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Ange - January 15

Welcome ;D

Hello Ladies,

For those of you who don't know me my name is Ange. I have been infertile for 14 years. I wanted to create a board that all the TTC buddies can come and share their daily experiences whether it is taking their temps to discussing the newest fertility miracle drug found.
I used to be on the Ovulex forum. But doctors have told me not to take ovulex cause I have hypothyroidism.
So I thought I would try to make this board. I know alot of ladies that are on the ovulex forum are not taking ovulex anymore and I invite them to come here so we can continue our journey together.

Dh has his appointment on the 23rd to do more testing. I am going to have another blood test that day too to check my tsh levels again they are still not normal I can feel it. We are going to continue ttc until I have my MRI for my septum in my uterus. Miracles do happen so why not! I am thinking accupunture what do you think about that?

Jade~ How is the femara? Do you feel different?

Renee~ Lili~ Leslie, I hope you all are doing well? What cycle days are you on?

Denise~ I haven't seen you in awhile how are you?

Talk to you ladies soon


lili246 - January 16

I am glad that you open this new board. I am lost in the ovulex one because we have new girls and there is alot to
Well my temps. yesturday were 98.2 and today 98.1 they keep getting down and from what my ferility friend chart says I should be getting af on thrusday I hope I will so that I can be finish and start trying again. I sure hope so and I have so much faith! :)

Love Lili

p.s. how are you doing?


Ange - January 16

Hello Lili

I know what you mean by the time I would read it all I would forget who I was writing to. LOL!!!!

Let the girls know about this board and maybe we can still continue are journey together. I am so happy for you that you are almost at AF and ready to start again. This will be our year 2007 sounds great to me. Beside that I am doing fine I am on cd6 and still have af abit so I am not happy about that. I am still taking folic acid every day but stopped the others. I think I will start them again next cycle. I just need a break with all these pills, vitamins..... take care ttyl!


lili246 - January 16

I know what you mean about taking all those pills. You sure need a break and relax your time will be here very soon you'll see. Have you heard any news about your surgery? When did you say it was schedule for?
Don't worry time goes by so fast that when you realize it, it will be time to start again.

I know we have alot of girl in the forum and it gets hard keep track on them. Atleast me that I am a slow I like to keep track with the ones that I know whats going on and like you say when it comes to time of writing I forgot who has which problem and them I have to go back and

But it's ok everyone is here for the same reason and hope that they get a bfp soon. Have you notice that we haven't had any of those bfp lately, we need more of those!

I sure hope that I can be one of them this coming month I sure hope that I have good luck I have so much faith that you can' t believe it. I think that God has told me that he will help me get pregnant soon, because I can feel it and I am feeling so confident and I love it I just know it will happen with the faith I have I just know it will. :)

I sure hope that it will for you as well. Don't give up and I will be praying for you! :)

I will let the girls know and hopefully get them int his forum. :)

Love Lili


Ange - January 16

Lili~ I now have insomia ever since they told me my surgery is delayed. I so need some BFP around me now so I can focus on that for awhile. I know it will be sooner than I think I will be having this surgery.
I really hope and pray you are one of the bfp this month.
Lili I will never give up! Thanks for you prayers.


butterflywishes1 - January 16

Ange and Lili ~

I'm one of the newbies here to say thank you for taking the time to open this new board. I can't tell you how much I enjoy talking to all of you about my journey, while also listening to yours. It really makes a world of difference!! I haven't started Ovulex (yet) b/c I'm waiting for my new cycle.

I had my blood work done today. The doctor ordered a full work-up, including a thyroid panel. I don't know if you remember, but I was worried that I might have hypothyroidism b/c it runs in my family and my pre and post-ovulatory temps are very low. As soon as I hear something, I will let you know!

Ange~ I'm glad you shared the information about hypothyroidism and ovulex with me. I def. don't want to start taking it until I hear that my thyroid is ok.

Thanks again!



Ange - January 16

Butterfly~ I am so happy you joined us. When do you think you will get the results of your bloods tests. I hope for your sake you don't have hypothyroidism. But if you do make sure you have a good dr to bring your levels down. My are still not normal after amost a year. I just found a great doctor so I know I will be leveled soon.



lili246 - January 17

Butterly and Ange,
Lets have faith and you'll see that together we will conquer this! I know that we will and as you know time goes by fast and once we notice all of us will be talking about our pregnancies. :)

I can't wait for that day to come.

