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Mahogany Heart - August 2

Wow this thread is growing like Wild Flowers.



Mahogany Heart - August 2

Keep the Faith!!!


lili246 - August 2

I am happy that we all found this page. We are one united family because we all want the same thing and we all support each each other.



volkim - August 3

Hey guys! Did anyone else's boobs get bigger from Ovulex? Mine are getting huger by the minute! Well, tomorrow would have been my normal day to start my period (day 25). We'll see if Ovulex delays it at all. Let me know about the boob thing!



NANCY - August 3

I had a great experience doing IVF both with a successful and failed attempt. I liked the nurses there they were wonderful. I started with clomid with IUI's and then I did injections with IUI and then to IVF. I was told that to do the procedure that I did when I had the failed attempt that it was about $12,000.00 - $15,000.00. The first t 2 times that I did it I got a grant from NY state all my paperwork said DOH( I think department of health)I had to pay about $4-5,000. There were 3 things: you had to live in NY state, have 3 or more failed attemps of IUI and you and your spouse had to make less than $250,000.00 a year. Not sure what state you are in but see if there is anything in your state that they do like that.

Have a great week ladies I am going to the beach!!!!!
Much baby dust to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lynn52377 - August 3

Good evening all !!
i had tons of CM today whats that mean?..been on ovulex for 21 days now....
Thanks ..


Cassee - August 3

I read on the green tea that it helps lower estrogen levels, which balances hormones... its really good for us with PCOS.

So ladies I am on CD33 normally start on CD30...hopefully this is a good sign, but I have had alot of pain on my right ovary, I am afraid I have a cyst and that is why I'm late. But really awesome news. I have been taking the Vitex and red clover which helps balance hormones, which then helps with IR for about 4 weeks or so, and even though I have been eating worse than ever (okay just worse than I would like) I have lost 8 lbs in the last 2-3 weeks. Yaay!
Good luck ladies!! and Sweet Baby dreams to all!


Cassee - August 3

LOL Volkim, I am not on ovulex but like red clover and vitex, and just before i read your post, I was just thinking that it feels like my bbs are a bit bigger than normal. my goodness!


megzrahh - August 3

I have had the worst stomach cramps for the past 2 days, talk about doubled over in pain.... anyone else had this ? and remedies on how to subside the pain ??!?!?! please help



Mist - August 3


sorry about your pain :(. I am on cd 3 and I am in pain too. I usually have a glass of milk which coats my tummy and they I use a hot pad which help great with cramps, but. I wouldn't not suggest the hot pad if you thought you were pg :)



RNORST - August 3

Well girls, af came today. I just thank God that I'm right on time with my af. I was worry ovulex would make me late. Oh, well a new cycle, a new month.

I have been on ovulex for 3 weeks and I also noticed my boobs got very big, they got big at 2 dpo which was very early.

Do you know where I would start to look to do research in my state for the grant for ivf?

If you got alot of cm, you better start bd!!! What cd are you on?

How are you taking your red clover, is it by pill or by tea?
I'm going to start my red clover tea today. Do you think its ok to do the red clover tea with ovulex? I called ovulex 800 # and there is no red clover in my ovulex.

How long have you had these bad pains? If they don't go away you better go to the doc.

How are things going? I'm still praying that this will be your month. Are you still plan on testing tommorrow?

My our Lord bless us all with our dreams.


kilby - August 3

Hi Ladies! I hope I'm not butting in but I came across this forum while doing research on Ovulex. Here's what's going on with me......I found out I was pregnant in June while on bcp. A few weeks later I had to have surgery because it was ectopic and I lost my left fallopian tube. :( On July 4 had my first cycle after surgery and started ttc, but wasn't sure when or even if I ovulated. AF started again this morning, so at least I seem to be regular again. My question.... since my cycles are normal should I try Ovulex because I only have one tube and maybe it will increase my chances on OV more on my right side? But I'm also afraid that since I am regular and never had any problems getting pregnant before that the Ovulex may mess everything up and decrease my chances. I just don't know what to do! :-\ I would love to get some advice!


RNORST - August 3

Sorry you went though all of that. I don't think ovulex would mess any thing up for you. Its all natural. I have normal cycles also, but suffer from unexplianed infertility.
This is my first month on ovulex, and it did not mess up my cycle.

Best of luck to you.


LeslieAnn - August 3

Kilby~ Welcome to our group! I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, that must have been very tough to go through. Hopefully you will find support here from other women who have faced similar struggles. I have found this group of women to be awesome and very supportive of each other. As for your question, I don't feel that I have enough experience in that area to give you an accurate answer. Have you asked your dr. about it? Maybe he/she could provide some input as to what you could do to increase your chances of conceiving.

Megzrahh~ I started having shooting pains in my stomach last night. I thought it was something I had eaten but they are still there this morning. I'm not sure what it is, but I just went off Ovulex, so maybe that has something to do with it. Hopefully your pains will get better!

Renee~ I'm so sorry to hear that AF showed up. I hate it when I have a ton of symptoms, and then AF comes anyway. I had so many symptoms last month it was ridiculous. At least AF came on time for you. Better luck next month! I am also doing some research on grants for treatments in the state. I'll let you know if I find out where a good starting point is. Maybe a local fertility clinic would know. I would think that they have some knowledge of those programs, but I haven't asked at mine yet.

Nancy~ Where did you first learn of the grant you used? I think you said it was a state grant, right? Hopefully my state will have one, too.

Cassee~ Do you know what red clover does? Sorry if someone already asked this question, I didn't see it anywhere.

Well, good luck to everyone, and have a great day! The weekend is almost here! Woo hoo!



lili246 - August 3

I am sorry that AF came already I was praying for you that this would be your month. But don't worry girl, there is a next time and don't lose the faith, keep trying and don't give up. Your time will come soon!

yes, I am planning to test tomorrow no matter what if it comes negative it's ok there nothing I can't do about it. I think I am used of all those disappointments already. I am praying this time it comes positive. But will see God knows when he will blessed me. I'll keep in touch with you.
I am in CD 45 and luteal phase 13. My temp has been raised for 13 days now. Can that be a good sign?
Well it has been a while that I went this far with my CD, The past months it would be around 36 to 42. I have been this far in the past but not lately.
Can this be cause of the Ovulex?

Well Take Care and Baby Dust to all of you!

I Love you all because everyone is here for one thing!
Don't give up and keep faith!



grandmaof2 - August 3

Hi all, hope all are doing good
I have been taking ovulex for about 12 days now but on the 1st of this month came af and now i am passing a lot of clots, I have always past clots with af but not this bad or much. My period is a little heavier than normal and my emotions are all over the place. I was wondering if any one has had this problem with the ovulex and I can't help but wonder maybe it is working by building up my uterus and thus the heavy clots. I was told once by a dr that I probably get pg but the egg does not implant well, so I just pass the egg out like if I was never pg, I get lite flu like symptoms about every other month and he said that it could be when I pass the egg out. Sorry this post is so long

Hope all our dreams come true to be moms for the first time or to be moms again, either way good luck to all and by best wishes are with you all


LeslieAnn - August 3

Gina~ This was my second month on Ovulex, and during AF I had one day of heavy bleeding where I passed a lot of clots. All my other days were light. I'm not sure if this was from the Ovulex or not, but it sounds like my experience was somewhat similar to yours.




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