Thick endometrial lining
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connier - October 28

What can cause a lining not to be completely shed each cycle? Everytime I have a cycle day 3 ultrasound my lining is around 10mm and this is after I've had a heavy period for about 2 days. After the 3rd day my period is very very light.

I am about to do IVF and I'm on .05 cc of Lupron and have been for 10 days. Today I had an u/s and my lining was 12mm, my period is now very light. I am down regulated, my E2 is <20. I cannot take birth control pills due to genetic clotting disorder. I'm to stay on Lupron for five more days and have another u/s to check my lining. The doctor want's to see it at <5mm. Will Lupron help thin my lining even if the shedding stops?

Let me also add that my FSH is 7.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - October 28

It is possible that you have endometrial hyperplasia, if you have long standing intervals without ovulation.
Good luck.


connier - October 28

Thank you for your response.

I have regular ovulation around CD15 each month. I've also had a hysteroscopy and recently a saline sonogram and everything looks normal. I'm just baffled as to why my lining never completely sheds. I also tend to have cysts or very early follicles almost every cycle I've been checked. It's like my body is way ahead of where it should be in the cycle, however my E2 is always low. ???


debbieok - November 2


I am due to have a thaw cyle transfer on Monday the 7th. My endometrium lining is 6.5 and I have been on 8 mg of estrace for a week and a half. Should I be concerned about my chances of getting pregnant with a lining below 7mm?? I have two grade A blastocyst to be thawed and am concerned they could be wasted due to my lining levels..

Please advise!!!!!


Barry Jcobs, M. D. - November 2

Several investigators have published data, which imply that pregnancy rates are very poor if the endometrium is not greater than 7 mm thick.
Good luck.


debbieok - November 2

Thank you for your reply, however do you think 6.8 is a safe number to still go forward with the transfer or should I wait??


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 2

The data imply that the endometrium needs to be greater than 7 mm thick to maintain a pregnancy. Certainly there are pregnancies with an endometrium which is thinner, but the odds are not good.
Good luck.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - November 17

Typically, the endometrium of a woman on birth control pills is about 4 mm thick. The thickness after discontinuing the pills depends on the estrogen stimulation of the endometrium.
Good luck.


Elvira Kinsella - December 8


On day 5 of my cycle and almost stopping to bleed, my endometrium lining was measured at 5mm. What would you say about my chances of holding on to a pregnancy? (Ps: FSH 5 and LH 8)


Barry Jacobs, M.D. - December 8

There is no way for me to provide a meaningful estimate as to you probaility of achieving and maintaining a pregnancy. Part of the issue is the local program you are using.
Good luck.


Yuen - January 8

I am on day 12 of the cycle and the Endometrium lining is only 5.5mm? Follicle size is 15.9. Usually, how much does the thickness increase per day cos i am TTC.



Barry Jacobs, M. D. - January 8

I would need a great deal more information, before I could even try to answer your question. I do not know what, if any medications you are taking, or if your thyroid function is normal. I do not know if you have adequate follicle remaining in your ovaries. Too many things can be problems, including taking Clomid to try to stimulate your ovaries.
Good luck.


juliah - March 13

On Feb. 17-- I started .20 unit of lupron, it is now March 13th and my endometrial lining is very think. So I have to take .20 unit of lupron in the morning and afternoon. We were suppose to do a possible (FET) on the week of the 21. but it looks like it will be delayed for days or weeks, until I can take my Estradiol pills & then the Progestrone. Is it possible that I could miss this chance and have to wait til next month if my lining doesnt thin? Is there a timeframe (window) I have to meet for this process to work? And will it lessen my chances of a positive pregnacy.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - March 13

Without having participated in your care, it is difficult to know what has happened. You may have a problem with an over growth of your endometrium from long standing unopposed estrogen stimulation. As far as timing, embryo transfer is based on when you start your progesterone.
Good luck.


Heat - May 9

I originally had a cat scan which revealed a prominent uterus measuring at 12.1 x 11.1 cm in span. Also found mildly prominent lymph nodes in the inguinal regions bilaterally of uncertain clinical significances, and also a lobulated contour suspicious for fibroid changes. Well 2 months later I had a transvaginal ultrasound which measured my uterus at 13.6 x 5.4 x 5.5 cm. also the endometrium is prominent; measuring 16 mm thickness. My questions is why would my uterus grow that much bigger and also should I be concerned about the thickness of my endometrium?? I have had lots of pain, but mainly in the upper right of my abdomen. To let you know I am a 33 year old female. I had 3 children by c-section and have had my tubes tied 5 years ago. Other note is that they found a cyst measuring 3.8 x 3.3 cm on left ovary; (my left ovary measured at 4.4 x 3.9 cm). Sorry for all the questions but I'm worried. My gynocologist is trying to schedule me for a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding..I'm just really concerned about cancer or any other causes for all my female problems. your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


gladysl65 - December 31

Hi,I am 46 yrs old

I went in for my day 3 u/s & b/w to get checked before starting my meds for an fet cycle. but my lining is too thick (10mm). Do you think it will get thin enought to start my fet meds? If not, what do they do? Thanks for your help.


bellagreen - December 21

Your condition is probably endometrial hyperplasia. Endometrial Hyperplasia is a condition that occurs due to the excessive growth of the lining and cells of the endometrium, i.e. the inner lining of the uterus. Two forms of endometrial hyperplasia exist: typical and atypical. In the typical form, the cells of the uterus have not undergone any changes as a result of the endometrial condition. In the atypical form of hyperplasia, the cells have undergone changes that might develop into uterine cancer if left untreated.

Endometrial Hyperplasia can be treated by Hormonal therapy that may include continuous progestin therapy or even hysterectomy. It can be also treated with TCM medicines like Fuyan Pill. It may be treated through the consumption of medicines such as Povera which may be taken directly or through injections. It may be cured by a D&C – dilation and curettage test. They can also be treated in young women through intrauterine devices or birth control pills.



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