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nickynik - May 9

Thanks for starting this board. I just turned 31 been married for 4 years and I am sitting here in tears because I am having such a hard time TTC.

I have PCOS and my husband and I wanted to try IVF. Well I just finished my second cycle. For some reason I am not responding to the Bravelle. I really don't know what to do.

I really would like to just have some one to talk to. I am so discourged right now and I feel it just wont happen for me.



lilmaria - May 16

Hi guys im new to this forum thing I wish i new about this years ago when i was first taking my infertility treatments it would have helped me so much emotionally. having someone to talk to who understands what you are going through is alot easier than with someone who doesnt have problems. My name is Maria and my hubby and I tried for six years to get pregnant three of them we actually did infertility treatments. I even had a laproscopy surgury that they went ahead and removed all the cysts that i had.I have pcos. The doctors put me on so many different drugs on top of the clomid. I think at one point i was on 2500mg of medication. so when my hubby went to iraq i stopped taking all medications and month after he got home i just took the clomid and we finally conceived our first child. well now we are doing all the treatments again for our second child. so round one begins at the end of next month when he comes home from iraq again. oh yeah i found out that the reason i cant get pregnant on my own is that i dont produce enough hormone to release my eggs so anytime i want to concieve i need those magic miracle pills. :)


ttc458 - July 7

I would like to tell everyone about a really really helpful website I came across. I have been ttc for over 2.5 years and this website is the best one I have found. The information is detailed, and teaches you how to read your bodies fertility signs.



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