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lili246 - August 7

Please give me some feedback!
Are you irregular?
What kind of medicine were you taking? I know you were thinking of ordering Ovulex but didn't? For how long were you trying to concieve?

I just need some info so I can see what I am doing wrong? cause all of this is getting frustrating and all you ladies know what I mean.

Ambersparkle- I know how you are feeling, like I said when you plan something never turns out. it turns out when you are not planning it. So I guess I should stop thinking about it that much.

I just want to get PG again since my son is going to be 2 years old. I think this is a good age for me to have another baby.
I am thinking to buy the same thing I bought when I got pregnant with my first son. It was some organic herbs that started with cleaning your stomach first, and drinking some teas, then taking some herb medicine, one of the medicine were varitec, lydia pinkham, and globulo Rojo! Has any of you heard of this? well I got it from some old lady and I took it for about 2 months and got pregnant right away, so I guess I will think about it and buy it from her again so I can get pregnant soon. It cost about $ 500.00 but everything is oganic herbs and they do work if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have my son with me!
So what do you all ladies think about it?
Should I try it again?
Have any of you heard of any of the medicine?

Renee, How are you doing is AF gone yet! I think that she is coming along my way? :-(
What do you think should I try Ovulex for one more month?




RNORST - August 7

Thanks for responding. I'm so sorry about your bfn! I know how you feel, I thought for sure this might be my month also. That stuff you were talking about, does the lady sell it on her own or is it from a store? How many bottles of ovulex do you have left? I have 2 bottles left. If you already have the bottle, maybe try another month? This is my game plan: I have a obgyn appt. for monday the 14th, and I'm hoping she can help some way. Then I plan to take ovulex for the month of august because its to late to do a IUI this month, and then also take ovulex the month of sept. (dh will be gone to canada, should be home before O), but can't chance it with IUI. Then if no luck in Sept., I'm going full force with IUI and injectables, and do 2-3 of those and hope I have luck before the thought of IVF (don't have that kind of money).
God spoke to me one night, about 5 months ago and told me not to worry, that He has plans for my family.
I just don't know when, and its driving me crazy.
I need to totally trust in His word.

I will pray for Gods peace in all of you.
Lets try our hardest to keep our heads held high!


LeslieAnn - August 7

Renee~ Hey, sorry to hear that you're feeling down, but we all have days like that sometimes. Just be sure to keep trying, it will all work out. It sounds like you already know that, but sometimes it helps me to hear other people tell me so.

Lili~ Do you remember what herbs were in the supplements you bought? You could maybe buy them separately yourself. I am thinking about buying some supplements separately and trying them. (like B6, stuff like that). Someone on this thread was doing that, but I can't remember who it was for sure. I wonder if it worked better for them. I guess whether to continue on Ovulex is ultimately up to you, I decided to try something else because I think the negatives outweighed the positives for me. I'm not sure but I think it even shortened my LP.

I have a question for anyone who has experience with Clomid. Do you have to do IUI's while on it, or can you just take it and try to conceive by BD'ing. Sorry, I haven't done infertility treatments before so I'm totally clueless. I have been trying to read up on it but I haven't learned a lot yet, so anybody's feedback on it would be really useful. TIA.

GL and baby dust,



lili246 - August 7

If god told you that, when trust him! I am sure you will be blesses soon! I am in the same boat with you, depressed about all this, that has happen this month.
And no the lady has no store she does this on her own. I've known her for years and my aunts know her to because one of my aunts bought the medicine a long time ago and she did conceive up to 5 children, ofcourse not at the same time, but she ended up having 5 kids total with no problem after the first one, but for some reason I am having problems trying to get pregnant for the second time. She even said that I have weak ovarians. I go once in a while to get a message on my stomach so she can put my ovarians in place! And no I don' have any more of the Ovulex I just bought one bottle and am about to finish it. I am planning to buy one more and give it a try again, and see what happens.

yes, I happen to have the bottles that I took two years ago, and I did some research of two of them and I did find them on the internet. The only problem is that at the beganing of the treatment I had to take some home made herbs, that I don't know where to gets those. I am planning to call her and get that special herbs from her and buying the others htrough internet, but I'll see what happens this month. I know that trying ovulex won't work that fast it may for some women but not everyone is the same. Other may take longer, so that's the reason that I want to give it another try this month. If nothing happens maybe I will make the second step.

Thank You very much ladies for your support and advise. It really make me feel better.
Renee and leslie, lets pray together and have the faith.
I love you girls!



dreyya - August 7

do u think it really works ? how long do u have to take it?


volkim - August 7

Hi guys! Congratulations to Amie! Yea! That is very exciting! I hope the same will happen for us all real soon.
Well, I got AF on my usual day this month (day 25) even though I have been on Ovulex this whole month. AF seemed normal...no changes from ovulex. I dunno if Ovulex is not in my system enough yet or what, but it sure made my boobs grow huge!

