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wantababylots - August 18

good luck sammi-- on the other hand i am 7 days late now and i took a test and its negative. not a big surprize but still a little disapointing.

good luck to everyone


springs - August 18

Hi all....

Well my Fertility monitor (FM) finally gave me a ovulation day. Looks like it will be tomorrow!!!! I am very confused though because I had EWCM on CD 11 and then on CD17 I had sharp pain in my right ovary area and then after started spotting but that only lasted one day.... I don't what is going on but my DH and I will BD anyway!!!! I have had lower back pain and cramps since CD14 to present. I don't know if it is my FM just getting use to my cycle since this the first month that I have used it or what....

Thanks for letting me vent!!!


RNORST - August 18

Hey girls, how's everyone doing? Some ones going to get lucky this month, let's all keep the faith.

Sammy71, Good luck hope this is your month, How's everything this morn? Do you take you temp.?

wantababylots, Are your cycle irrgular? How many days do you usual have in a cycle?

springs, I have never used a fm before but I heard it takes a month to get use to you. Do you usual spot in the middle of cycles?

lili and leslie, hows every thing going girls?
Have you guys O yet? I'am on cd 16 today, so I hope I O today. I have been cramping on and off for a couple of days on the right side. I have been taking opk and the line is not quite as dark as the test line, it has got a little darker each day, today it is really close, but I don't know if its dark enough? The funny thing is usual my temp. stays low untill like the day after a +opk and yesterday it was 97.9 and then today up to 98.2, like I have alreay O. But like I said before, with my other 2 preg. I bd the day my temp. went up and it worked both time before. For a while I really didn't bd after my temp. went up, because I have read so much on, when your temp. goes up, its too late. So when my temp. was up this morning we bd, just in case. I will take another opk test tonight to see what it says, and then I will take a nice bubble bath and drink a glass of wine and then bd, again. I can't take a chace to miss it.

Good luck ladies, lets keep praying for each other.

Baby dust



springs - August 18


No I never spot mid cycle, nor do I ever have any mid cycle cramps or lower back pain. Sufice to say, this has been a wierd cycle.....???

Best of luck to you....hopefully this is your month!!!!!


sammy71 - August 18

Nothing today again. I'm on CD 28 (two days late now) and still no symptoms of AF. I've felt more tired than usual this week but other than that nothing.

I looked back through my AF history on www.mymonthlycycles.com and noticed that in April and June I was two days later with AF (started CD29 instead of CD27) then in May and July but I had AF symptom for a few days before. Wondering if that's a pattern. We'll see.

How's everyone else doing? Sammy71


RNORST - August 18

springs, you had your spotting and pain on cd 17? What cd are you on now? and you are still having cramps and back pain? How many days are your cycles? I have heard of implantation spotting, and if you have ewcm on cd 11 and then spotting on cd 17. I think it usual takes like 6-10 days to implant. Are you haveing any preg. symptoms?

Sammy71, are you going to test tommorrow? Good luck and keep us posted.



springs - August 18


I am on CD 20 today. My fertility monitor says that today is my most fertile day but because this is the 1st month using it, I'm not sure that I trust it.

My only symptoms are lower backache and mild cramps. Yesterday I became very congested and I am still today. My DD had a cold recently so the congestion is probably just making it way through the family.

I'll just have to wait and see what happens.....I going to try not to test until the 1st of September.



wantababylots - August 18

how do you use a fertility monitor and what is it and where do you get it?


lili246 - August 18

That spotting sounds like implantation, have you tested yet? Just in case!

I am doing alright I am on CD 12 and have to wait for O day, on my calendar here it said that I may be O on the first day of September so I don't know hwne cause I have trusted that calendar and no success up to this point so I will just try to BD as much as I can when I get closer to my high temp.

Howz everything with you have you O yet! Good Luck this month Girls.

I wish you get lucky this month, I'll keep u as well in my prayers. I hope you get a BFP this saturday when you test. GL!

I know that everytime it comes to testing and seeing that BFN, it gets you dissapointed. I just hate getting there and seeing that negative. It' s just like thinking of not testing because I know what I am going to get. Last time when I tested I kept getting BFN but I didn't want to beleive it and kept testing but everytime I tested it was a big dissapointment. So I guess I am used of that now. Which I hope that I get a BFP this coming month. I will do my best and I hope that God listens to our prayers this time.

God Bless us all!

-Has anyone gone to have a massage on their stomach. I've been going with this one women who was a nurse in Mexico to get a stomach massage and everytime I go with her she tells me that I have my ovarians in the wrong place, and that is the reason that I can't get Pregnant? Has anyone heard of this. She said that they come off place because of caring heavy things? I've been going with this lady for years before I had my first son and she was the one who sold me that medicine who know I thank because I have my almost 2 year old boy.

Take Care.



springs - August 18


Fertility monitors predict ovulation. I am using the Ovacue, but there are different types. You can research the different types at http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com/

I chose the Ovacue because I don't have to buy any test strips or anything, I don't have to interpret the results, and I don't have to use urine.


I have tested yet, seems way to early yet.

Take care everyone!!!


springs - August 18


Lili246, I mean't to say I haven't tested yet.


RNORST - August 18

Well I have ewcm, I had it last night and then today again, also lite cramps on right side, like i'm O!!!!

Lili246, I know a lady that does massage and she told me she could massage my ovaries. I have not done it yet.

Good luck to every one, have a good weekend!
I'm praying for you all.



lili246 - August 18

You should get a massage once in a while. Because this lady that I know she said if the ovaries are not in the correct place will never going to get pregnant. I do really thrust in her because she did massage me before I had my son and while I was pregnant and till now. So you should give it a try.
I hope you get pregnant this month Renee, Good Luck!

Hope that you get good results this month. Good Luck to you to.

God Bless.

Have a great weekend!



springs - August 19


Congrats on the O!!! At least for me that's a battle in and of itself!!

Best of luck!


sammy71 - August 19

Hey Ladies,
I'm officially two days late for AF (CD29) and still no signs of her coming. I did test this morning...one test was defective and didn't even give me a control line and the other test was negative. I bought them at the Dollar General on the way home last night do you think that because they are from there and that one was defective that the other could be a false negative.

I wasn't going to test yet but couldn't be patient and the one store I passed on the way home was Dollar General. What do ya'll think?

I'm going to wait until Monday and if she still doesn't come I'll test again on Tuesday and buy a name brand test.

Question. We are suppose to go White Water Rafting with our families next weekend. If AF doesn't come by then do you think it's safe to raft? I couldn't find anything about white water rafting in early pregnancy.

How is everyone else? Anyone in the TTW like me?

Baby Dust. Sammy71


wantababylots - August 19

i am currently 10 days late and i havent had signs of her coming either.
i took a test and it was negative and i figured she would come and she still hasnt. but i am expecting her shortly. im just about to get started taking ovulex. is this a bad time to be starting? should i wait till my period comes or is it safe to start now. i have been late the last 3 months by 10 days or so and the test was negative. will ovulex help me start?? i just need some advice. thanks.
good luck to all



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