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Rachy - January 17

Hi guys!!!

Its refreshing to have a new board to come to!

How is everyone? I'm still doing the ovulex thing and i'm bleeding all the time which is annoying. FIngers crossed it sorts itself out as I can't see how I can possibly get pregnant if i have a contant AF (albeit very light)



RNORST - January 17

Jade, I'm glad there was no side effect. This is going to be our month. No, I have not used any opk this month, the ones I have are from the internet and they dont work. I was going to buy more, but money is really thight now, they are so exspenive. Yes I started to bd last night. When you was on geritol did you notice any thing different? I didn't know if thats why I may be O sooner and temps are also looking better this month. I hope to be O, thur of friday? We get a wal-mart in our town on friday, so maybe I can go get opk then, if my temps have not raised yet.

Rachy, how long have you been bleeding?

Lili, I'm so excitied. You made it, girl.



Jade - January 17

Renee~ I know what you mean about being so expensive. I really feel like after reading TCOYF I am able to tell what I am oing. I have a few OPK left and I think I will wait to use them when I have all the signs. I had creamy cm today cd9, so hopefully o is right around the corner. It really would be great to o near cd 14 and have a normal cycle. Last month on clomid i didnt o until 18 so. . . . Who knows. I didnt really notice anything on geritol. I would take it before going to sleep, but I think I o'd sooner than I did before taking it- so that is good.

Rachy~ I had bleeding everyday for 6 weeks or so on ovulex.I had to quit taking it and even after I quit I still continued to bleed. AHH- it was so annoying- it wasnt heavy or anything but a pain. I am not a big fan of ovulex but it works for some.


Chrystal - January 17

Thanks Girls! I was curious about when I should take them. I am SO excited! I pray that it works! DH and I have already talked about names! Last month I took Provera to begin AF, so I doubt I will have one this month. I never do unless I am on some type of medicine. My DR. usually gives me birth control for it, that's how i became PG the first time. I am having some trouble figuring out what some of your abbreviations mean, so could someone help me out with that?



RNORST - January 17

Jade, I know what you mean about having a cycle where we could O on cd 14. I'm on cd 13 now. Also after I read tcoyf, I dont think I really need to use opk, but it is always excitiing to get a +opk.

Dreams of motherhood, What abbrevations are you having trouble with? I think I know all of them but lol?



lili246 - January 17

This last time I O on day 20 the very first time after my m/c I don't know exactly because I didn't chart all the way through so don't know but before I got pregnant I would O around CD 28, 32, 36 I really didn't know when/ But after my m/c I think that my cycle did change some because when I had af before it would be for a long 7 days long and last month it only was for 3 full days and 1 spotting day, so that was good and hope that my cycle has change for good. Last month I had af on 12-15 and this mont 12-16 so it was so close and hope that I keep going this way.
I am know in the process of TTC again I am so excited! :)

Ange and Renee and Rachy,
yes I did it and I am so excited I know that I can start trying for Baby making this month now, I will look careful for any fertile signs and that will be around CD20 so I will be careful and try to hit it on the right date. I will do my best! :)

Thanks for all your support you all were such a big help!

Love always Lili


Chrystal - January 17

I am having trouble with
cd, opk, tcoyf, and ahh.....among several others, lol. I am abbreviation illiterate. I am so glad that I have someone to vent to know about my frustrations TTC. Someone who know what I am going through!
Here's to the TTC Sisterhood!!!!



Ange - January 17

Jade~ I know what you mean about not fitting in on the last board. Did you buy the opk strips for the web site that gives you I don't remember like 30 opk for 10.00. Well I did and I went through alot before I figured out how they worked. I found that if you had to keep them in the urine longer than the recomended 5 sec or else you would not get a good reading. I would leave it in for 15 sec and it worked. But still take you temps and be on the safe side bd every other day.

Rachy~ I don't think ovulex is doing you good if you are on af. Maybe you should try something else maybe fertility blend? goodluck....

Lili~maybe start sooner just in case your cycle did change. You don"t want to miss it.

Chrystal~ what abbr. are you having trouble with?


Ange - January 17

chrystal here you go hope this helps
cd~ cycle day
opk~ ovulation predictor kit
tcoyf~ taking charge of your fertility (book)
ahh~expression not a abbr. (lol)
bfp~big fat positive
bfn~ big fat neg
af~aunt flo (period)

take care


Chrystal - January 17

Thank You Ange! That answered all of my abbr. questions!


