starting Clomid..anyone else?
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trying4number1 - September 10

Hey everyone. I start my first round of Clomid 50 MG on Tuesday and was wondering if anyone else was in the same/similar boat. Im a little scared and excited. Im nervous about he potential side effects but excited and hoping this is the answer weve been praying for! Hope everyones doing well.


alison29 - September 12

I am starting Clomid 50 mg tomorrow. I am scared about the hormones will affect my mood yikes! I can't even tolerate birth control pills. My LP phase is only8-9 days though so I am praying this is the answer. So how did it go for your first week on it? :)


summer - September 27

Hi guys

i will be starting my clomiphene on the 2nd day after my bleed. am still waiting to fifnish up the provera which is meant to bring my periods.

how did it go with the clomid? any luck. please let me know.



alison29 - September 28

Hello ladies,
I don't know if if the clomid worked this time because I am in the dreaded two ww. The pills didn't affect my mood until the last day and then the day after. I just felt like I had full blown PMS which is always charming to experience twice a month. I did go to the doctor cd 14 the test for cm hostility. It was rather unpleasant because she dug around alot to get to the CM ouch I was sore for the next day. I wasn't hostile which I attribute partially to taking robitussin 3 times a day to thin things out. Dh is really busy at work so I was hoping we didn't need IUI. Oh and I think I finally ovulated on day 19 but i am only on cd 20 so can't be sure if the temps will stay up. So good luck I am curious about your experince too. WB


alison29 - October 12

So the first round of clomid did not work for me. Very depressing...


tryinginMN - October 12

It did not work for me either. I just finished round two of Clomid on the 4th. I have three follicles this time. Last month I had two. What about you?


Lila - October 12

I am so sorry that the clomide did not work out. Try to stay positive I know it can be tough - I had 3 regular Clomide cycles and then 3 with Clomide and IUI. Unfortunately I did not get pg till I moved on to IVF but I have a girlfriend with a happy healthy two year old from using clomide so it does work! The only advice I would use and if you know you had three follicles it sounds like you are already on the right track - is make sure you are monitered by U/S during the cycle so they can make sure the ovary is responding and that after they check for cysts.

Best of luck next cycle!


alison29 - October 13

My doctor hasn't been doing ultra sound so I don't know how many follicles I had last month. Maybe because she is trying to correct a lpd so we already know i am ovulating just way too late in my cycle. That is why i am changing when i take it from cd 5-9 to cd 2-6.
I want to see if i can get the o at a "normal" day perhaps cd 14-16. Dh is getting impatient it really is so much pressure ugh! Every woman in his family gets knocked up the first time they try.


angela - October 16

I try it and nothing happen yet bot still hoping ,good luck


summer - October 25

i finished my first round of clomid and am still going back for more blood works and scans. i have PCOS and so far i havent developed any reasonable follice. i still have the little cycsts hangong around. Also another thing is that estrogen level is very low, the 1st time i did my BT it was 224 then the other day it was 226 bow 294 but still they said its too low. they said it should be around 1000 or somewhere there.. i go back for more bloods on monday.

they may up my clomid as right now i am on 100mg. I am just hoping and praying and wont give up maybe clomid is my answer to preggo.


alison29 - October 31

Hi Summer,
I am sorry that the clomid isn't working for you either it does sound like you need a higher dose but then you will have more bad side affects hmmm. Next month my ob is going to try one of the aromatase inhibitors (something like femara i think) she says they are not anti estrogen so less side affects on cm and lining etc. I am going to have her refer me to a RE though I would like to be monitered a little better if that makes sense. Perhaps they will do all of the other tests for blocked tubes etc. The OB didn't see the need for it. Has you doctor checked everything out for you? How long are going to stick with the Clomid? This month i was able to get the O on day 16 with it so at least progress. Now in 2WW it is hard to stay positive. Hang in there I know they will get something that works for you as they say clomid is the mildest and first treatment plan for most so many other options for us both... take care and wb about what happened at your appointment yesterday.


summer - November 3

Hi Alison

I will keep my fingers crossed for you in this 2WW. I pray you get that BFP this time round.

I did not ovulate on this 1st cycle so we have abandoned it. They increased my dose to 150mg so i will just keep my fingers crossed as well and hope that i will ovulate.

did u had any side effects whilst taking you clom? i never had any side effects and am hoping that i dont start them now. ;)


alison29 - November 3

Well at least they increased your dose ALOT. I have heard about others that have gone up in dosage have experienced side effects so I will be thinking positive for you. I only felt like pms mood swings on day five and the day after but I only take 50 mg. Are they going to make sure the cm is not hostile? If so be prepared it is not very pleasant but I am highly sensitive. We used preseed last cycle too it works really well although pretty expensive 3 dollars for each bding. I am a little scared to use egg whites but have heard it work for others. I am so sorry you had to waste a month but I have a feeling you will o with this so that is something to look forward to. Write back if you need to vent especially if the clomid is making you crazy. baby dust right? GOOD LUCK :)


g_doll77 - November 4

I am on CD4 and taking Clomid days 2-6. This is my 2nd cycle on Clomid but my first IUI. We have a male factor so we are going to try IUI 3 or 4 times and then move on from there. I am guessing that I will have IUI on 11/17 or 11/18. I ovulated last cycle on CD18. My side effects haven't been to bad- just bloated(my jeans barely fit) and a few hot flashes and night sweats. I did not have favorable CM - it was not like normal but since we are doing IUI I am not worried about CM. I just hope this works! We have been trying for almost 2 years. Good luck to all of you! :)


alison29 - November 4

hi G_doll,
Why do they have you on clomid? Do they think ovulating on day 18 is okay? Is the IUI painful? Good Luck I can imagine that there is even more pressure to get pregnant when you have to do it at the office. Is your ob positive about success? My told me that for some people it just doesn't happen ever GEE thanks lady i am definitly switching to a specialist. Good luck i hope this one does the trick for you.


g_doll77 - November 5

I am on Clomid because my cycles are very irregular and they say I haven't been ovulating. I only ovulate about 3 times a year. My OB says that CD18 is normal when taking Clomid and I know that I did ovulate that day because the night before and that day I could feel it. This is my first IUI so I don't know how much pain I will feel yet. I am very optimistic about the whole thing. I hope you find a good specialist. Don't worry allison- it will happen - you just have to find a better Dr.


summer - November 7

Hi Alison and g_doll

how are you guys.

I havent started my second round of clom as i still have to wait on the bleed to come. i'm taking some provera to jump start it and hopefully it will come very soon.

any news Alison? i am keeping my fingers crossed for you.



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