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lili246 - March 26

Yes I will test tomorrow for sure and let you know what it says, Well it might say low fertillity since I just finish af but I will keep you posted.
By the way yes, af is getting lighter hope it goes away soon.

Have a great night

Love Lili


Jade - March 26

Uh-Oh ladies. Dont get tooo excited for me yet---BUT either I am getting AF :) or my spotting is coming back. Right now it is just spotting but it is red unlike my issue of spotting before (brown). I will let you guys know for sure tomorrow.............


lili246 - March 26

well I bet that you are getting af. I sure hope so we both had a very bad month of late period and it's always nice to start a fresh new month. Let us know what is turns out to be tomorrow. Hope it's af :)

Good Luck!!


butterflywishes1 - March 27

Good morning ladies,
I am doing very well! In fact, I am very relaxed this cycle b/c I've taken this cycle off from my fertility monitor and temping :) I decided to take this cycle off b/c I am working in the hospital M, W, and F and I get up at 5am. On T & Thur I go to chemistry class in which I get up around 7-8am. On Sat & Sun, I get up @ anytime I want! :) So, temping is really hard for me this cycle.

Plus, I really needed a break b/c I was beginning to drive myself crazy! I am on cd 15 which usually means O time. I have had NO o pains on my right side so that is GOOD! Usually if I O on my right side it hurts REALLY bad! So hopefully I o'd from my left side.

I have decided to see a RE if no BFP by June. We have a RE in town so that's where I am going to start. If I like him, great but if not, I will go to a bigger city in FL.
I am glad to see that everyone seems to be doing well!

Jade ~ I hope you get AF, girl!!
Ange ~ I am glad you are having the surgery soon!
Lili ~ How is af???
Renee ~ How is Will? I pray hard for him!

I miss talking with you girls but with my schedule the way it is right now (between work and school), I am having a hard time finding free time! :(

Love you all!


butterflywishes1 - March 27

PS. I went to church Sunday morning and prayed very hard for all of us!

I went to a new Catholic Church with DH and at the beginning of Mass I started crying because we sat by a family with a baby and then directly in front of us came a mom, dad, and 1 year old daughter. They all looked so happy and I asked God, "Why can't this happen for me?" I couldn't keep back the tears!!! Then as I was sitting in the pew, I noticed that my OBGYN was sitting two rows in front of us!!! Amazing!! Here I was in church praying SO hard for my first miracle and my OBGYN was sitting in front of me!! I really hope that was a sign from God! :)
Love you all!


RNORST - March 27

My f.m. went back to high fertility so I guess I'm in the 2ww, my temps were still only 97.8, but very high compared to 96.9 last week, I hate this new therm, temps are way to low for me, I need to get back to my old one. (which that one runs to high!!)

Lili, keep test with the f.m. how you get a peak in a week or so!

Jade, is af here? I hope so. Good luck tommorow at the re.

Butterfly, I'm glad you are relaxed this month, that my help alot. June will be here soon, It will make you feel alot better after seeing a re. Will is doing good, thanks.
Butterfly, to me that sounds like a sure sign from God, telling you to trust in Him!!!

Love and prayers to all


lili246 - March 27

wow that was for sure a sign of God :) Have faith girl it will happen to you very soon. That was a miracle that you saw your obgyn there while you were praying to god and I am so positive that God did listen and he gave you a sign of relief meaning that your turn maybe next. have faith I am sure it will happen to you and hope that soon before you go to that RE.

Hey girls,
well I tested this monring and for being my first time testing I got a high fertility? What does this mean I am almost done with af it might be today the last day since I a, only spotting now so that is good. But I though that I was going to get a low fertility but don't know why I got a high fertility? Have any of you had this happen to any of you before?
I hope that I can have a low tomorrow because I usually O late in my cycle around CD20 or there abouts so that was very weired that I got a high maybe I still have like Renee said some high hormones? Don't know what to think but I'll see what it says tomorrow?

Have a great day!!

Did you find out if it is af or spotting? I am praying for af!!!

