starting Clomid..anyone else?
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Tiffany F - January 18

Hey Jade and Alison~Just checking in for a few seconds, my goosh I want something from cold stones so bad, but I'm watching my weight! Anyways ladies thank God I don't have a headache today, I get really bad migraine headaches and the funny thing is when I was taking the injections of blood thinners I had no headaches, even though they were suppose to treat or help prevent m/cs, I guess I need to see a Nurologist? (is that spelled right) I was given Naproxen for cramps but they help with the headaches so I guess whatever works! Talk with you guys a little later~~Tiffany~~

jen and erin~It will help both of you alot if you look at the top of the page on the right side it says abbreviations and you will get all you need there, and it will be easier to understand and read these post!welcome aboard ladies I have to go for with you soon~~


alison29 - January 18

Hi Tiffany,
I bet it was the blood thinners that helped with migraines. My mom always had severe migraines then we she got old enough to need blood thinners to prevent stroke they told her whatever med they had here on was also prescribed to prevent migraines and she hasn't had one since. So i guess there are some benefits to aging :)


Jade - January 18

Hey Ladies~
Alison~So you think you may have endo? Did your other dr mention that possiblity? Hopefully they will check that first thing for you. You are right about things taking a long road- but it will be worthwhile. I agree about the college thing- i sometimes wish i were back in college. Where did you graduate from? UNC- Wilmington for me.

Tiffany~ I am glad the headaches are gone for you. So did you just take the clomid to make you O so they could run the tests? It sucks to be on that med and not even get to TTC. Next cycle will be here before you know it.

Welcome Jen and Erin!


JenHerm - January 18

Thanks Jade.......I'm starting Clomid on the 20th......hope I don't have the side effects everyone is talking about!

I sure am glad I found you guys.



Jade - January 18

Jenny~ I tried one cycle of clomid.I didnt have really bad side effects but it did dry up my cm and thin my lining out. So he switched me to femara. Supposedly better on the side effects and doesnt effect cm or lining. This is my first cycle trying it. I am on cd 10 so hoping to o soon. Good luck with the clomid.


JenHerm - January 19


What is bad about drying up your cm and thinning out your lining? Does the egg not attach then?

Femera is a different drug that does the same as Clomid?



italiangirl38 - January 19

Hi, I am new to this site. I saw your info and I wasn't sure if clomid can interfere if you have a blood clotting disorder like Thrombophilia. Did they suggest to you ovulation shots (injections) first??


Jade - January 19

Jen ~ If you dont have good cm the sperm will not be able to swim to meet the egg. If your lining is too thin the egg will not attach. Femara is a drug to make you ovulate. Taken cd 3-7 just like clomid with less side effects.

Italian~ I dont know anything about that. Sorry


alison29 - January 19

Hi Jade,

No my doctor just wanted to throw the pills at me first i guess it makes sense now i am glad if i have procedures to have them done by a RE (hopefully a more focused and competent diagnostician). Oh North Carolina is really nice state (the places i have visited) my parents have a house on beech mountain. I went to school for B.S. at usf in tampa fl. M.S UF in gainesville where i live now (i must admit it has been fun being a gator here in "title town")

Jen:The problem with clomid is it is antiestrogen which causes the lining and cm problems. One of the ladies here at the forum was taking estrogen supplement with clomid to counteract that my dr didn't give me anything like that though. But i would suggest trying to thin out the cm with robitussin (without the decongestant) there is actually an article on that at this site at the home pg somewhere near research articles or you can do key word search. There are also women that insert egg whites to replicate the cm (too scared to try that myself) but i have tried everything else.

Hi italian girl i have no idea maybe you could ask one of the fertility experts on this site.


Jade - January 20

Yeah I bet it has been crazy there since the title. Well hopefully the re will get things off to a good start on Tues. It is right around the corner. I am having a hard time with my temps this month. They are higher than ususally. I usually have 97.6 before o and 98.3 after o. I havent had 1 temp below 97.9...... What could be going on. It is so aggrevating. I am only on cd 12 so I know i havent o'd yet. Do you think I need a new therm.?


Tiffany F - January 21

Hey Jade and Alison~

Just checking in you you guys to say hello and also I went to Target yesterday to get a OPK and can you believe they did not have ONE! they had like 20 different p/g test but not one OPK! I went next door to Target over to the Dollar Tree and just like Jade said they had OPK's and p/g test! I wonder if they work? has anyone tryed one of them from there? what brand do you ladies buy? the nusre told me not to buy the most expensive nor the cheapest! I've never really used OPK's before except for a few times and the last ones I ordered from early pregnancy were a joke, they never stated that I O'ed but when I went to have my blood work done I was told that I had O'ed! So I don't no sometimes it seems like I'm on a rollercoaster and I can't get off, I have to start tracking on Monday so any advice will be appreciated...Have a great weekend ladies, talk with you soon....Tiffany~~~ ;)


shann0664 - January 21

Hi everyone I have been reading this forum for a liitle bit now my name is Shannon I am 24 we have been ttc for like 5years now, I just found out I have pcos in december started clomid this month 100mg, I went for a cd12 scan the doc said I had a 16mm follie an a nice looking 14mm and some other but the biggest of those were 11mm, I go back tomorrow for another scan, I have been using opk's but no surge yet, Do you guys thing we should just keep bd'ing so there is no way we miss it, I can't wait till tomorrow to know how the follies are doing lol, Well I wish all you ladies babydust and some BFP this year!!!


Jade - January 21

Tiffany~I use the clearblue easy. I also tried the cheap internet kind and they didnt work for me either. They suck. My dr told me $ store had some but wasnt sure how good they were. I have tried Answer and Clearblue easy. I am still waiting for a surge. I thought for sure it was going to be today bc I had some ewcm but I guess not judging from my opk. Oh well. Hopefully soon.

Hey Shannon. I hope the scan shows good things tomorrow. GOod luck.


JenHerm - January 22

Hi Everyone,

On my second day of Clomid 50mg and have a GREAT headache! So much for not having any side affects :~

Did all of you have a clomid test? My sister in law said that she had somekind of clomid test but my doctor hasn't mentioned anything? Do I need to go to someone else?????

What is your opinion?



alison29 - January 22

Hi Jade,
I haven't been doing my temps at all this month been kind of discouraged but i guess it is time since i am on day 11. I wouldn't waste money on a new thermometer your temps will be higher if you take them later in the morning (even an hour) and i noticed mine are higher when the themometor is kind of jammed in my mouth more (if that makes any sense) and as long as you see an increase relative to pre o you should be okay... I bet your surge is on its way woo hoo i am feeling hopeful and positive about your cycle this month

Hi Tiffany:I have never used the dollar store ones but i bet they work fine (especially in morning) I have been using the test strips from CVS twenty in a tube for 19.99$. With clomid they do post coital test to make sure your cm is not hostile (i have heard of some docs who don't but i had one and certainly wanted to make sure i wasn't killing swimmers)

Hi SHannon I hope you ovulate too :)

I will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow ( i am kinda anxious )

FYI: I read this great book this weekend (fluff book) about new mothers by jen weiner (she is super funny) called "Little earthquakes" kind of premature since i can't get pg but boy those first months sound rough :)


shann0664 - January 22

Yayy my follie was 19mm today I think they are gonna have me do my ovidrel shot tonight!!!!!



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