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ambersparkle - August 4

Hey Ladies~ I haven't posted in a while. I have really been going through a rough time- My DH's carpool buddy's last day is today and we still cannot find a second car that we can afford- so I had to put in my 2 weeks notice at my job yesterday (on top of all of this yesterday was my birthday, not exactly a happy one)- it is going to be really tough.

I am on Day 43 with Ovulex- still no AF...it is really hitting me hard. As a matter of fact, tears are hitting the keyboard as I type this...I don't know what to do. :'(

Too much is happening all at once for us and my lack of AF seems to be making me feel worse- like I just can't do anything right. I really thought that Ovulex would work for me by regulating me- but it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Prayers are appreciated during this season of hard times.

Baby dust to all my sisters...


lili246 - August 4

BFN :-(
Yes as I was afraid to test I just tested today and got the negative. I will wait and test tomorrow and see if it is really true! I just had a feeling that I would be done seeing those BFN results but I guess that I need to keep trying. I am so depressed but I will not lose the faith.

I know how you feel, because I am in the same boat as you. I am in CD 46 and DPO as per what my chart says 14. And still no AF, like I said I have tested and BFN!
I just don't know if this is too early to test because my chart didn't show a clear O day or what! But I am totally confuse. I am so anxious to get pregnant. I've been irregular since the first time I got my AF. I thought by trying Ovulex that would help me regulate my AF, but I guess that it's not helping me as much. So don't worry girl because we are in the same boat and we have to keep the faith and keep on trying.

Take Care and I love you all!



Mahogany Heart - August 4

Hey Keep the Faith!!!



lynn52377 - August 6

Hello Ladies
i am on my 26th day of ovulex...and i got nothing going on now. I thought i was getting AF cause i had some cramping but now i have nothing and that was about a week ago. I have no signs that AF is coming ....I do have a little pressure though.. kinda a weird thing
Anyone else experience this?
Sorry Lili about your bfn..I was really hoping to see the opposite result...But you never know maybe still alittle early? Keep the faith..... it will happen!!!
Amber- I am in the same boat too i am very irregular so i have no idea where i am on a cycle i am just hoping that i wake up and i have something either AF or test and its +. I was hoping that ovulex would kick start AF i had some cramping like she was coming and now a week later she never came.
Good Luck to all!!!!!!! Much babydust all around!!!


lucyw - August 6

hey ladies,

i have been feeling a little weird lately and having some stomach pains and tender breasts. i thought it was just because... woke up this a.m. and was feeling really weird... light headed, nauseous, and just not right... so i took a pregnance test to rule out being pregnant so i could maybe figure out what was going on.... and it INSTANTLY turned positive!!!! i was sooo excited but did not want to get my hopes up too much. however, i've heard when it turns that fast it's a good sign... i'm praying that it's right... gonna take another one later today... i was totally not expecting to be pregnant.... all prayers are appreciated!!


lynn52377 - August 6

CONGRATS amie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
were you trying anything?


lucyw - August 6

NO that's the strange thing. I was planning on ordering Ovulex or starting some other herbs in the next couple weeks. I was going to wait till right before i ordered to take a pg test so that i didn't waste my money. but i ended up taking one today. in fact, i just took a 2nd one and it instantly turned positive!! i'll call my obgyn tomorrow to get an appointment asap. cuz i wanna make sure everythings a go before i start telling everyone!!


lynn52377 - August 6

I am so happy for you !!
Thats really great, Congrats on a healthy pregnancy!!
I hope i get the same soon.


lynn52377 - August 6

did you feel like a pressure?


lucyw - August 7

i have been having pain/pressure feeling in my low to mid abdomen off and on for about 2 weeks. sometimes it feels like gas, sometimes like cramps and sometimes like the ulcer i had last summer or heartburn/acid reflux pressure. it's kinda weird, but today it's been on the left side slightly above my belly button and it kinda feels like cramps but it feels tight!


dreyya - August 7

hi , my name dreeya and i am thinking about order the ovulex pills . my cycle are crazy for th last 6months i have been coming on every 35-36 days and this month i came on 32nd day ,i have not been to the doctors about my prolbem i will give ovulex a chance first . i got preggo when i was 15 about 7 yrs ago but i was very young and not ready so my mom took me to get an (ab) now i have meet the man of my dreams and i can get preggo i know he's worried about some thing being wrong i have track my o days since about marh06 and every month i get a bfn i just want have a family of my own a 2 months ago i found out my little cousin is preego she finds out what is having tomarrow i am so happy for her but i wish it was me . good luck to evrey one i'll keep u in my prayers


lynn52377 - August 7

Hi Dreeya
I have been on ovulex for 26 days so far I have not had a period. I am very irregular my last one was feb 27th so i am hoping ovulex will help me.
Good Luck to you!


