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Chrystal - January 18

I just want to say Thank You to all of you ladies for being here to talk to. I cannot tell you all how wonderful it is to have someone in the same situation to talk to. You all have given me so much hope for the future and conceiving. I feel like this is going to be our year! If any of you want to talk personally, I am on yahoo messenger as [email protected]

Thanks for Everything!

Love and Baby Dust to you all!


lili246 - January 18

Jade, Ange, Rachy and Renee,
Thank you girls for everything. I will be using opk's once I get closer to O and see if I get some other signs like ewcm I really hope like Rachy said to hit the jackpot on this first try! :) I don't know if my cycle will keep this way or go back like it used to. I really like it this way because I kinda know when I will be O and it seems faster than it used to be when I would used to wait for af until CD 46 or so it seemed for ever!
But now hope that it stays this way so that I can have a better idea of when I will be O. I will be taking my prenatals, green tea and use the opk's. I hope that helps and I get good luck this coming month, since it's february and Valentines day hope that my Valentine can hit the ;)
I will make it a special month with lots of Love and hope that I can get lucky! :)

Thank you girls for everything!

- How is everyone else doing?

Love Lili


Ange - January 18

Hello ladies!
Does anyone know where I can get preseed? I am thinking of trying that this cycle.


butterflywishes1 - January 18

Hi ladies ~
Well af reared her ugly head today! I knew it wasn't my month, b/c for some reason I felt af was def. around the corner. :( BUT, the good news is that I learned so much from all of you this past cycle and I also learned a lot from charting my cycle. I now know that I typically have a 27 day cycle with a 12 day luteal phase.

I am going to start taking Ovulex this cycle, as well as using geritol, pre-natals, pre-seed and green tea. Does anyone have advice on geritol??

Ange ~ thank you for all the information you've given me on hypothyroidism. I am still waiting for my test results before I start ovulex. GL to you! You are in my thoughts & prayers :)

Lili ~ I am so excited for you, girl!!! Your words are always an inspiration to me and I thank you!

Jade ~ I've been thinking about you. I noticed that I haven't seen you post in a while. I am glad to see you are doing well.

Renee ~ Thank you so much for all of your extra support! :)

Rachy, dreamsofmotherhood, and Vidia ~ Here's to Ovulex! May we all see a bfp REAL soon! Will I see you on the ovulex board??

Well ladies, since I will hopefully be starting ovulex, I should prob. post on the ovulex board so that this fresh, new board doesn't turn in to another ovulex board. :) Thank you all for everything.

Love ~ Butterfly


Rachy - January 18

I am taking ovulex religiously this month but really want to maximise my chances, what else should I be taking?

I am in the UK so we might not have the brands you have in the US



Jade - January 18

Hey everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous day.

MH~ Thanks for the inspiring words. We all need to keep the faith and know it will happen for us all!

Ange~ I used preseed the last cycle. I ordered it off line. I got 6 capsules for 9 dollars or so. I think from same place i got the opks. I liked the preseed and alot of people have success with it.

Lili~ You know they say after mc you are more fertile. Maybe that is the reason for your cycles being more regular. Lets hope they stay that way. It is a lot less aggrevating when you actually have a normal cycle and time seems to pass quicker.

Renee~ SO did you O yet?

Butterfly~ Good luck with the ovulex. SOunds like you are going to be taking a lot of stuff to help you this month. I got preg from geritol the first month I tried it. Unfortunately had a chem pregnancy, but anyways....Take one capful at night from AF to O. Then stop.


RNORST - January 18

Well guess what I think I O yesterday, CD13!!!!!!!!! I think that my thremoter is broke at home, because the last 3 day my temps have been the same 97.7, they are never the same for that many days, so I took my temps with the old ther. and it said 97.9, so I took it with my new ther. that always runs a few degrees lower than old one, and that one said 98.2. So I think if the old one was working it would probably been 98.4!!! I had ewcm on tuesday and then waterty cm on wed. and also O cramps on wed. We did bd on tues and wed. When I check cm today it was more tacky and dried up. WHOA-WHOOO I O very early, it must have been from the prayers and the geritol! Well we will see what temps are tommorrow, before I get too excitied, but they went from 97.7 to 98.2.

