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lili246 - March 23

Thank you so much for the advice. I will save them until I see a positive opk. Do you think I might be late using my fertile monitor I just open it yesturday and I am on CD 4. I will reset it today and see if it work. Cause they say when it's late in your cycle you can't use it until your next cycle. I hope that I am not late it's just that I didn't have the triple A batteries

Jade and Ange,
I sure hope that af comes soon for you girls. I know how you are feeling cause it happen to me also. I will be praying for you all.

Hope that things are ok girl. We miss you and don't work to hard.

Have a great weekend..

Love Lili

Praying for lil Will, hope that he is feeling better. It was nice talking to you yesturday! :)


Jade - March 23

Lili~ Just set your monitor to day 3 and it will never know. LOL.... I think I remember Renee doing that to hers because she got it past day 3 and it seemed to work for her. Ask her next time you talk to her. I know you are excited to use it.....


lili246 - March 23

Thank you for the advise. I just read that I can start while I am on CD 5 then after that I need to wait till next month. But I will see what I can do about it.
Thanks for the advice.

Girls I will miss you all and have a great weekend!
Thanks for all the support!

Love you girls you are the best!! :)



Shara - March 24

Good Evening - another long week finally over!
I am finishing up some classes so I can apply to the Nursing program. I will be finished with them at the end of the year.

That poem was beautiful and I have definitely been hit with some of those stupid comments.

I went to the RE yesterday and she put me back on 100mg clomid, ovidrel, metformin and prenatal vitamins. I am scheduled for a hystograph after my next af is over if it comes (wink wink ;) It is a possibly I will lose next cycle because she recommended to wait until next cycle because the procedure causes spotting and it may interfere with implantation.

Well ladies you all have a good night!!!


Jess - March 24

Hey guys!!! It's been a while since I've posted. I've been a little busy. I'm in the process of changing jobs and on Monday we're starting training for foster care. Anyways, I am on cd11 and my clear blue monitor is being stupid! From cd5 it has been telling me high fertility, but on cd9 when I looked at the lines they were the same color... But still saying high fertility.??? Now on cd11 and saying the same thing. What the heck?? Now the test line seems to be getting lighter.... Did I or didn't I O?????? Should I go by what I saw on the monitor or what I saw with the two lines?? My dh and I have been bd since cd8 except for last night because of being sore up there....(tmi)The other thing I'm a little upset about is that I haven't seen much cm this month. I know that is not good. I have been taking Ovulex twice a day and taking Prenatals and green tea twice a day.

What do you girls think?? Is this month a total waste?

Welcom newbies and congrats on the new bfp!

Lots of baby dust to all!!!!


Ange - March 25

Hello Ladies!

Finally AF is here. I am calling monday morning to get my appointment for the surgery. I am glad you all liked the poem yes alot of those question and responses hit home for me too. Well talk to you all tomorrow bye!


Jade - March 26

Hi Everyone....

Ange~ Yaay. I am so excited for you. You finally can set up your surgery. Do you have it done after cd 6?

Lili~ Did you start with the monitor?

Jess~ Try temping and see if your temps are up. IF they are then you probably od.

No more spotting for me YAAH. After I started taking the provera my spotting ended..... I guess i have a progestrone problem or something. What do you guys think? Waiting on AF- finished the provera Saturday so anytime now.....


Ange - March 26

Hi girls I called for my surgery it will be on april 4th yeah! it will be cycle day 11 they didn't have any earlier than that. Usually it is between 6-10 but since they are soo booked and only one is done a day they will do it on cd 11.



lili246 - March 26

Refresh my mind! what is th surgery for? Congrats on Af!!

Hey is af here yet???
I did turn on my monitor and I am on CD7 today. But since yesturday it's been telling me to test but I haven't because I am still having af :( So what should I do in this case, wait till af is gone for good or test anyways?
I nede some help??

How are you doing, how is Will??

Have a great monday! I am feeling sick still with a stuffy nose and some cough. Hope that it goes away soon.

Love Lili


Ange - March 26

Lili~ I am having a hyteroscopy to to see how far down my septum is but since my uterus is shaped like a heart they won't be able to remove alot of it. PLus while he is there he is going to remove and scaring I might have in my uterus. So it is no big deal I will be out that day. BUt the best of all it is the last thing I have to do before I start IVF. I hope you feel better soon. I think my under the weather feelings were cause AF was on her way. I am feeling better now just a headache.


caretta32 - March 26

Hi ladies, I', back and doing well, the ovulex is working well, I have lower back pain but not as bad as with the injetables. The ovulex is wonderful, I O'd on cd11/12 as my monitor said, I never O this early!! I usually O around cd16/17 naturally. Maybe this is a good sign!!!

