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lili246 - September 8

I am not feeling good today for some reason I feel weired. I have some small cramps and feel like if AF is coming soon! You know that sensation that you feel when AF is coming soon. Have you ever feel this way? Well I am still thinking positive until AF really shows up. I hope it doesn't show up for 9 months. ;)

Take Care.



wantababylots - September 8

hi girls!! so i went to the doctors yesterday and got the

news.. i have metabolic syndrome. which is the extream

opposite of diabetes. It messes up my hormone levels and

has alot to do with fertility. i did get put on medication to

help and i am taking ovulex now too. so hopefully that will

regulate my cycles.

It is unsure if my last cycle was a miscarrage. i really dont

want to know. that would be worse.

so at least it wasnt something worse. i think it turned out

to be a good situation because it is fixable and i am not

broken. at least i know i will eventually be able to have

children. I will be on medication for pretty much the rest of

my life but at least i know that i am fertile and that gives

me hope. thanks for the support and the prayers.



lili246 - September 8

Well that wasn't bad I told you girl, never lose the faith that god knows what he is doing. I am happy for you that it wasn't something else worse. I am pretty sure that you will become PG soon! Keep trying and heads up.



RNORST - September 8

Cali, Not bad new, Good luck with getting preg. God is faithfull.

Lili, Good luck this weekend and keep thinking postive. Keep me posted. Talk to you Monday.

I'm praying for all of you girls.


snooppy707 - September 8

Hi Ladies,

Once again congrats Charity. Thanks for the extras you answered a few of my questions.

Coconutt83, I'm so sorry. You'll find Mr. Right! there are just as many good apples as there are bad ones.

Wantababylots, No matter what angle you look at the glass it's always half full. I'll be praying for you especially.

I haven't been on for a min. I have had the flu. DH has been really patient with me. I'm not a pleasant sick person. I'm the kind you want to push off the building. AF has come on time lately. My BBs are increasing drastically. Since i've been taking ovulex I have went from a B to a D. Needless to say i'm spending a lot of money on bras. They are still sore from time to time. I have been charting AF. The chart was supposed to estimate O. As far as AF is concerned it's been on the money. But, i'm not so sure about my O. It had me fertile to most fertile at CD 8,9,10 and O on 11. But, I started cramping on CD 16 along with EWCM. We BD on CD 16,17 and 18. Hopefully we'll have time all weekend. I hope I didn't miss it. Is it true that the egg can be fertilized without staying? I didn't know that. Is there any thing else some one has to share about that. I'm more than a little lost.


snooppy707 - September 8

i posted before i read the last page. I knew it would be better than what you were feeling. God has lots of good things in store for you.

Now if i can only get myself to see that!


Cassee - September 9

have any of you tried or heard about evening primrose oil?? It creates EWCM and is a major help with fertility expecially when combined with vitex. Try doing a google on evening primrose oil and fertility and it brings up alot of great info!
I think I may try it.


ticklinivory - September 9

What are they giving you. My hormones are also screwed up. I have PCOS and also have an irregular cycle. I haven't had one for a month and a half to 2.


tross - September 9

Hey everyone....Today is day 29 of my cycle, and no period yet, but I've been known to have a one day period on day 36 and not be pregnant. I'm not really thinking about it too much. I have had some mentral type cramps, and my stomachs been really upset. But I'm not gonna think about it too much. When I was on injections, and clomid, I always felt sick, so it was hard to tell the difference between pre-menstral stuff, and pregancy symptoms. I always really got my self worked up. I want 3-4 kids. I know it's alot easier for me to relax about getting pregnant because I already have one, but i totally relate to what you all are going through. God wants us to be happy, he wants us to not be anxious about anything, but with prayer and petitions he wants us to present our requests to him. He wants us to seek out and love him with all of our minds, hearts, souls, and stengths. And about faith...I pondered the scripture about (faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see.)I am completely sure that I hope to become pregnant, and I am certain of what I do not see...which is Jesus. There was another scripture somewhere that said something along the lines of(Faith was believing that Jesus was able and capable to do what I asked of him.)This is of course is my own words...So as I thought about it I realized that all i have to do is ask(hope) believe that Jesus is able, and wait patiently for his answer. I wish a new exactly what scriptures they were. I think I took notes so If anyone is interested, i will look for them.....I know that we as a people can struggle with so many things...epeacially us woman with fertility issues. And I in no way claim to have conquered this contentment thing. So prayer with all of you..And please pray for me as well...Tross


Mahogany Heart - September 10

We have a new board. See you on Ovulex XI

Keep the Faith!!!


RNORST - September 11

hows things going, keep me posted!
Went to the doctor today, and she was wonderful, she did a ultrasound and said I have some of my placnta on my utrus from my son, that my be causing the problem, will do more test on day 5 of my next cycle.
Did you get a BFP?????



ticklinivory - September 11

We moved to ovulex XI



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