Jade, what cd are you on?

Butterfly, What was you temps this morning? They were very high yesterday? I love geritol, latly I have been O on cd 19 this month it was cd 13! Well we will see what temps are tommorrow.

Rachy, you also need to take prenatal vitiamins and drink green tea.

Lili, hey girl, I'm back at work. Will is feeling better. Thank God. I sent you a e-mail.



lili246 - January 18

I am glad that Will is feeling better! I love that Lil newphew of mine and please take good care of him so that he can enjoy his party! :)

I know what you mean and I sure hope it works for me. Last month they were shorter and hope they are the same this month. I am excited and with alot of Hopes! :)
It sure feels way better having a shorter cycle than an irregular and a long one!
So hope that you are right and get that bfp this February! :) I will be praying for that!

I am happy that you learn about your cycle I know it is hard at the begining and if you have a regular cycle that makes it nicer! Don't worry and hope that this coming month is your month aswell. Lets pray extra hard! :)
keep the faith girl!

Love always, Lili


butterflywishes1 - January 18

Jade ~ Thank you for the advice on geritol. Yep, I am going to be taking a lot but it is SO worth it!! LOL

Love ~ Butterfly


RNORST - January 18

Lili, thanks for thinking of Will, Hope he is not sick tommorrow.

Love Renee


Chrystal - January 18

I have a question....What does "CD" mean and how will I know if I am O? I've never paid any attention to it. As I said, I have PCOS and do not get AF without medication. The last couple of days, I've had slight cramps in my lower stomach, it feels kinda like I'm getting ready for AF, but I haven't taken any meds this month, my DR just gave me 2 weeks worth of Provera last month...........


Jade - January 18

Renee~ I am glad that the geritol is working well for you. I am on cd 10. i really dont know when to expect O this month due to the femara. Hopefully soon.

Lili~ I am expecting a lot of BFP coming up soon. We are in desperate need of some. And with all the negative things that have happened to all of us lately- I feel like a positive is in the making....

Butterfly~ Good luck with the geritol. It tastes awful but it will be worth it.


Ange - January 18

Hello Ladies!

OMG what a busy day. I was in a meeting most of the day.

Lili~ You are on your way. How is AF is it normal? Maybe your cycle will be shorter. Keep me posted good luck I am praying for you. I am thinking of trying preseed. Crossing my fingers.

Butterfly~ I am hoping your tests come back normal. keep me posted.

Jade~ thanks for the info I am going to order it. I have heard so much about it I need to check it out for myself.

Renee~ whahoo! good news if you O! let me know shorter cycles are always a blessing. I don't have the good ewcm. Maybe that is another reason for me. I don't know the list goes on and on. I can;t find geritol do I have to buy it online? I hope your son feels better.

take care


butterflywishes1 - January 18

Ange ~ I went to CVS pharmacy and found geritol.

Dreams-of-motherhood ~ CD = cycle day and the best way to know if you O is to start charting your fertility signs (waking temperatures and cervical mucus). I recommend the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility". It is the best book I've ever invested in and a must-read for those ttc! There is so much infomation regarding your body, cycles and charting. You will learn every thing you need to know from that book. I bought it on ebay. Also, the website allows you to chart your cycle. There is also a lot of good information about charting on that website.
Hope that helps!

Love Butterfly


Ange - January 18

Butterfly~ Thanks for the info. I am sorry to hear about af. Trust me I have had alot of unwanted af but I believe that this will be our year. take care


Chrystal - January 19

Thanks Butterfly! Really helpful advice! I am looking the book up right now, I may oreder it at the same time as my Ovulex =)



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