LeslieAnn - August 7

Hi everyone,

First of all, congrats to Amie! It's so great to hear the good news when someone gets a bfp! Be sure to check back and let us know how things are going in your pregnancy!

Lili~ I'm sorry to hear about your bfn. I know how that feels. One of the reasons I decided to stop Ovulex was because I kept getting more and more symptoms as time went on, and it was due to the Ovulex. Hopefully you will get your bfp soon. Don't give up!

Does anyone know which ingredient of Ovulex is supposed to regulate your cycle? I think it was the Vitex but I'm not sure. I am still taking Vitex so I'm hoping I will get the same short cycles (shorter for me anyway) without all the side effects. I'm on CD 10 and spotting AGAIN, I'm assuming because I went off the Ovulex. *sigh* Hopefully I will be normal again soon.

How is everyone else doing? Did everyone have a good weekend?

GL and babydust!



RNORST - August 7

Congrats Amie, keep us posted on what happening.

Well today I just feel down in the dumps, I need to pick my self up, I have so much to be happy for, I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful son. Yesterday in church Will started to act up, he is usual always pretty good but when we get in church, he starts to act up. I want to have another baby soooo bad, but yet I thought, boy could I handle two like this. Yes , I know I could but a 4 1/2 years old is a handful. Last night Will, prayed for a baby brother. It just brakes my heart that I cant even get preg. again. Then today the ladies I work with seen me go into the bathroom and when I came back out they said, Renee, come here, are you preg.? If the only knew how much that hurts inside. And I'm down in the dumps today anyways.

Lets all keep postive, Jesus loves us all, and His timing is perfect.
God bless all


lili246 - August 7

First of All Amie Congratulations!! I am so happy for you!

Renee, I for sure know how it feels I got a BFN and I am feeling so terrible right now I was so sure this was going to be my month.

Leslie, Thank You for your prayers and your support I am not feeling too good today.
I think that AF is coming I think I am about to spot so I guess that she will come anytime soon.

Well Ladies it's so hard to see a BFN when you are trying to concieve, it hurts so much when you see that result that you almost think that you may never get a positve. But I will keep trying for one more month on Ovulex. I am not to sure about it cause my CD went way far than what I've been having in the past few months. Well I don't even think I had a clear O day so I am worrying about this Ovulex pills. So I will try one more month and see how it goes this time.

So hows everyone else doing?

Take Care and for those who are in the same boat with me keep that faith and don't give up!

For those who are so happy to get that BFP I am so happy for you and please pray for us!

Baby Dust to all of Us!



lili246 - August 7

Please give me some feedback!
Are you irregular?
What kind of medicine were you taking? I know you were thinking of ordering Ovulex but didn't? For how long were you trying to concieve?

I just need some info so I can see what I am doing wrong? cause all of this is getting frustrating and all you ladies know what I mean.

Ambersparkle- I know how you are feeling, like I said when you plan something never turns out. it turns out when you are not planning it. So I guess I should stop thinking about it that much.

I just want to get PG again since my son is going to be 2 years old. I think this is a good age for me to have another baby.
I am thinking to buy the same thing I bought when I got pregnant with my first son. It was some organic herbs that started with cleaning your stomach first, and drinking some teas, then taking some herb medicine, one of the medicine were varitec, lydia pinkham, and globulo Rojo! Has any of you heard of this? well I got it from some old lady and I took it for about 2 months and got pregnant right away, so I guess I will think about it and buy it from her again so I can get pregnant soon. It cost about $ 500.00 but everything is oganic herbs and they do work if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have my son with me!
So what do you all ladies think about it?
Should I try it again?
Have any of you heard of any of the medicine?

Renee, How are you doing is AF gone yet! I think that she is coming along my way? :-(
What do you think should I try Ovulex for one more month?





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