4 B Quality Blasto transfer
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Suzie - September 24

Dr. Jacobs,

On Tuesday My RE transfered 4 B quality Blasto's, 2 were B+ and 2 were B-, I'm 37 years old and had 1 failed IVF cycle already. Do you have any statitstic on our implantation rate? We had a total of 6 blastos but the doctor said he thought the other 2 were not viable. I got a call on Wed from the nurse saying both had reach the blasto stage and looked really good so they ended up freezing them, which was good news, we didn't think we'd have any to freeze, does this mean the 4 they transfered could be better than expected? We are just wondering what our chances would be for multiples? For example, what's the percentage of 4 implanting, 3 implanting, 2 implanting or none implanting, etc....This is probably our last chance at having a baby. Also, we did IVF 8 years ago and had twins with a 3 day transfer, does that help our chances because I've delivered before?
Any info you have even if it's vague is very helpful.
If anyone else has had luck with this, we'd love to hear from you as well.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 25

REmeber, your eggs are much different today than they were 8 years ago. I really cannot tell you the probabilityt of all 4 of the blastocysts you transferred producing viable pregnacies. We do not transfer more than 3 blastocysts, and for patients under the age of 35, we do not transfer more than 2.
Good luck.


Suzie - September 25

Thanks you! Do rising progesterone levels mean anything this early (4 days past ET)?

Am I correct in assuming people get pregnant everyday with B quality embryos?



B. Jacobs, M. D. - September 27

As long as progesterone is at least 20 ng/ml, the level is adequate.
Good luck.


sai123 - November 24

Dear Dr,
I am 34..(No problems with FSH,LH or endometrium or anything...No problem with DH sperm quality as well) but has no luck though we were trying for 4 years...We had few failed IUI's and one failed IVF with FET.(They suggested ICSI for better results)
ER was on 16Nov - 11 follicles:6 eggs retrieved:on DAY2: 3 were GRADE A with 4 cells and other three were in the processing of growing(thats what they told me).
ET was on 21 Nov- 2 embryos with GRADE 2AA and 8-Cell were transferred...and 2 were freezed..
Dr said the growth is little slow...this might be due to egg quality...but he said there are all the chances of pregnancy...I was told to take FRAMEN injection apart from baby aspirin+estrace+prednisone+
pregnancy test is on DEC 1st...I am begging God to make this as MY TURN....Please tell me my pregnancy chances


B. Jacobs, M. D. - December 4

I am not familiar with Framen. Without evaluating you, your stimulationand egg and embryo quality, I cannot make any predictions.
Good luck.



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