estrogen levels
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dj - November 8

i am 28 have pcos and trying ivf for the first time. they started me with 10 units of Lupron and dexamethasone that I continued and started 75 FSH in a.m and p.m I went to get my blood drawn and u/s and my estrogen was 1800 on day 3 and 2200 on day 5, I went off of all drugs on day 4 and now they pulled blood again on day 7 and my estrogen is 87. i have 60 follicles alot of them around 1.2. the nurses say they have never seen this before?? have you?? also i have a question on being sick, i got sick last week it has only gotten worse, i saw dr on friday and he gave me amoxicillian, i have a fever of 101 and throat is killing me and i am very congested. Any suggestions and do you think they should cancel my cycle? what effect does being sick have on the cycle? thank you so much for a response....


Barry Jacobs M. D. - November 8

when they stpped your FSH, they cancelled your cycle. You were being over stimulated. Your fever has nothing to do with your ovarian stimulation.
Good luck.


dj - November 9

thank you Dr Jacobs, they called and said my Estrogen went from 2200 to 86. So they started my stims back up but they cut them in half. Is that okay?? I was just wondering if the fever/sickness would effect my eggs in anyway?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 9

I am probably a bit conservative, but I think I woud have waited for your next cycle to start. Also, I get better quality eggs and embryos if my patients are on birth control pills the month before stimulation.
Good luck.


Sonya - December 10

What should my levels (estradiol & progesterone) be 4 days after transfer? I am a surrogate and can't find anywhere where my levels should be.
My E2 was 445
Progesterone was 80.3

Thank you so much.


Barry Jacobs, M> D. - December 11

I do not measure estrogen levels after embryo transfer. I want progesterone to be at lease 20 ng/ml.
Good luck.


Sonya - December 11

Thank you so much. I am worried that it didn't take, so would my levels reflect that? I go again on Tuesday.



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