starting Clomid..anyone else?
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alison29 - January 8

Hi Jade,
I am sorry it didn't happen this time but at least you can guess it was probably from the thin lining and next time you are going to use something much better for you skinny self plus you old doc didn't even do post coital test. Yes the clomid makes the lp longer by making us ovulate earlier. I feel cramping early too now i don't know if it is just cause i am tuned into every little thing (half the time again I think it might be digestion in my case). You are doing you temps after a few hours sleep right? As far as me I am pretty sure af is on her way but she isn't expected until saturday i never even get a chance to test she is so ON time b--ch. I wish i could be an inspiration to everyone but not this month i really do think there is something else going on with me (due to the fact that although i am a late ovulater you would think something would have stuck in the oh 6 years i haven't been on bc) anyway i will be back later


alison29 - January 8

HI again Guys,
i didn't read all of the posts on this page. Thanks for the support about venting I have really thin skin and just don't understand why some people act the way they do. I still have upset stomach over the whole thing.

Jade: About the Femara well I didn't have any of moody feelings like on clomid. I also wasn't really dried up either. The first month i took i o 7days after last pill (which was GREAT) this month it was more like 10 days after i so I don't know what happened there. Af is always kinda of bad for me. I am not sure if it was clomid or Femara but i had weird tissue pieces come out one of these months (TMI) so again who knows if it is just paying more attention to everything or what. Since i was on generic clomid my copay was only 10$ Femara is 25$ . So I am praying this is your last AF it has been long enough!!!

Shannon: I can't stand the roller coaster either especially once i have figured af is on her way so it is a whole week of pms induced crying.

But stay positive ladies it is HAS to happen it is just a matter of when right? How is everyone else doing??


alison29 - January 8

Just wondering if seeing the constant parade of pregnant celebrities makes you guys as naseus as me. I was in the grocery store at break and they had yet ANOTHER picture of angelina jolie with another baby bump. I mean she already has 3 beautiful kids how about spreading some of that fertility around jeez!! i can feel so happy when one of you guys gets BFP but the celebrities you can't get away from it. that's it i am done for the day bye!!!


Jade - January 8

Hi Alison~ I know what you mean about all the people being pregnant. I feel that way at work. There is like 6 people pregnant and all they do is walk around talking about nurseries and baby kicking and names. UGGG- it makes me sick. I shouldnt feel sorry for myself but it gets really old. I just want to say shut up!!

As for me- no af yet. I am temping first thing in the morning after at least 3 hours of sleep-usually 8 hours. I like my sleep! Today my temp was down to 98.2 so I really feel like AF should have been here today. I wish she would hurry up so I can get started on my next cycle. Am I wishing my life away or what? LOL My dr said something about 2.5 of Femara. What dosage are you on? 2.5 doesnt seem like much but Hopefully it will work. I o'd 8 days after clomid-did it take you that long on clomid? Oh- I got all my bloodwork back. It was all normal. My progesterone was 32.5 which she said was good. So I obviously o'd. So now I just wait for AF. She will probably come tomorrow. Have faith- this may be your month. I always feel like I have symptoms of preg and it never turns out I am. It is so weird how my body makes it up. Oh well.


Tiffany F - January 8

Hello ladies,

Maybe someone can answer a question for me, I'm reading over this paperwork I got last week from the Dr's office and for some reason I don't understand I am not to get pregnant by any means until I have completed all these I have to have done, but reading about the post colital test it says"have intercourse 2-6 hours prior to your arrival at the office, when surge occurs call in as outlined in the surge call in schedule" of course I have to call the office and find out about that, was this the way you ladies had to do? Dh and I take ever measure to make sure we don't get p/g right now which has been hard for the past 3-4 months!