Thank you so much for praying for us girl, we need all the prayers!! I am also praying for all of us every night!! Have Faith!! :)



butterflywishes1 - March 27

Lili ~
From what I understand, the fm gives you a high reading when it detects a high level of estrogen in your system. That is why you normally get a high reading before and after your peak reading (which indicates the LH surge). That reading may be an error, so please let us know what it reads tomorrow morning. I am so glad you are using your monitor :)

Lili and Renee ~
Thank you for the encouraging words. I do believe it was a sign from God.
Love you all,


butterflywishes1 - March 27

Guess what girls?!
Today is cd 15 and I usually O on cd 14 or 15. Well, I just felt O pain from my LEFT ovary!!!! YIPEE!! Boy, I do hope this is another good sign from my Heavenly Father!!!


lili246 - March 27

I am praying for you, hope that you have good luck. I am glad that you felt that O pain in your left ovary. I hope also that it can be a sign of God have faith I am sure that it is a big sign so you might be so close to getting that bfp, I am praying for you sister.

Thank you for the advice. I also think that it might be an error because I just finish af yesturday today it's all gone I think so I am happy about it and hope that I can get a better small cycle this time. I will see what my f.m. says tomorrow and I will let you know. I hope that it is working correctly :/

Have a great day!


RNORST - March 27

Butterfly, That sound great. Sound like God is tring to show you he is in control. Make sure you bd today, relax and enjoy it. This will happen for you, trust God with all your heart!!!

Lili, let me know what the f.m. says tommorow, after I used the old test strips and it said high, it never went back down to low fertility? If it doesn't go back down to low fertility tommorow, I would call the clear blue easy company.

Talk to you girls tommorrow, I'm going for my fertility massage, hope this lady can help me.
Love ya Renee


Jade - March 28

Hi everyone. AF is officially here. YAAY. It kinda started last night with red spotting but it was definitely here this morning full force. So should I count yesterday as Cd 1 or today. Oh well. I am excited to start a new cycle and anxious to here what the re says tomorrow.

Lili~ Maybe you will O early this cycle. Hopefully that is the case or it might take a while for the fm to get used to your cycle.....

Butterfly~ Glad that you are so relaxed this cycle. Hope seeing you gyn was a good sign.

Renee~ SOunds like you did o. Yaay. 97.8 is much higher than 96.9....... Your new thermometer does run really low.


Ange - March 28

Hi Girls wow I am tired! Work is getting crazy now...busy busy.

Lili~ Hysterscopy are done vaginally. It is the same a laporoscopy but no cutting through my poor belly button. I already had two so my belly button is a map of montreal right now lol!

Jade~ I am not ttc I am making an appointment right away to see my IVF doctor so start right away. If i get a month to ttc I will for sure but I want to start Ivf I am excited. I have waited a long time for this.

Renee~ I am glad to hear Will is ok. How do you like the fertility massages? I am going for acupuncture right after the surgery. It is supposed to be great to stimulate blood flow. Also works great for ART. Are you in the 2ww? Af started on her own by the way I knew she was coming....

Butterfly~ Glad to hear your ovulation pains are here. I will pray for you and thanks for you prayers.

Caretta~ Happy you liked the poem and thanks fr your prayers

Shara~ I think I heard about 90% of those comments from that poem I just laughed when I read it. NOBODY understands infertility unless they are going through it. Good luck with clomid.

Goodnight girls!


Ange - March 28

Glad to hear Jade about AF yeah!!!!!! I would count yesterday as day1. So we are close again in our cycles !



lili246 - March 28

hey girls well guess what??
I got a PEAK today in my fertility monitor! I don't understand why and I was thinking that maybe i will O very early in my cycle since af was late and didn't have it for 2 months maybe my body was getting ready to O even though af was here 2 days ago. It is so weired though but just in case I will bd tonight and see what it says tomorrow if I see a rise in my temps then I will know for sure if i did O. But isn't it so weired that it is very early in my cycle but like I saw my body is acting very weired lately first with a late af. so who knows. I will give the company a call and see what they saw. I will keeo you in touch. By the way my temps today were same as yesturday 97.9.

i sure hope that this can be a short cycle and if I O this early that would be great but hope that everything is ok with me, because it's so weired.
!!YAY! I am happy that you got af finnaly we have had very bad cycles lately and hope that we get normal sometime. You should count today as CD2 that is what I did.

That is good that it's all vaginally I haven't had any kind of surgery where they cut my tummy and I am glad. :)

How are you feeling today?

I have been practicing yoga and I like it but I need to find some quite place because I can't do it with my son bothering me all the time and i can't

Have a great day!

Love Lili


lili246 - March 28

I forgot to ask you all a question? usually after af is gone your cm is dry isn't it?
Because i notice that yesturday when i would wipe it was kinda slippery and I saw some clear cm, could that been ewcm?

Thanks for all your support!



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