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springs - August 16


Thanks for your input. Maybe it was ovulation??? I have never had that happen to me before and though I don't think I ovulate regularly, I do ovulate and never experieinced that before, I guess it is from the Ovulex.

Well the spotting has stopped completely and I don't have any cramps and just a little back pain. So we will see what happens.

TTYL! :o)


lucyw - August 16


I have never taken ovulex. i was going to start but found out i was pregnant. i only knew because i was feeling kind of nauseous and i never feel bad. so i just got pregnant on my own. it was very weird. i had taken clomid before but it didn't make me ovulate. so i stopped taking it. i got pregnant after i stopped the clomid, so it was on my own.
hope this helps, good luck!


wantababylots - August 16

another thing-- how do i know if it is me or my husband that is having trouble having a baby??
my periods have always been irregular and i have skipped months and its very short. i started when i was 18. im thinking it is me but would you guys advise my husband to take the male inhancemnt drug too?


Cassee - August 16

I guess my supplements are doing some type of good. I woke up feeling raging hormones, just like when i was on Provera, my bbs are sore and I am having constant pains in my lower stomach and side and it is shooting down. Doesnt sound pleasant, but it means something is going on, and if this is how provera made me feel that means AF is coming! I think!


LeslieAnn - August 16

wantababylots~ Since you guys just started trying after December, there isn't necessarily anything wrong. Sometimes it just takes awhile to get pregnant. There is an Ovulex that is made for males, Amberoz. My DH wants to start taking it but he isn't yet so I don't have any personal experience with it. If your DH wants to get tested for infertility, you should be able to get it done at a dr's office, or Walgreens also sells a test that men can use at home to test their sperm count, I believe. I saw it last time I was purchasing opk's. It is probably also on their website if you wanted to check it out.

springs~ Good luck! Hopefully you will o this month, I will keep you in my thoughts.

Good luck to everyone else! Hopefully we will get some more bfp's in the group soon!



lili246 - August 16

I really hope this month is a great month with lots of BFP! With me being one of them ofcourse.

Hey ladies, don't feel bad if you don't know something or if you need any help, that's why we are all here for a reason and to support eachother, we will get through this and together yes we can.

I have had some confusions aswell and I feel so confident being here because I know that I am not alone and if I don't know something maybe someone else does and they can help me.

I know how frustrating this can get at times, but thank god that we have met, well throught this fertility journal and that we are not alone.

God Bless us all and hope that everyones doing great, take care you all and hope that we get lucky this time.



lili246 - August 16

I agree with you. The same thing that my mom has told me. She said that since I had one son already that means that I can get pregnant again, it will take time if it hasn't happen but I will get pregnant in the near future.
I have had irregular cycles and I just think that is the cause of my problem and the cause that it is taking that much time for me to get PG. So i have that faith that Renee said, that God has something reserve for her and that will be coming soon.
Renee, please tell God if he has any surprise for me soon. :-)
I hope so because I really want to get pregnant as soon as possible, so I can be completly satisfy.

Lets hang in ther ladys.

God Bless... Baby Dust to all of us!



Cassee - August 17

One thing that we do want to be aware of that our mother's didnt have to worry about as much is our environment. The american way of life today is alot different than it was back then, so we need to take a more active role in our lives to make sure our bodies will work properly. I have learned recently that huge amounts of our foods have alot of added and natural hormones that will imbalance our bodies. some plants have phyto-estrogens which act as extra estrogen in our bodies, as well as milk, eggs, and beef for the main ones that have ALOT of added hormones which imbalance our natural hormone balance. Artificial sweetners, MSG are all things that damage the hypothalimus which regulates our hormones. these are just a few of the things that we have to worry about that our parents didnt have to as much. I know we are all on either Ovulex or another supplement to help balance our cycle which comes from balancing our hormones, we just need to make sure that we look a litte more closely to these other factors, because they do effect our bodies more than we know, and those things along w/ america's poor diet adds up to tons more women w/ unexplained infertility issues. We may not be able to change that for the country, but we can do our best to fix it for ourselves!


lili246 - August 17

That is tru Cassee,
We don't even pay much attention to that which it may be a big issue and we are just not focusing on it. Hopefully Ovulex will help me!


Cassee - August 17

I have honestly NEVER thought about it. I knew that our food had extra crap in it, but never even gave it a second thought to how it effects our bodies. Then I purchased this book about PCOS and it discusses alot of that stuff. It is a serious problem. if you think about our bodies like a machine, you have to use a certain oil, fuel, and water. if you add too much oil its going to break, if you use the wrong kind of fuel, its going to break, you use water that has chemicals and stuff, its going to break. Our body is very much like a machine, you have to have a perfect balance for it to work properly, when we add stuff that shouldnt be there, its not going to work. I really like the science stuff, so the more I read the more it facinates me, but it still is hard to make changes. On a positive note, in the US the dont add hormones to chickens or pigs! so we can eat chicken and pork w/o worry! lol


LeslieAnn - August 17

Cassee~ That is really interesting. I had never thought about it, either. My sister is always advocating organic foods but I haven't really gotten into them. Maybe I should look into it. :) The only problem I have with them is that they're so expensive and I'm finishing up my last year of school so money is tight right now.

Well, how is everyone's cycle going? I should be ovulating in the next few days, so I started taking Robitussin to thin my cm. Is this like what the Geritol tonic does? The stuff tastes disgusting but I just plug my nose and swig it down. It seems to be working so far.

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon!



lili246 - August 17

Good Luck, hope that you get PG this month.

I am on CD 11 and have to wait till CD 26 to 34 in between till I ovulate. I am not to sure when because I am sometimes early and sometimes late, so hopefully I don't miss the day this time and get lucky.

I was talking to one of my friends about me trying to get pregnant and she told me that I should not stress that much on in, because the more I think about it the less chance I have to concieve, she even told me to let it come it's own way, and let God surprise me, which I agree with that because with my first pregnancy I got pregnant and didn't know until pass 5 weeks PG.
So I was just thinking of what she said and maybe that is right, I should stop thinking about it and try to relax and like she said enjoy BD, and let it come at the right time with no pressure.
So I think this is a problem that most of us are having. We are thinkg of getting PG and we are stressing ourselves alot. So why won't we try to relax and enjoy life and God will know when it will be our time. But never lose the faith because with faith everything is possible.

God Bless us all with a wonderful Baby.



wantababylots - August 17

to thin your what?? im not sure what cm is?? how does robitussin help?


Cassee - August 17

cervical mucas, it does the same thing it would if you had a cold, its an expectorant.


sammy71 - August 18

Hey everyone.
Today AF was suppose to show and she didn't. I've got no cramps or signs of AF and tomorrow I will be one day late. Trying not to get my hopes up. DH has been out of town for two week on military assignment and gets back Saturday afternoon. It would be a great welcome home gift but we'll see. If she doesn't show tomorrow I may test Saturday morning.

For those interested who have low progesterone or hormone imbalance I found on the web today that there was a German Research study done that said vitex will not only increase your progesterone level and balance your hormones but that you can continue taking it through the first trimester for those who are prone to miscarry due to hormone imbalance.

Keep you fingers crossed for me and say a little prayer. Love ya'll. Baby Dust Everyone. Sammy71


wantababylots - August 18

good luck sammi-- on the other hand i am 7 days late now and i took a test and its negative. not a big surprize but still a little disapointing.

good luck to everyone



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