Alison and Jade~ I see we are all waiting on Af to come? I wish she would hurry and come so I can have that ovary check done and hopefully start back TTC! I have been PMS bad, my mom called this morning after Dh left for work and she pissed me off so bad I hung up and started crying, I no if I was'nt pms'n it would'nt have happened like that! Talk with you later~~Tiffany~


Tiffany F - January 8

Oh ladies what kind of OPK do you guys use? I had ordered this ovulation strips online and last month when I was testing I did'nt see that I o'ed? maybe they don't work!

Jade~that's a blessing all your test came back negative and your progesterone was good, what I don't understand about progesterone is what exactly is it that they check for? I told you mine was only 1.4 but I could have sworn that the nurse said that I o'ed? is that possible for them to tell in the progesterone? I'm so confused! any info would be greatly appreciated as always :), thanks~~Tiffany~~


Shannon C - January 8

Hi ladies
Tiffany i have been useing just the OPK from target the first response and it detected my ov this month. Im not sure what your abrev's r what douse (AF) mean?and (TTC)?. I have high hopes this month my doc said the Foli was at a 22. Hope all goes good for you all. I had same high hopes last month and nothing just try to keep high spirits that one day it will happen. Thanks for all your support.


Tiffany F - January 8

Hi Shannon,

Thanks so much for responding, I no some women that have spent over $200 on OPK's so I guess I will just try something like you spoke of, and all the abbreviations we use if you look at the top of the page on the right side and click on abbreviations you will see them all, TTC means trying to conceive and Af means Aunt Flow which stands for period, it's has to be hard for you to read all this post and not no the abbreviations I know they will help you out! Take Care and it will happen for us all in due time!~~~~Tiffany~~~~


Jade - January 9

Tiffany~ I ordered the OPK from the internet. I got from and they didnt work. I use clear blue easy normally and i tried the other ones bc they were much cheaper. Now I know why. It only showed one line. They suck. My dr said dollar store has OPk and hpt. I think you progesterone has to be higher then 10 or something to show that you o'd. I think that at 2 would not be o. Do you keep track of your bbt? That has helped me to figure out if and when i o.

Shannon~ What cd are you on? (cycle day)


alison29 - January 9


Oh good about your temps. I was on Femara 2.5 also my ex doc said that is the only milligrams to give but i have read about other women being on higher millis (so who knows what the heck) but i bet you will o 7-8 days after last pill which is perfect.

Tiffany: I would try doing the opk with first morning urine if you are like me and drink a lot of water and therefore go every .5 hour it doesn't give the lh time to build up ( i have read that your pee can't be clear so yo have to hold it for at least 4-5 hrs). Iagree with Jade about the progesterone but what was that nurse talking about yikes :( I also understand the pms mine has been the worst i almost cried yesterdaywhen the lady at the electric company yelled at me . oh and we had to have sex I think 4 hours before post coital to give my body the chance to kill dh swimmers. I wasnt' hostile and they tell you pretty much right away she looks under the microscope...take care everyone


Tiffany F - January 9

Good afternoon ladies,

Jade~That is so true what you said about the ovulation strips, that don't work worth a damn! I'm so upset I spent my money and ordered them there junk"Beware of the products at early pregnancy" there no good! and mine only showed one line also.

No I don't keep track of my bbt, I have never really had a problem O'ing I have had several m/cs, the RE is trying to get down to the bottom of the problem, every single time I reach 5-6 weeks I have a m/c and all my test have come back normal! imagine that! I really believe it's from lack of progesterone, I have done alot of research and I believe I suffer from low progesterone and that Luteal Phase Defect, so I guess that's what there checking for now!

