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sammy71 - August 15

Cassee, your DH is right. If I would have gotten pregnant at 25 my life would have not been blessed with raising my "adopted" son. Now, I'm 35 and realize that God had a plan for me and this beautiful baby boy. Colin started 1st grade yesterday and to see him standing in line with is lunch box and a great big smile on his face waiting in carpool line reminds me that everything is for a reason.

This little boy, who I thought I was giving a chance at a happy life, has given me the most blessed life I can imagine. When he sits on my lap and kisses me I feel so much love. The word "adopted" never comes to mind when he's calling me in the middle of the night because he's scared or hollering for me to come dry him off after his bath. Adoption is a wonderful experience and God blessed me with infertility so I could experience raising this precious little boy.



lili246 - August 15

Thanks, anything helps. I just get confuse at times.

Hows everything with you? Hows your yoga soming along, do you feel any difference at all? Keep us posted.
I also have a feeling that my turn is around the corner and that God will bless me soon. Like I said lets not lose the faith and keep on trying because it's like you say you get what you pray for but all with faith. So lets hang in there and together we will get through. We are not along and I am so happy that I found this site, where I can comunicate at least thru these posts but I don't feel alone anymore. God Bless you Renee.

I just know how you feel and I agree with you. It is so hard to avoid getting jelous at someone else. I saw this couple who where trying to conceive for around 2 years and no success until one day that she got pregnant. Her daughter is now 2 years old and she is pregnant again with her #2 and is due in October as well. So i just need to be patient and let God decide when my turn will be. Have you had any kids? I have a little one and yes they are the most important thing in your life once you get the news that you are pregnant. I just wish my dream comes true soon. I get so depressed when people tell me that I should start planning my #2 baby this way they both grow up together, but they just don't know that it is so hard to me to get pregnant again. If it was so easy I would be maybe with my 3 child, but I was one of those unlikely women who has to keep that faith and keep trying and keep the faith.
Like (Heather-Jiggisdysgirl) posted a poem saying: there are women that become mother with no effort, without thought, without patience or loss. Anh this is true because there are alot of women that get PG without even thinking it.

But God will soon listen to our prayers.

I am now on my second bottle of Ovulex and hope that this month is my month because I have faith.
We are here for one reason and together we will ge through this.

God Bless us all Ladies!



soon2bmommy - August 15

Hello ladies:

I was scanning through the last posts and I noticed some BFP's - Congratulations to all!

Baby dust to all who are still waiting. IT WILL HAPPEN!

Luv to you all


RNORST - August 15

Leslie and Lili,
Thanks so much for your support you guys really make this ttc time alot easier. Also thanks to all the other ladies your post really help me get though the day. I'm praying for all of you!

Yesterday at my OBGYN appt. the Dr. told me that I needed to drink a glass of wine around time of O, which will help me relax. So I plan to take a nice bubble bath and drink a glass of wine around O.

I only did the yoga once and then I was sick and have been to busy to do it again. We are re-painting our bedroom. Thats pretty sad, I'm even to busy to relax. But if I'am busy I don't think about infertity.

Girls I just don't know what it is but I feel so excitied on the inside, I just can't explain it. God has a plan for all of us and I just feel like its going to be someones month.
Lets all keep praying really hard.

God bless you all.



wantababylots - August 15

Im so glad there are so many people just like me and it is great to be involved in such a thing where we are all rooting for eachother to succeed when we all feel like we are failing in some way.

I am not taking anything else but we have been using the thermometer and charting but no luck. is there anything else i should be trying??

I inow god has a purpose for me and maybe its not my time or my calling yet.

We have been trying for 8 months now which isnt very long but its frustrating after thinking that i could just have one as soon as we were ready and now we are so ready for a child and unable to have one.

thank you all for your imput. im so glad im not alone.

Good luck Lili- i hope this is your month!!


lili246 - August 15

I really hope this is everyones month!
Thank You Wantababylots! We are together and together we will get thru this.

I also have that feeling, I have a feeling that my turn is around the corner.

Lets pray more than ever for this dream to come true.

God Bless us all!



LeslieAnn - August 16

wantababylots~ Charting is good because it can confirm you are ovulating and that your luteal phase is long enough. When I was charting, I figured out that my luteal phase was too short, so I've started taking B6 and progesterone cream for that. If you've learned from charting that you are ovulating and your luteal phase is at least 10 days, (some doctors say it should be at least 12) then there are still some other things you can do to help boost your chances.

