starting Clomid..anyone else?
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Tiffany F - January 12

~~~~ :) ;) :DTGIF LADIES~~~~ :) ;) :D

Jade~Our board has been pretty quite for the past couple days, I went to the Dr's today and had the Ovary Sonogram done I had to have it done on days 2-3 of my period, I gave myself a migraine headache I was so stressed out behind having this done because I flow so HEAVY, the nurse ended up being a doll she was so sweet and it took all of like 3 minutes, she said I had to have this done before starting the Clomid tomorrow and since everything looked fine I was clear to start Clomid! Af came Wednesday and it has been a *itch! Have you started Femara yet? I hope so far so good? let me no how everything is going! Good Luck~~Tiffany~~

Alison~Hope all is well, I no your still counting down the days until your apt...Yeah...Oh I found out I don't have to have the Post Coital test done, so Jade I was confussed about that, when the Dr said for me not to get pregnant right now he meant it! I don't really have a problem getting p/g I just always m/c between 5-6 weeks, so trying to get down to the bottom of things, I was happy to hear today I did'nt have any cyst or fibroids or anything and she said that my lining was 3 whatever that meant, I just no she said everything look good! So that was truly a blessing....Well ladies I'll check in later...Take Care and have a safe and a blessed weekend~~~Tiffany~~~


Jade - January 12

Tiffany- Will this be your first month on clomid? So now you can ttc this month? I started Femara yesterday. SO far so good. It makes me less hungry so that is definitely a plus. LOL I am glad your appt went well today. What is your next step? Are you having a progest. test this month to see if clomid worked?

ALison~ Where are you? Are you celebrating a BFP yet? Keep us posted and I hope all is well!


Tiffany F - January 13

Hey Jade~I was wondering about Alison also I pray all is well with her, maybe she is celebrating that BFP if that's the cause I can't wait to get the good news so I can celebrate for her...Yeah...anyway this will be my first time on Clomid, I'm to start the Clomid tomorrow 2 x a day for 5 days, then start LH tracking on day 12 and then I go in for the progesterone test and the endometrial biopsy after that I sit down with the RE again and go from there, hopefully he will find I have low progesterone and put me on everything progesterone from the injections, pills, creams etc...I DO NOT want to ever have a m/c again so hopefully we can get down to what the problem is! How long do you take the Femara for? is it just like Clomid? I hope it works well for you keep me posted~~~Tiffany~~~


Jade - January 13

Hi Tiffany. I wonder why you are going to be on clomid. I am assuming you ovulate on your own since you dont have a problem getting preg. Is your LP short? Sometimes that can cause mc. I only took clomid 1 x per day for 5 days. I didnt have any noticable side effects but when I did ultrasound they found it messed up my lining so then they put me on femara. THis is my 3rd day. So far so good. I think it has less side effects on cm and lining. Alison is on it too. I think this is her second round of it. So since you are going on clomid I am assuming they want you to TTC this month, right?


alison29 - January 16

hello Tiffany and Jade,
I got af last Friday i guess was sort of wallowing or whatever you call feeling sorry for your self. But i am back for another month I started Femara on Sunday so we shall see. I had to take a break from thinking about it too much but that only lasted what less then a week. You guys keep me posted since we will all be looking for surges next well not for at least a week... Tiffany I hope they do figure out that it is only low progesterone that would be easy to fix..PlEASE let this be our months :)


Tiffany F - January 16

~~~Hey Alison and Jade,

I started to get a little sad because I thought our board had fallen apart, I'm glad to see it did'nt :), I'm so happy were all back and ready for the next steps, AF should end for me between today and tomorrow and I take my last 2 Clomid pills tomorrow and I start tracking on day 12, I talked to a nurse and I found out that I will not be having the post coilat test done, I am not to get pregnant until all test are complete, that is why I'm not having the post coiltal test done, 8 days after my surge I go in to have my progesterone checked and I believe a couple days later I go in to have the endometerial biopsy, I was told that the RE will be able to tell if I have Luteal Phase Defect so once again back on the journey! Thank God I did'nt have any side affects from the Clomid, I have heard some horrible stories, I just hope it has'nt messed up my lining? Well ladies lets keep each other updated, Alison I totally understand what you mean about needing to take a break sometimes this TTC journey can totally take a toll on your life, but we can't allow that to happen we just have to have hope and pray and believe for the best~~Tiffany~~


Jade - January 16

Hey. I sure am glad everyone is back. I was getting a little bored chatting with myself. LOL. I am cd 8. Finished femara monday. Yay.
Alison- when should I start using OPK? I just dont know. I have read some people o early and some late. Who knows where I will fall. We just need to stick together. We will get through this together. I have a feeling about this month. Stay strong.

Tiffany~Wow they will keep you busy this month.


alison29 - January 17

Hi Jade and Tiffany,
I would start using the opks by at least day 12 maybe 11 to make sure because the surge can start 3 days before o the first month on Femara i o pretty early 7 dats after last pill (and you definitley don't want to miss it). I am glad you have a good feeling this month. I was reading last night the posts some women write to the docs here and of course was freaking my self out because another lady went through 3 cycles of IVF before they checked her out on the insides to find that she has endo. It was good reading those posts though Dr Jane said she never treats before diagnosing I hope my new doc believes in that too cause i know once you start doing IUI things get pretty expensive (my insurance won't cover ART) so it will be good to be sure that everything is alright before taking any more steps even though surgery is not something to take lightly. But you guys are right we do need to stick together and remember to just keep trying different things and it will happen right? talk to you guys later


