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RNORST - August 8

Brite, congrats, I'm so happy for you, how long had you taken ovulex?

Leslie and Lili, I feel better today, thanks for helping me get though yesterday, It was really a down day. All of you ladies are so awsome. I thank God that I have made so many new friends, that are as kind and helpful.

Leslie, I have heard of alot of people taken clomid with out IUI. I took clomid 50 mg with IUI and it olny made me produce one egg. Are you going to a RE?

Snooppy707, I'm also drinking green tea, and I have had no problems yet. I have also bought red clover tea, but I'm having a hard time drinking that its gross! The red clover is also suppost to help with fertility.

I was just reading yesterday on the internet about fertility, and there was a study done of women having trouble getting preg. and they took a relaxation program
and after 2 months of this relaxation class, 44% were preg. We need to try so hard to relax and let the stress of ttc pass. I live in a small town so we wouldn't have any class like that around here, so I'am tring to look on the internet for the relaxation excersie that they did.

God bless all of you and from the bottom of my heart thank you for being here for me.


brite - August 8

I have been taken ovulex since June 23 06, and my boyfriend was taking them for two or three weeks, because he thought they were energy pills....once I told him what they were he stopped, but that might have helped out...not really sure...I also was drinking green tea


LeslieAnn - August 8

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing today! Welcome, Snoopy! I don't know much about red clover because I haven't tried it myself, but in any case, welcome to our group!

Renee~ I have also heard about the effect on fertility of stress reduction. There are tons of ways to reduce stress on your own, but sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what works for you. I am a law student and I also used to work on a rape crisis line, and both places strongly recommended that we organize some kind of stress therapy for ourselves. It can be anything from working out, to massage, to meditation, and what works for some might not work for others, but I'd highly recommend it to anyone whether ttc or not. There are also lots of books on reducing stress at places like Barnes and Noble or Amazon, so it could be worth checking out. Working out and meditation really help to reduce my stress, but like I said, it's kind of a matter of finding what works for you.

I also have heard of a lot of women who have had success with acupuncture while ttc. It's nothing I've ever tried but it's supposed to be pretty effective for reducing stress, if I remember right.

Good luck and baby dust!



lili246 - August 8

Renee and Leslie,
Yes I have heard that stress is a main problem while trying to concieve, the less you think about it the more chances you have to concieve. We all need to relaxe and let things happen on its own time, even while we are not thinking about it.

You have given me hope again with ovulex, I am so happy to hear a success story on ovulex. Well I should continue it and I will order another bottle today. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I am so happy that your dreams came true, lucky women.
For how long where you trying? Is this your first baby?
Keep us posted on how everything is coming along.
God Bless you!

Well ladies lets keep that faith and don't give up, see I feel more confident about ovulex now that I have heard a success story from brite. This month was her month and lets hope that ours is coming in its way soon!

God please Bless us all!



sammy71 - August 8

Hey LeslieAnn,
I took Clomid for six months without any IUIs. That is the limit. After six months they put you on something else. I did three months of IUI with pergonal injections and that didn't work either. We talked about doing IVF but when I saw the cost and was told there was no guarantee we decided to adopt. I spent the same amount on adoption as one IVF and it was 100% guranteed with the agency I went to.

If you've never taken Clomid I suggest you read up on the side effects. I remember at the time my husband saying to my OB, "not only don't I want to sleep with her I don't even want to be married to her". I was the biggest BITCH and cried all the time. Mood swings were terrible so be prepared.

Good Luck, and Baby Dust to all. Sammy71


Honey - August 8

Brite CONGRATS to you!


WE will see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby dust to everyone and God Bless!



lili246 - August 8

Please tell your baby to give us all that baby dust he has! ;-) He/she has the lucky baby dust!! PLEASE BABY!

So howz everything with your pregnancy Honey, Do you know what your having?