Ange: good luck on your surgery, you are in my prayers. I liked your poem, it amde me smile.

Lili: you should still test even though AF is still here, the monitor needs to establish a pattern with you so it want you to test almost every day the first/second month you use it. After it establishes a baseline for you then it regulate its testing pattern. This month I tested from cd6 to cd15.

Jade: how are yo doing?

Renee: good to here Will is doing good.

Butterfly: how are you?

Shara: how is your 2ww going, mine is almost over and I will be starting my second month of ovulex!

Great to be back ladies! If any one has questions about thier monitor please feel free to ask quesions, I got mine before starting all the drugs in '05.


RNORST - March 26

Hi girls, Thank you all for praying for Will. The surgrey went well, his eyes are a little sore in the morning, they are still red and a liitle swollen. He cant play outside for 2 weeks, beacuse of dust and dirt could blow in his eye. That is really hard for him, because we have had beauiful weather. Thank you all for caring so much!!

Well I'm on cd 18, my f.m. said peak sunday and today. my temps sunday was 98.1 and today was 97.8, but this new therm runs really low, a week ago it was as low was 96.9. I have O pains on sat, so I think I already O, but I will bd tonight to be safe. I did use pre-seed in thur. and I will use it again tonight. I started to drink pineapple juice and I will drink it until 10 dpo. I went to a lady that does massage and she gave me a feriltity massage. She showed me how to rub my feet and there are sensor in our feet for every part of our body and she showed me where the fertility part of the foot is. Its on the back of your ankle and the outer side of the foot. Half way though the body massage I could feel my uterus and other things down there start to move and roll around, the lady could also feel it, she told me they may have been twisted?? I go to her tues and then again on friday. Hope it helps.

Jade, Have you got af yet? That awsome that the spotting stopped. So you go to the re in wed? Let me know what you are going to do. If you do injectables, place ice on the injection site about 5 mins before you do the shot and you wont even feel it.

Lili, Thank you so much for letting these girls know how Will was. Are you feeling any better today? Are you still having af? Did you start your yoga dvd yet?

Shara, thanks for sharing your story. Good luck this month.

Ange, thanks for the poem. Are you feeling better? Yeah af final came, did you have to take any meds to start it or did she come on her own? April 4th will be here soon, thats the same surgrey that I had. I will be praying for you.

Jess, my f.m. did the same thing this month it said high fertility from like cd9 unitl yesterday cd 17 I final got a peak? Just keep on testing until it says peak.

Caretta32, congrats on O early, thats awsome. What cd are you on? Will is doing much better, thanks.

Talk to you later
Thank for all the support for me and Will.
Love ya Renee


Jade - March 26

Hi everyone. Still no AF for me, but I feel a little cramping so hopefully she is on her way soon. Is it soo sad that this cycle I actually want af??:) I go to the RE Wed. so I am excited to see what he has planned for me this cycle. IT better be something that works....:)

Lili~ I think you should still test even though you are having AF. Does she normally last this long?

Renee~ I am glad Will is doing well. It sucks that he cant go outside and play. So it sounds like you O. I am sure your temps will be up tomorrow. Better Bd tonight just in case.

Ange~ I know you can hardly wait for April 4. How long is recovery time. Can you TTC this cycle on your own or or you going to wait?

Caretta~ I am glad the ovulex is working well for you. Hopefully you will get your BFP this cycle. How many days until testing?


lili246 - March 26

Caretta and Jade,
Thank you for you advice girls. i will start testing tomorrow. I wasn't sure since this it my first month using it.
Jade, yes my af are usually for 6 to 7 days long..UGH! I know it seems for ever ha.

Ok thanks for the refresh. I am not feeling that good so I kinda forgot I hope everything goes well girl I will be praying for you. Is the surgery vaginally? I will be praying for you so that everything goes well. :)

Good Luck girl and I really hope this is your month Iwill be praying for you!! :)

Love Lili


RNORST - March 26

Jade, I will bd tonight and use pre-seed again. Hope temps are up in the morning. This new therm runs low, and the last therm run very high. My new one said 97.8 and the old one that runs high said 98.1. I'm very excited for you, going to a re always makes thing more exceiting.

Lili, is your af getting lighter? Test tommorow and tell me what it says.

Love Renee


lili246 - March 26

Yes I will test tomorrow for sure and let you know what it says, Well it might say low fertillity since I just finish af but I will keep you posted.
By the way yes, af is getting lighter hope it goes away soon.

Have a great night

Love Lili



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