!! But positive thoughts ONLY, Right??? I am also covered for 4 cycles of IVF but still had to pay $1600. for copays and for freezing the embryos, which is not covered through my insurance!! so I am at about $4000. after meds and all but its worth it!! Good luck and I'll keep you posted. I pray I will have news of encouragement at the end of March!!!


destinybaby - March 8

Hi Jamie,

ER tomorrow how exciting. :D. I truly believe that this time you will get a BFP and you will carry to term. How was it being on the stims this time. I am nervous about the needles :'( i know in the end it will all be worth it.

Wow! in a 2 weeks you could be pregnant!

I am ok now with the idea of removing my tubes I don't want keeping them being the reason for me to not get my BFP or a m/c, so I am feeling good about it. I actually feel positive that will be pregnant this summer and I am so excited.

$4000 that's a lot, but i guess not a lot to have the ultimate gift a beautiful baby.

My RE told me that my surgery date is April 3rd and 2 months after we will start IVF. My DH is so excited today he texted me from his job "we are going to have a baby yeah" so cute.

our annivesary is at the end of May so we are going to go to Jamaica and come back just in time to start IVF in June.

I will keep you in my positive thoughts tomorrow for you ER. Claim your baby, picture his or her room and life with him or her. Do this today and tonight and after you ER is over and up to the ET and continue thinking about your baby, but with belief. Thought and words are powerful.




jamielee - March 8

I hated needles when I started but after the first shot you realize it doesn't hurt and its really mind over matter. My stomach is a little sore just from my ovaries expanding a bit and the hcg shot last night. Don't worry I promise its not that bad. The progesterone hurts a little but I just heat my backside a bit before and after with a heating pad and its fine. That is great that you are going to Jamaica!! You will come home relaxed and ready to go!! Sunday is me AND my sons birthday(the big 30) so I will have my mind on that the day before my transfer! I'll keep posting!!!



yaya74 - July 6

hi all. new here. about to get a lap on next tues to rule out hydrosalpinx. i had a saline sonogram a month ago and it showed either an enlogated cyst or hydrosalpinx on the left. i had a miscarriage (1st pregnancy after 4 months of ttc) with d/c in april, so it sucks to go back to the surgery room again.

i am debating whether or not to remove my tube, if i do have a hydro tube. the cause of my m/c was unknown. this is quite an old post. so i would love to hear from anyone of you for an update. thanks!


Brianandjena - August 20

Hello everyone, I am new here. I feel Blessed to have found this site. I am going to be going through the dye test after my next menstrual cycle(around the 6th) and I am getting blood work done on the 27th of this month. I have already went through the ultrasound. I am so scared and I don't know what to think. I have no children. never been pregnant. And I have never had an STD. I don't know whats going on. I had never even heard of this before. I have pelvic pain and that's why I have been looking into what could be wrong. I am seeing a fertility specialist right now. Please keep in touch and post as much knowledge as u have. *HUG* thank you so very much!


Brianandjena - August 20

I have been reading everyones posts. what is clomid?(hope i remembered hot to spell it)..


Brianandjena - September 10

Hi everyone. I am going for my HSG test tomorrow. I am not sure how much information they give you on the day that you have the test. But I am hoping to have good results. I will post after I get some iformation and let you know what is happening.
Thank you for caring.


london - April 27

Hello i am new here let me start by giving ou all little histor of me I havee been tring to conceive for the last 3 ears with no success I have never been pregnant . Two ears ago i had a hsg and everthing was all clear so about 7months ago i started to see a RE .
First she started me off with clomid and I was producing follicles and ovulating regular then after 3 months she started monitoring me and at first the thought it was a cst but came to find out that it was a hdrosalpinx in m right tube. So after doing the lap she discoverd that I did have a hdro and she removed it but she also said the m left tube was closed but she was able to open it but it was alot of scar tissue. i go and see her on tuesda for a post op she did inform m dh that I probabl can onl get pregnant through IVF .
Do ou think i should first tr with the open left tube for awhile?
do ou think she should have ust remove the left tube before tring IVF because I do not understand wh the left tube was close do ou think hdro was in that tube too.


questions394 - January 21

I also had a hydrosalpinx. My Dr. (and I got a second and 3rd opinion) said it is best to remove the hydrosalpinx bc it would only cause more issues such as a tubal pregnancy and also if you did get preg. the fluids from the hydrosalpinx flow back into the uterus and usually cause a miscarriage bc they fluids are toxic and terminate the pregnancy. I hope this helps you out. I'm sure it's not what you wanted to hear but it's what 3 very reputable infertility specialist have told me.


haya - May 5

Hello every one
recently my doctor told me that i have Hydrosalpinxon on my right side 3.9*1.6cm and she give me some med (Metrolag and vibramycin)for ten days after that she suggest that i should take U-S so that she can monitor my ovaliting.


slambert - November 2

I just had my hydro opened up in December 2010, I was curious by everyones experiences on how often I should be getting checked? I have recently found out I have diverticulitis as well which causes a lot of cramping so it is hard for me to distinguish where the pain is coming from. I know this horrible things tend to close up on us and I was just wondering how often I should be getting it checked? I would very much like to save my tube that way I can try to get pregnant naturally. I am only 22 and although I do not wish to become pregnant now this is becoming a constant worry for me!


Clear Passage Physical Therapy - December 21

Hello All,

I would like to share with you the successes we have had with our patients from Clear Passage Physical Therapy. Our clinic has been treating scarred, blocked, and adhered fallopian tubes for over twenty years. Studies and citations in several respected medical journals cite our success in this area. We have also witnessed quite a bit of success in women who have come to us with hydrosalpinx in one or both tubes. In these cases, the hydrosalpinx clears, followed by a full-term pregnancy. Some of these women then had a second pregnancy and birth after the first. All of our therapy for hydrosalpinx is performed without surgery or drugs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Thank You From,
Clear Passage Physical Therapy



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