Well keep in touch, God Bless you and your baby!



jackie - August 8

Welcome guys!! It took me awhile to find the new site. Ambersparkle, I'm so sorry about the stuff going on for you right now? Why do you have to give up your job? Is there public transport for DH? I mean that's such a loss for you. Without AF you're sure you're not PG. I tracked my ovulation this month and it seemed to come up on day 14. I'm still using what my husband calls my diagram because he wanted to see how our little boy would do after his ear surgery. Everyone keeps telling us he's okay and that his speech delay is not a sign of anything wrong with him. His ENT expects him to start talking in the next 3 months. I just hope if we do try again that I don't have problems. I'm always scared...scared it will happen scared it won't happen. My husband asks why I still want #3 after all I go through (depression, HG) space, money my age. I can think of so many reasons not to yet I have this strange compulsion to try again, like there's another soul I'm supposed to deliver. Is he right? Should I leave well enough alone? I don't know. Sorry for the ramble. I know many of you guys are struggling with getting PG the first time. Please excuse me if I'm being insensitive. I guess I'm worried about Mervie. I want to hear clear words already. My daughter was so different at his age.


RNORST - August 8

I'm praying for your little boy!
I'm trying for our second and have been trying for 2 1/2 years.

Leslie and Lili, thanks for the feed back. I just went to the lib. and got a dvd on relaxation and yoga, I'm going to give it a try. Lets pray for God peace to come over us and take all the stress and depresstion of ttc away!

Good luck and God bless



Cassee - August 8

Congrats to Aime and Brite,
Can you guys tell us some stats on yourselves like how old you are, how long you have been TTC, what problems you have faced and what you did to assist you in getting PG. But only if you feel comfortable. We are so excited and happy for both of you!

Right now I am on CD 39, regularly CD30, but tested BFN... I am going to give it another week, eat as healthy as possible, keep taking my vitex and red clover and excersize as much as possible, if Nothing happens w/in a week I will call and make an appt w/ my OGBYN. I am so tired of my body not working right!


brite - August 8

I am 28 years old and I gave birth to 2 boys who are 8 and 7. I had complications with both of them. I could not carry full term. The second was born 4 months early...then I tried to get pg for a third time and had a tubal, so they had to take out one of my tubes...the doctor told me that it would be a 40% chance of getting pg again...and that was 4 years ago.. I found the site Ovulex and decided to order the pills and started taking them on June 23 06, the crazy thing is my BF was taking the pills for 2 or 3 weeks because he had assumed they were energy pills...not sure if that helped in anyway...I went in yesterday to take a blood test to find out how far along I am, and I go in on the 17th for a U/S to make sure it is not another Tubal...so I have my fingers crossed and I am hoping for the best...I hope that most of you have faith and keep trying, because I am glad I did....


Cassee - August 8

I am extremely excited for you, sounds like a real miracle. I am keeping you in my thoughts, I am sure that everything will be fine. Are you hoping for a girl this time?


snooppy707 - August 8

Thank you for the warmth. I need it. I have been a little on the brat side lately. I keep going from hot to cold. Not really sure if it's the ovulex or what. The green tea is pretty good. I'm going out later today to get some of the red clover. Does anyone know if maybe I can mix it since I hear it doesn't taste that good?


snooppy707 - August 8

Congratulations Aime. I'm praying for you all. I'll make sure I send a special prayer out for you Brite.


lili246 - August 8

Hang in there girl, we are here for the same reason and together we will ge thru it.
For how long have you been on ovulex.

I have been taking it for a month and I just ordered another bottle. I will be buying it one at a time. I know that he more you buy at one time the better deal you get, but o well. I have faith that my trun will come soon, same with you all, never give up and have faith.

I think that is a good idea I think I will go and find some stress books and movies so that I can watch them because I am in so much stress right now that I need to calm down and see if that was the problem.

I know how you feel children's are the most happiest thing it could happen to us. I know how you feel, and there is nothing bad about it, do what your heart is telling you to do. Give it a try!

Well take care and Baby Dust to all of us!!



kilby - August 9

Hi Ladies! I just ordered my first bottle of Ovulex and should be receiving it in a few days. Do I start taking it immediately ( I'm on CD 6 ) or should I wait until next AF shows? Also...what kind of symptoms have ya'll had while taking it - good and bad.



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