Alison~No I don't drink alot alot water but I do drink it, I have to make myself drink it, but I see I'm going to have to try better opk's, my goosh I wish AF would just come already it's driven my crazy, I feel it but nothing has come down! So I am assuming when I take the post coiltal test it will be around the time that I can't get pregnant, my Dr has told Dh and I to make sure we do not get p/g until he has finished all the testing, so that's why it's weird, OH MY GOOSH DH WILL BE HAPPY we have been using the pull out method for like months! hope that's not TMI, well ladies I guess I'll get ready to take care of some with you all later~~~Tiffany~~~


alison29 - January 9

Now i am confused about your instructions because right after surge is your most fertile days and post coital test makes sure your cm on its most fertile days stretches enough and that sperm are still alive. I don't get it there is no way you should do that on a month they don't want you to conceive hmmmmmm. Why havent' they tested your progesterone yet to see if that is the problem? A neighbor from back home had 4 miscarriages before they (obgyn) finally decided to test for prog deficiency but with a RE you would think they would do all this first off. MAybe they are going to allow you the chance to get pg this month test your progest and then give you shots to keep the pg if the progesterone is low. Keep us posted i am really confused. So sorry about your miscarriages I didn't know.


Jade - January 9

HI. Af came today. GRRRR. Boy was she mean. I had painful cramps like never before. Oh well. I start Femara on Thursday and am excited. I hope this will do the trick. Alison did you take yours in the am or pm? By the way- you sound pretty emotion LOL- Maybe just maybe you are preggy!! YAAAA. I hope so because I need proof that this femara works.

Tiffany~ I dont know about the post coital test. It sounds confusing. You would think they would already test progesterone. They tested mine the very first trip to an RE.


Tiffany F - January 10

Alison~I'm confussed too! That RE has made it really clear for me NOT to get p/g, even when Dh and I went in last week when I thought I was having the biopsy done the RE said it then to Dh and I, please avoid getting p/g so we can try an get down to the bottom of what's goin on! I see I need to get back on the phone this morning and find out how am I suppose to have that test done when we are using the pull out method?? and the RE did check my progesterone for the first time last week and that's when it came back 1.4 and he said it was too low for me to have the biopsy done, I want to just tell him look put me on progesterone pills,injections,suppositories,cream and whatever else I'm tried already! I have to just call the Dr's office, and I'm upset because AF has not come I feel it but it's taking it's time coming down, maybe I need provera again this month to bring it down! I'm so confussed I'm sorry~~~Tiffany~~~

Jade~Yeah, you would think they would have tested mine the first time, I have been going there for like 3 months and they just checked it for the first time last week, I don't no like I told Alison I see I need to get on the phone! Take Care Ladies~~~Tiffany~~~I'm so happy one of us got AF I hope she comes and visits me soon!


Jade - January 10

Tiffany~ That really sucks. Maybe you should remind your dr that the point is to GET PREGNANT. Wouldnt that be getting to the bottom of it. I dont know your whole story-do you have a hard time getting pregnant or is it miscarriages or what? REmind me bc I forgot what is going on. You may need provera to start your cycle if you didnt ovulate. I had to use prometrium last cycle.


Tiffany F - January 12

~~~~ :) ;) :DTGIF LADIES~~~~ :) ;) :D

Jade~Our board has been pretty quite for the past couple days, I went to the Dr's today and had the Ovary Sonogram done I had to have it done on days 2-3 of my period, I gave myself a migraine headache I was so stressed out behind having this done because I flow so HEAVY, the nurse ended up being a doll she was so sweet and it took all of like 3 minutes, she said I had to have this done before starting the Clomid tomorrow and since everything looked fine I was clear to start Clomid! Af came Wednesday and it has been a *itch! Have you started Femara yet? I hope so far so good? let me no how everything is going! Good Luck~~Tiffany~~

Alison~Hope all is well, I no your still counting down the days until your apt...Yeah...Oh I found out I don't have to have the Post Coital test done, so Jade I was confussed about that, when the Dr said for me not to get pregnant right now he meant it! I don't really have a problem getting p/g I just always m/c between 5-6 weeks, so trying to get down to the bottom of things, I was happy to hear today I did'nt have any cyst or fibroids or anything and she said that my lining was 3 whatever that meant, I just no she said everything look good! So that was truly a blessing....Well ladies I'll check in later...Take Care and have a safe and a blessed weekend~~~Tiffany~~~



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