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lili246 - March 21

Girls (Ange, Jade and Renee)

Thank you so much for all your support. I feel so much better now that af is here. That means a fresh new start and I was thinking that this month I will not stress and relax. I will not try that hard because I was praying that I would get pregnant by February so that I could of have my baby by november but in December I have my sister big birthday party her 15 and it is going to be a blast. So I don't want to miss it it will be 12-22. So I was thinking that this month I will relax and not think about it. It I do get pregnant then that would be a bless from God and I accept it no matter what, if that means that I will have to miss the party it's ok I'll take it :) But I think the best thing I should do is staying relax maybe it happens :) So for sure next month if af is on time I will do all my best to get pregnant. :)

I did have some tea yesturday night not alot but some and today I notice bright red blood and I know that the tea helped me so I had alittle this morning and will have more at night. It says that it helps for your mentruation to come and it helps for youn ot to get those bad af cramps. So if you ever want to give it a try do it I highly recommend it! ;)
Here is some info. about it or visit this website:
website give you a picture of how the epazote looks, it's a green leaf.

Epazote - pronounced [eh-paw-ZOH-teh]
An herb well-known to Mexican and Caribbean cooking. The name comes from the Aztec (Nahuatl) epazotl. It is also known as pigweed or Mexican tea and is frequently regarded as a garden pest. It is most commonly used in black bean recipes to ward off some of the "negative" side affects of eating beans. Much like cilantro, it is referred to as an "acquired taste". The herb is quite pungent and some say it smells like gasoline or kerosene.

Epazote (chenopodium ambrosioides) was brought to Europe in the 17th century from Mexico and used in various traditional medicines. The herb was used by the Aztecs as a medicine as well as a culinary herb.

Buy and Store
Epazote can normally be found fresh in Mexican grocery stores or is available air-dried. One teaspoon of dried epazote leaves is equivalent to about one branch, or 7 fresh leaves. Fresh epazote leaves can be placed in a plastic bag and stored for up to 1 week. You can air-dry the fresh leaves and store in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Penzey's is a good source for dried epazote.

Medicinal Uses
Epazote contains compounds which actually act as an anti-gas agent ( referred to as a carminative, which means it reduces gas) when cooked with beans. It's chief use was as an agent to expel intestinal hookworms (wormseed). According to Jessica Houdret (The Ultimate Book of Herbs and Herb Gardening) it has also been "recommended for nervous disorders, asthma, and problems with menstruation). CAUTION: This herb is poisonous in large does.


lili246 - March 21

By the way, directions on how to prepare it it's very simple.
You just boil some water with 2 to 3 leafs of epazote and let it boil until you see the green water. :)
It's very easy!!


lili246 - March 21

I am praying for Will. I have faith that he will be ok. I will include him in my prayers everyday. Stay calm and you'll see that he will be ok.

Good Luck and we will miss you sister!!

I will wait for you call.

Love Lili


Jade - March 21

Hi Ladies. I am on day 2 of provera. 3 days left. I have never used provera- I always use prometrium. THe nurse said it could take up to 17 days to get AF. UGG. On the other stuff I would get AF 2 days after stopping the meds. SO hopefully that will be the case......

Renee~ I will pray for Will. Hope all goes well. Let us know. And hopefully when we hear from you Monday you will have already od.

Lili~ I sure am glad af has come for you. HOpefully she will be here for Ange and I soon. Do you think the tea helped you? Is sure does sound like it doesnt taste very good....

Ange ~ Have you asked your RE about your missing AF.... and maybe you need a bloodtest to check??


lili246 - March 21

Well telling you the truth it doesn't taste that bad for a first time use. But it doesn't taste good As long as it helped me that is all it matters.
I think it did help me because af was kinda coming to slow and with the tea it kinda gave a
So yeah you should try it one day and see if it help you.

Have a great day!

Love Lili


lili246 - March 22

I am thinking of you and Will. Have faith everything will be ok. :)

Hey girls well af is not that heavy, it was very light so I had some mroe tea this morning, you know that special
So now I am getting a heavier af not that heavy but more than I was.
And guess what?? I just recieved my yoga fertility dvd,,.YAY! I am so excited because I have faith that it will work. I need to put my mind in something else and take all that stress away.
Hope that we all can have that bfp soon.
I will let you all know how it goes. :)

Have a great thursday!!
We are getting close to the weekend again!! :)

Love you all.


lili246 - March 22

Renee's son is doing good. She called me but missed her call and she left me a message letting me know that everything went well. I am so happy for our sister. :)
God bless her family!