Lili- Sorry about the bfn. Maybe next month will be the month for BOTH of us. I hope so anyway!

Good luck everyone!



lili246 - August 7

Yes, I do think it works. The first time I was trying to get pregnant I tried for 6 months and no success until my aunt told me about her story and that lady I went over with her and had that herb medicine and it did work. I began taking it in the middle of November and got pregnant in the end of December. But I notice until February, cause I didn't even test to PG cause pf seening all those BFN I didnt' beleive it was going to work, but it actually did, it was like a miracle, I do have alot of faith in that herb medicine.

Thanks for the support. I will keep trying and hope God listens to us this time! Yeah lets keep that faith and never give up.
So how are you doing by the way!

Well take all of you good care..



Honey - August 7

Amie Congrats!

Make sure you let all of us ladies know whats happening throughout this wonderful time.

God Bless you!

Baby Dust to all the Ladies still awaiting that BFP!

It will come!



RNORST - August 7

lili and leslie,
thank you girls so much for helping me get though this day!! All of you ladies are so much support. I love you guys. Talk to you tommorrow.

Lets pray hard for each other.


lili246 - August 8

Hey girl, we are here for the same reason, and because of that we have to support eachother and helped eachother. You are a big help 2. If it wasn't because of this site I don't know what I would do. I just thought I was the only person going through this. But know I have friends like you girl that are so nice. We are going to do our best this month and you'll see that this month might be ours, God knows jow much we are looking foward to get PG, and he will listen to our prayers and blessed us.
leslie, hang in there and together we will get 2 it.
Thanks for everything girls have a great evening.

-Love, Lili


brite - August 8

I want all those who are trying this product to have faith...I had bought over the counter pg test and they came up positive, then went to the doctor to take a blood test and the nurse told me it was neg..so I kept thinking it was something with the ingredents in these pills and go to find out they had a mix up..they called me today to let me know that my results were positive, and I went in for an appointment to find out how far along I was...I am a woman that had an tubal pg and haven't gotton pg in over 5 years...GOD blesses us in mysterious ways...Just have faith...and congrats to _Amie_


Isa - August 8

Congrats Amie....

Baby dust to all of us who are still trying ... keep hope alive...


LeslieAnn - August 8

Brite~ Congratulations! What a nice surprise! Be sure to check in and let us know how things are coming along!

Renee and Lili~ You guys are so awesome. Just keep the faith, I will keep you guys in my prayers. It's tough to see those bfn's but it will make it that much better when you finally get that bfp. Sometimes I just feel like I'm watching that proverbial pot night and day and it's never going to boil! It's so frustrating but it'll happen eventually, one way or another.

Through this whole ttc journey, I've got to say I am grateful that I have met so many amazing women. You guys are all such an inspiration to me.

God Bless and take care,



lynn52377 - August 8

Congrats Brite!!!!
how long were you on the ovulex?
I pray you have a wonderful healthy pregnancy!!!


snooppy707 - August 8

I am still kind of new here. On the other board I introduced myself. I have been taking ovulex for a month and a half now. Nothing has happened yet. My husband noticed my breast before I did. Typical. My body temp has been up and down at night. I think it's dehydration. I have a real problem with liquids. Always have. Even during pregnancy. To the point of hospitalization. I'm not sure if i'm doing anything wrong or right. Lately I have increased my veggies and fruit intake. I bought the instant lipton green tea. Is that okay? And I noticed a mention of red clover or something. What is that? and how do i need to buy it?


RNORST - August 8

Brite, congrats, I'm so happy for you, how long had you taken ovulex?

Leslie and Lili, I feel better today, thanks for helping me get though yesterday, It was really a down day. All of you ladies are so awsome. I thank God that I have made so many new friends, that are as kind and helpful.

Leslie, I have heard of alot of people taken clomid with out IUI. I took clomid 50 mg with IUI and it olny made me produce one egg. Are you going to a RE?

Snooppy707, I'm also drinking green tea, and I have had no problems yet. I have also bought red clover tea, but I'm having a hard time drinking that its gross! The red clover is also suppost to help with fertility.

I was just reading yesterday on the internet about fertility, and there was a study done of women having trouble getting preg. and they took a relaxation program
and after 2 months of this relaxation class, 44% were preg. We need to try so hard to relax and let the stress of ttc pass. I live in a small town so we wouldn't have any class like that around here, so I'am tring to look on the internet for the relaxation excersie that they did.

God bless all of you and from the bottom of my heart thank you for being here for me.



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