I should be getting af this week so that means that I will be O maybe around the begining of February and if I am lucky enought ot concieve it will be till next month. I sure hope so and I will be praying extra hard. My cycle is usuall for 36 days so yeah I still have some more weeks to go till O. It will go fast though I've been waiting for more than two months which seem eternity but time actullay went by fast. ;)

Together we will make it till the end!

Love Lili


Chrystal - January 17

Hello, This thread is a relief, There aren't several different pages of posts to go through. I have PCOS and will be ordering my Ovulex in 2 weeks, I've just started taking PreNatals. I was wondering if it would be alright to take the Ovulex in the morning instead of before bed. Do you think it would still have the same results? Someone post back and please let me know!

Best Wishes and Baby Dust to you all!!

Love, Chrystal


Ange - January 17

Welcome Chrystal,

I am sorry I can't help with ovulex questions maybe Lili can. To me I don't think it would be a problem but I have never taking it. Sorry and goodluck to you.


RNORST - January 17

Dreams of mother, When I was taking ouvlex I took one in the morning and then at supper time. You are suppost to take 2 a day.

Ange, Well I final found you guys! I hope you lab work comes out good. What is your dh getting tested for?
Have you herad any news about getting your mri done sooner? Well I'm on cd 13 and I think that I may O early!!. I use to O around cd 16 and the last 3 or 4 months its like cd19. I had ewcm like never before yesterday, it stretched about 3-4 inches, but it was not that watery then, then after I got off of work it was really waterty. I have never had cm that early before. I'm also having mild cramps like I'm going to O. I'm wondering if its the geritol and of corse prayer! So I hope to O on thur or friday.

Lili, did you get af today?

Love you girls


Ange - January 17

Glad you found it! Sounds to me that you are O early I would start the bd last night .....dh is being tested again for his little swimmers. He had some blood tests too so he will just get the results from that. As for the MRI no word yet I pray that it would be that long. I know there is a reason I am being delayed to ttc. I just have to figure out what it is.

I hope Af comes really soon for you. So you can get back on the ttc road again. Let me know!


RNORST - January 17

Ange, I'm also praying that the mri comes sooner, We just dont know why God did it this way, but He has awsome plans for you!



lili246 - January 17

Hello Girls,
Well Guess what!!!!!
I got af today!!YAY!!! :)
So now I can focus on TTC again and my two normal af are completed! I have to wait till this af goes away but I am excited that I am very close to trying again.
I am happy that my periods are much better now. it actually came on time and that wouldn't happen to me. So I hope that I get my period regular.
I have so much hope and Faith! :)

Renee is right you need to take two pills, one in the morning and the other one at night!

Have a great Day!! :)

Love Lili


Ange - January 17

Yahoooo! LILI! I am so happy for you. So you begin your journey once again to conquering a bfp! I am happy for you.

Renee, Thanks for you prayers they are always needed!

This is going to be a good month I can feel it!


Jade - January 17

YaaY Ange~ I am so excited about this new board. I was starting to feel like I wasnt fitting in on the old board since I was taking Ovulex. So are you TTc on you own this cycle?

Lili~ I am so excited about AF for you. CD1 yahoo! What day do you normally O? Sounds like your cycles maybe more regular since mc??

Renee~ That is great about o ing early. I hope you are bding just in case. LOL. Have you used opk yet this cycle?

As for me. .. finished femara monday. No side effects- thank goodness. I just dont know when to start with opks. I have read on some sites that some o could happen bw cd11-cd20. That is a big range when you are using expensive opk. Ya know?

I really feel very positive about this cycle and I am not sure why. I really have been praying for us and I feel like this could be it.... We just have to stick together and keep the faith.


Rachy - January 17

Hi guys!!!

Its refreshing to have a new board to come to!

How is everyone? I'm still doing the ovulex thing and i'm bleeding all the time which is annoying. FIngers crossed it sorts itself out as I can't see how I can possibly get pregnant if i have a contant AF (albeit very light)




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