herbals w/ acupuncture
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niki6454 - November 20

Who here is taking herbals along w/ the acupuncture for IF? Is there any reason why i should not take the herbs my acupuncturist is recommending me to take? I don't want to compromise my treatments but have also heard good things. any one have feedback? what did your docs say? and what herbs did you take?????



kfreedom - January 2

I would not take the herbs w/ accupuncture during IVF. The doctors are not sure how these herbs react when taking infertility drugs. :)


RICHMONDTB - January 4

I spoke with my accupunture person and they do not give chinese herbs when taking or doing iui treatments or ivf treatments, he only supplements or compliments his treatments to the ivf cycle.
if you do an ivf cycle, then also do a treatment before and after the transfer bc it increase implantation rates.


JANE ALLERTON - February 18

Hi Niki6454:

I did accupuncture about 5 weeks prior to my IVF cycle and then the day before retrieval and the evening after transfer. I'm 43 and currently 4 weeks prego but with a very guarded prognosis. So I believe accupuncture helped with implantation. Most insurances these days will cover 20 sessions with a LICENCED accupuncturist.
If you live a greater metropolitain area, you can find one.

Herbs are not a great idea since some of them will interfer with your ability to process OUT the anathesia from retrieval. Even regular surgery for other things has the hospitals very very worried about any herbs taken in the weeks before a procedure.

Also, I think that your body is taking in the IVF medications and should only focus on those medications and not be conflicted with anything else. No caffeine for example. The whole point of IVF meds is toMIMIC, ENHANCE, AND MAXIMIZE your own natural hormonal cycle and produce more of everything with the resultant goal of maximimum number of quality follicles to be retrieved. WHY dump in other things into your body to interfer?

But that's just my logic. All the very best and much baby dust!


Luellie - April 27

maybe it would work.


tfskat - November 15

Be sure to let your doctor know what herbal formulas you are taking and work with an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. Dr. Randine Lewis, author of the Infertility Cure, specializes in infertility and has a phone advisory program, where you can get a customized herbal formula. For more information check out http://www.thefertilesoul.com/S


lucky - November 17

ahaie there am new in this support group , and would like to say good luck to all with treatment, as it concerns acupuncture am a week through my first ivf its been 4 mounths since ive started acupuncture it relaxes me planning to have a session before and after embryo transfer.it increases the chance of concieving am not taking any pasiffic herbs but am sitting in some herbs that keep my tempreture warm inside the utrus and all over and i drink some boild seeds that r used so my feet r not cold, i am a very cold person my stomach stays cold and feet
my acupuncture thinks this could be the reason for me not gettig pregnant, but the herbs r not from my acupuncture there from onother clinic that i know r quite good but its better to ovoid eating herbs during ivf i will quit in few days,
agood luck and lots of baby dust



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