Jade - January 18

LOL- lots of laughs

Ange~ I bought the opks from early preg and I never got a second line. Maybe I didnt hold it in the urine long enough. Maybe I will try them again. I still have like 12 of them. I am glad they worked for you. I had been using Clear Blue Easy and that worked well. I had one box that was messed up and I called and they sent me a new box free. So that was nice. I am still temping. My temps were extremely high while on the femara- i guess that is what caused it. It was like after o temps. After finishing the meds they went back down. So you said you were holding off the vitamins for this month. Are you ttc or waiting until next month?

Lili~ That is good that your af seems to be on track. Are you using OPk? It is probably hard to use them if you are not sure when you o. I am sure you can tell from all the other signs, though.

Renee~ From the sounds of your cm- O is right around the corner for you. I know you will be so excited to be back in the 2ww. That is the worst part. I am going to try not to analyze every pinch or cramp or headache this time. It is so hard to have symptoms of preg. every month and not be pregnant. We will have to relax....easier said than done- i know.


Mahogany Heart - January 18

[size=3][glow=green,2,300]Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to say a couple of things.

I remember when I was in the same boat as Ange, 14 years and nothing. I kept the faith and I found a group of woman that were serious about their TTC and doing something about it and we came together and communicated by instant message, via email and the telephone. The support was one of the best thing I could have. We shared all kinds of info and alot of us got pregnant.

I have posted so much information and did so much research. Not only for me but for everyone and I never gave up. My dreams was to have a girl but I was told by my Doctor that my baby is a boy. Thank you Lord for my miracle. As soon as Chance is born and my Doctor clear me after my 6 weeks I'm will try again.

I looked and I listened I covered all my bases. I took something for every area I felt I needed to cover my cycles, cm, the lining of my uterus, prenatals and my ov days. I wrote everything down from every ache to every pain. From the time I was on and off my cycle, the meds I was taking and the days I BD and when I ov. This TTC journey was a book and I wrote in my date book everyday. I pre-planned my months for the next three months after my cycle came on and I had it down pack. I could tell you when my cycle was coming on and the exact time it was to be here.

I took ovulex but not long because my cycle would not come on. I decided to go back on my meds.

What I'm saying is Ladies go buy you a date book if you don't have one already. Set aside the next three months to focus on your ttc. Write down everything that concern your ttc and plan the next three months of trying to conceive. Talk to your Doctor about Clomid, Ovidrel and Prometrium. Go purchase some prenatal vitamins and buy some Ovulation predictor sticks (LH sticks). Buy you some green tea, tea bags and the Lipton Bottles. Limit your BDing not to much as I realize I was doing it to much. Don't forget to get some Pre-seed.

Watch your stress level and make the next three months fun, exciting and romantic as you can. Do a little role playing and just enjoy your love making and see what happens.

Supernatural Baby Dust to you all!!!![/glow][/size]


Ange - January 18

Chrystal~ your welcome I know it can be frustrating when you are trying to read strange lingo.

Jade~ some of the opk didn't work I do admit but I was paying 30.00 for 7before so I'd use a few extra with the cheap ones. I did one tonight and it had only one line. Just remember to keep the urine till after you have the result. I am ttc this month I am still taking folic acid. I was taking EPO and a few others I am taking abreak from them. I think I am going to O early that is why I tested tonight.

MH~ Wow you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I am alot like you... I won't give up . I will be on the bfp success forum one day I know it. Wow you are already 20 weeks. Time goes by fast. Congrats on the boy! I wish you health and happiness.


Rachy - January 18

Renee, Jade and Ange - I tried ovulex before and it made me lightly bleed for a month until I had a proper AF and then it was fine. I then moved onto Fertility Blend but it just massively prolonged my cycle and did the exact opposite of what i need since my cycles are already 60-90 days long. I have now returned to ovulex for the past couple of weeks and i'm hoping that once it kicks in like last itme, my af will stop. I've actually been bleeding since the fertility blend so I cant completely blame the ovulex for that one. Arghhhh!!!

Lili - I'm so excited for you!!!! Hope you hit the jackpot!!!!!

Mahogany Heart - thanks for your advice :-)



vidia1103 - January 18

Hello everyoneI figured I would post on here even though im taking ovulex because it doesnt seem like many people are posting as much on the ovulex page. Well things are pretty much the same. No changes in temps and no af. So hopefully this is good. I am so very tired! lol I hope that everything continues to go well and when I test on the 25 it is positive! I am just kinda worried because the ovulex made me late last month. could i still just be late even though I know when I O'd? it just seems strange. What do you girls think?


Chrystal - January 18

I just want to say Thank You to all of you ladies for being here to talk to. I cannot tell you all how wonderful it is to have someone in the same situation to talk to. You all have given me so much hope for the future and conceiving. I feel like this is going to be our year! If any of you want to talk personally, I am on yahoo messenger as [email protected].

Thanks for Everything!

Love and Baby Dust to you all!



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