Jade - January 17

Hi Alison~ I have been reading those boards too. I think I may be obsessed. Oh well. Never can have too much knowledge, right? I think I will start OPk on Friday. I am cd 9 now. When is your new appt. I know you can hardly wait. Have you heard good things about this RE? I am going to try to stay relaxed and not get so obsessed with every little tingle and twinge this cycle. Every month I get what I think are symptoms of preg. and every month I am disappointed. SO i am not going to let it happen this month. I am taking geritol liquid vitamin. Last time I took it I had a BFP followed by an early miscarriage. SO hopefully it will work this cycle. Have a great day.


alison29 - January 17

Hi again,
I didn't know you had a misscarriage. I am sorry :( how long did you carry? I know it must have been awful but at least you know everything is basically alright and i think this might be your month woman. But yes I think it is wise to ignore all "symptoms". My appointment is next tuesday so i should have some tidbits to share after that here is hoping right? talk to you later


Jade - January 17

Alison~ Well for the mc- I tested 1 day before af was due and it was very faint. I tested the next day ( i heard it would get darker) but it was still very faint. So i got a digital Yes or No test and it said yes. The gyn i went to stopped doing ob and recommended me to someone else so I called to schedule an appt and they dont see you until at least 9 wks. 7 days later I started cramping and heavy bleeding. The new dr wouldnt see me and had me go to er. They did ultasound (it was too early to see anything anyways) and bloodtest was at 6. SO barely pregnant. In a few days blood test was 3. Chemical pregnany is what he called it. SO.... it sucked and I was really upset but I only thought I was pregnant for a week or so which i guess is better that it happens so early. Oh well. It took 9 months for that to happen so I hope it doesnt take another 9 months for it to happen and stick this time. That was in October. I dont o regularly though- so i hope femara does the trick.

So less than 1 week for your appt. I know you are excited. I hope it goes as well as mine did. I was super happy about how well mine went. I am not one to stand up and be firm with people but I decided before I went that I had to put my foot down and tell him what i wanted and expected. So I guess that helped.


Tiffany F - January 18

Hey Alison and Jade~

I no what you guys mean about being obsessed and reading past post etc...I'm just all over the computer doing research on my own! Alison I no what you mean about making sure everything is ok before doing certain procedures, The last high risk ob gyn I was seeing put me on blood thinners (asprin, folic acid, prenatal pills and I had to take an injection of Lovenox everyday) I did this for months and still I kept having m/cs I was told I had APS, a blood clotting disorder and come to find out I DID NOT! I saw a hemetologist and he checked me for everything except my progesterone and all the test came back negative, he told me I would have to see an RE to have my progesterone checked because it was more then just drawing blood, and I see that now! Alison~I have my 2 bottles of geritol waiting one for me and one for Dh, hopefully I get the go ahead soon, my last m/c was Aug 06, so I'm sure my body has had enough time to heal it's just getting down to the bottom of what's going on with my body, on the last check out sheet I got from the RE it had checked on there that I am a Hibtual Aborter! :( that really made me sad, but I believing they will get down to the bottom of things...Thank God today I took my last 2 Clomid pills I had a bad headache today and I think it might have come from them!Jade~ I am so sorry about your m/c my heart goes out to you, I no how you feel! Yeah Alison 6 more days until your appt can't wait to hear how things go, Well ladies I guess I'll get up from here and make dinner and get ready for American Idol...I love it! Take Care....Tiffany~~~


JenHerm - January 18

Hello group,

I just lucked into your site tonight. I am starting Clomid this weekend and not sure what to expect. I don't understand all of the shorthand you all are using :-\

I am just glad there are others out there that are having experiences like myself.

I am 40+ years and my doctor has told me Clomid should work for me. I sure hope it does!

Thanks for all of you out there!


ErinG - January 18

Does Clomid stimulate both ovaries, so basically both ovaries release eggs?


alison29 - January 18

Gosh that dr didn't seem to help at all ugh i am really glad you changed and are now o ing regularily. I think Femara is going to really help you it really shouldn't take nine months this time with help. I am excited about next tues day i email dr jacobs here and he said that the first thing he checks is tubes and with my level of menstrual pain he would check then treat for endo. So hopefully that is the way i am heading (it seems like a long road but anything worthwhile is gosh college was a four yr nightmare and i made it through that :)

Tiffany: Gosh drs are incompetent wow i am so sorry you wasted all of that time, money and worst of all possible babies all because a doctor doesn't diagnose things properly ugh!!! There is such a wide array of competency i am really scared even about my new doc but at least they are associated with shands at uf so hopefully good. I bet you will get your go ahead next cycle. I so hate headaches I have tension head aches ALL the time after this i am going to the walk in clinic for a referral to the pain experts i can't take them anymore so i hope you feel better today. take care

welcome jen and erin : I have to go but here is quick summary af+aunt flo your period. dh is dear husband (or sometimes dumb husband i hear he he) o: ovulate bd:baby dancing cd cycle day dpo days past ovulation i hope that helps talk to you guys later


Tiffany F - January 18

Hey Jade and Alison~Just checking in for a few seconds, my goosh I want something from cold stones so bad, but I'm watching my weight! Anyways ladies thank God I don't have a headache today, I get really bad migraine headaches and the funny thing is when I was taking the injections of blood thinners I had no headaches, even though they were suppose to treat or help prevent m/cs, I guess I need to see a Nurologist? (is that spelled right) I was given Naproxen for cramps but they help with the headaches so I guess whatever works! Talk with you guys a little later~~Tiffany~~

jen and erin~It will help both of you alot if you look at the top of the page on the right side it says abbreviations and you will get all you need there, and it will be easier to understand and read these post!welcome aboard ladies I have to go for with you soon~~



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