In addition to taking Ovulex, a lot of ppl on this thread are doing things like drinking green tea, trying to reduce stress, cutting back on caffeine, taking geritol tonic, and taking red clover and other supplements. You can also read books about increasing your odds of conceiving, like "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" or "The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally." I found that these had some helpful information. Hopefully this helps somewhat, I'm not sure how long you have been trying or how much research you've already done into this, so sorry if this is all stuff you already know! Does anybody else have any tips to offer?



wantababylots - August 16

how do i know what my luteal phase is?? or how do i find out by charting? im new at this and i dont know much- what is B6 or progeterone cream?? im not sure what these do or where i go to get them-- sorry for all the ?s- i really am next to clueless about what im supposed to do.


springs - August 16

Hello Everyone!

I am wondering if you all have experienced anything like this while on Ovulex.....

I had EWCM on CD11 and of course we BD'd...but my fertility monitor didn't show ovulation (and still hasn't). Starting on Saturday (CD14) I have had a lower backache and crampy feelings(enough to definately notice but not enough to have to take anything). Today CD17 I had less cramping and less back pain but still there. I got 2 sharp pains mid morning and then this afternoon I starting spotting (TMI) only when I wiped. Then tonight I had some on my panties. It is only pink and no clots or anything.

So what do you think....annovulatory cycle or something else.....maybe from the ovulex??????

Your input would be great! Thanks!!!


snooppy707 - August 16

How is everyone?

I haven't been on in a few days. The kids are back in school. So am I. So my days are pretty much full for a minute. It's been kind of hard to hook up with DH. I have been busy. He has been on the road. We both have been in and out. The most time we have spent together has been "Hi", kiss, hug and "Love you, becareful.Bye" My birthday is Thursday. He has made a big deal about it for like months. As far as I know there was nothing planned. I want to spend the day as a family and celebrate on the weekend. Hopefully we can get some time together in between.

Baby dust to all


LeslieAnn - August 16

wantababylots~ Sorry, I didn't know if I should explain too much or not because I thought maybe you already knew all this stuff and didn't want to assume otherwise. Your luteal phase is the number of days between ovulation and your menstrual period. Most women have a luteal phase of about 14 days, but everybody is different. The ideal length is at least 12 days. If you find that your luteal phase is 12 days or more, you don't even have to worry about it. If it's less than that, you can take progesterone cream and B6 to lengthen it. So I guess the first step would be to just keep doing what you're doing and see when you ovulate, how long your luteal phase is, that kind of thing.

snoopy~ Happy Early Birthday! Hopefully you and your family will get to do something special. I know how it is with having a hard time BD'ing, usually during the school year it is really hard for us to find time to BD.

springs~ I go through those same symptoms most months and I ovulate each cycle, but I ovulate late in my cycles. It is possible that you are about to ovulate. Do you use opk's? They really help me because my ovulation symptoms are usually all over the place (I'll start getting symptoms 4 days before O and they last until AF comes). HTH.

How is everybody else doing? I'm STILL waiting to o, but I think it's getting close.

Baby dust!


lucyw - August 16

i wasn't taking any medication at all. I had tried 3 cycles of clomid starting in feb. my last blood work in early july showed i did not ovulate with my 3rd and highest dose of clomid. i had decided to try something natural such as ovulex or other herbs to make my cycles regular (they never have been). i must have ovulated on my own some time after my blood was drawn and got pregnant. my mom never had regular cycles and she had 7 kids (one set of twins!) all naturally with no problems at all. she told me she thought i would still be able to get pregnant cuz she did. she was right!!
Also my husband and i have only been married for 8-9 months so we haven't been trying very long.
let me know if anyone wants more info.


lucyw - August 16

I am 27, just married end of November 2005, so we've only been "ttc" for 9 months and for the first few, we weren't seriously trying, just not using protection. anyway, i have always had irregular periods, i didn't start my period till i was almost 18. other than that i don't have any serious problems. i posted another reply to lili, you might wanna read that. it kinda explains what my situation was.



wantababylots - August 16

thanks for the explanations. sorry- im just really new. me and my husband have only been married since dec but we decided to start trying almost right away and no luck. but it hasnt been that long.
my mom never had a problem getting pregnant-- even when she didnt want to.
does it help if my husband takes something while i am trying ovulex?
it is coming i a couple days so im excited to be trying something new.


wantababylots - August 16

i have never had regular periods either-- currently i was expecting to start a few days ago. last month it started on the 10th and it hasnt come this month but im not pregnant. so it just comes whenever it wants i guess-
ovulex helped regulate it for you?? is that what might be wrong and why i havent had any luck??


springs - August 16


Thanks for your input. Maybe it was ovulation??? I have never had that happen to me before and though I don't think I ovulate regularly, I do ovulate and never experieinced that before, I guess it is from the Ovulex.

Well the spotting has stopped completely and I don't have any cramps and just a little back pain. So we will see what happens.

TTYL! :o)



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