Jade - March 22

Hi Lili~ I am glad to hear about Renee's son. So sounds like AF is a little strange for you this cycle? Have you tried out your new DVD?


Shara - March 23

Hello Ladies,

I am sorry I have not been consistent. I am a full time student and these classes only gets more time consuming.


I am 27 y/o with a 10 y/o dd
Been married to 27y/o dh for 3.5 years
I have had 2 m/c's and 1 prenatal death with my twins

I conceived my twins in only one cycle on the following regimen:

1700mg (850 twice daily) Metformin as of June 2006
July 25, 2006 Af started
Started 100mg Clomid days 3-7
Completed a Cycle Day 13 Intravaginal Ultrasound of Ovaries and Follicles (They like to see them around 20cm before taking the Ovidrel Shot
Did the Ovidrel on day 13 at night
Bd 2 times only in my fertile window (within 7 days-bd 3 days apart)
Used PreSeed and dranked Green Tea - Preseed worked best for me
August 23, 2006 BFP

I have used Ovulex but it botched up my cycle really bad. I have PCOS with insulin resitance and I am considered obese. The clomid is the only thing that keeps my cycle at a steady pace and after the delivery I am on track with 27 day cycles consistently but my RE does think that I am not ovulating every cycle because of my af being extremely heavy, painful and long. Even though cycles have became regular ovulation is still an issue.


I can't rave enough about PreSeed but I will say this for you - if you can stand it after bding stay laying down. You have to use an entire applicator and it can get messy if you are like me and just straight up after bding to go do something you forgot LOL! I learned early. I get all of my LH sticks, preseed and preg tests from They are the bomb!!!!

Well ladies, I have taken enough of your time. I can not promise an everyday response but I will be here as much as I can- just bare with me until finals are over in about a month. If you want to email me you can : [email protected] excuse the provacative name I was younger when I got it LOL!!!

Much Babydust to you all- you are all in my prayers


lili246 - March 23

I am also glad that everything went well with Renee's son. I know how bad she was worry and it's all natural. I talked to her yesturday and confirm that he is doing well. :)
Well I don't know about my af, it's getting heavier from what it was a few days ago so that is good. I have taken more of that special tea and I won't so I will just let af go on it's own and hope that this won't happen again.

Hey girl it's nice to hear from you :) wow so you go to school? what are you studing for?
Take care and be in touch when ever you have a chance :)

hey girls I have a question to you all. Well first of all I am having a terrible cold with stuffy nose, chest congestion, ear ache and headache. This morning I took my temps. and they were 98.6 wow they did go up high and wonder if this maybe the cause since I have a bad stuffy nose and can't breath at night because both nostrils are stuffed I have to sleep with my mouth open, so can this be the cause of my temps going up high, or may I have alittle fever? My temps were 97.8 since af started and I think that if I record 98.6 it will get my chart confuse later in my cycle don't you think?
Need some advise please, I read that when you sleep with your mouth open your temps usually fall down or am I wrong?
Need some advice please. :)

Thank You and have a great friday! I'll see how I am feeling later today if I don't fell any better I will go to the doctor. :/

Love Lili


Ange - March 23

Renee~ Hope all is well with Will. He is in my prayers.

Lili~ You got AF! Congrats! I am still waiting for her to show her ugly face. I am sick today I stayed home from work I slept most of the morning and now getting ready to catch up on my soaps that I haven't seen in a dogs age.

Jade~ No I didn't do I blood test I am gonna wait till Wednesday and if nothing still I will go. So still no AF for you are you going to see if you can take the pills again to bring it on. I can't remember the name of them.

Shara welcome back so you are in the 2ww now? I will pray for you.

Well Girls I am still the same not much has changed my cycle is just really messed up. I will get all my blood tests done next week. I hope you all have a great weekend


lili246 - March 23

Thanks, where have you been. hey I am sick aswell and feels terrible I was going to the doctor but decided to take some motrin and it did helped me alittle I have a cold and some pain in my head and next, don't kow why it also goes through my ears so I might have an infection. Hope that it goes away soon. So why are you sick?
I sure hope that af comes for you soon. I am thinking of you girl.

Take care

Love Lili

P.s. I wish I could of stayed home aswell but since I am the only girl here in the office there is noone to cover me and my boss is very old to handle everything so here I am trying to be


Ange - March 23

Lili~ I am just exhausted. My joints hurt it is driving me crazy. I woke up with a head ache and my sinus hurt. I got a poem that I found on another forum.

Somebody Said

Somebody said “Just adopt--you’ll get pregnant.”
Somebody doesn’t know how it feels to try and figure out where to get thousands of dollars for an adoption.

Somebody said that if it is meant to be, it will happen.
Somebody never cried walking past the diaper section at the grocery store.

Somebody said “You’ve got more time to spend together--be thankful!”
Somebody never stayed up until two in the morning arguing about ovulation charts.

Somebody said “Just relax and it will happen.”
Somebody’s doctor never told them that after the age of 30 your chances of becoming pregnant decrease

Somebody said that you shouldn’t complain about something that you can’t control.
Somebody never wondered whose eyes and hair color the baby would have and then never found out.

Somebody said “You have more time to get a better education now.”
Somebody doesn’t know what a ‘short luteal phase’ or ‘polycystic ovarian syndrome’ is.

Somebody said “You can’t miss something you never had.”
Somebody doesn’t know what it’s like to cry themselves to sleep in an empty nursery.

Somebody said “You should try reading some books, there’s got to be something else you can try.”
Somebody never tried standing on their head or drinking cough syrup.

Somebody said “take one of my kids, I don’t need them all.”
Somebody never tried to adopt only to have the birthmother change her mind.

Somebody said “I’d sell everything I owned to get kids if I had to.”
Somebody never had to.

Somebody said that the hardest part of not having kids is not getting the tax deduction.
Somebody never started their period at a baby shower.

Somebody said that having a career is more important than being a mother.
Somebody never wanted to be a mom.

Somebody said that if you don’t have kids, you’re not missing anything.
Somebody never went through infertility.


lili246 - March 23

That is a very cute poem, thank you so much for sharing it with us it is the truth :)
Hope you feel better Ange and enjoy this day off for you :)

Hey girls,
I just recieved my preseed on the mail. I am so excited of all this new things I am trying out. Hope they help me. :)
Any suggestions on when to start using it? How many times is it recommended? This is my first time using it :)

Good Luck and have a great weekend!

Love Lili


Jade - March 23

Hi everyone. I am soooo glad it is Friday. The weather is soo nice- 80's here on the NC Beaches. YAAY.

I am on day 4 of provera to start my cycle. I hope it starts soon after I finish my pills tomorrow. I have an RE appt Wed. to decide on my next step.....

Lili & Ange~ I am sorry you guys are sick and hope you feel better soon. Maybe it is the pollen in the air. Allergies?

Lili~ I use Preseed after I get a + okp. Save them until then. I used everytime we BD during my fertile few days...It is exciting to have new things to try and it gives up hope...

Ange~ Cute poem. It is so true........Hope af comes soon for the both of us....

Shara~ Ovulex caused irregular bleeding for me. I wasnt a big fan. Clomid caused thin lining, but I ovulated. Femara 2 cycles didnt o. Now I am waiting on AF (taking provera) and I think I am starting injectables without IUI... I will find out Wed. So are you back on clomid or trying naturally? Good luck with exams...


lili246 - March 23

Thank you so much for the advice. I will save them until I see a positive opk. Do you think I might be late using my fertile monitor I just open it yesturday and I am on CD 4. I will reset it today and see if it work. Cause they say when it's late in your cycle you can't use it until your next cycle. I hope that I am not late it's just that I didn't have the triple A batteries

Jade and Ange,
I sure hope that af comes soon for you girls. I know how you are feeling cause it happen to me also. I will be praying for you all.

Hope that things are ok girl. We miss you and don't work to hard.

Have a great weekend..

Love Lili

Praying for lil Will, hope that he is feeling better. It was nice talking to you yesturday! :)



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