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Chrystal - January 19

Thanks Butterfly! Really helpful advice! I am looking the book up right now, I may oreder it at the same time as my Ovulex =)


Ange - January 19

Hello Ladies,

Well my day started off with me crying. I got a call my SIL went into labour with her third son. I am happy for them but sad on my part you know...... But then I got the call my MRI yuppie!!!!!!! I will have it on the 30th of this month wow I am shocked I didn't think it would happen so soon. Someone is watching over me when I really needed it.

I just spoke to my SIL friend she told me not to go tonight cause my SIL will feel invaded. I guess I won't be seeing my nephew anytime soon. Should I be upset? Or am I just emotional? I just told her to tell my brother to call me.


lili246 - January 19

So you are having the surgery this month? YAY! I know how happy you must be with this great news. I was telling you girl to have faith because I really knew that something good was going to happy to you soon. HEy having faith counts! :)

I sure know about your SIL that she went into labor with her third child and how you might feel, but keep the faith and you'll see that it will happen to you sooon. Together we will get through this girl keep on trying and have faith!

Love Lili


lili246 - January 19

I sure hope that you are right. But you know I have the same feeling to. It's been a long time since we have recieved good news and there hasn't been much bfp so I beleive that this February month will be a good month for all of us, it's the month of Love and I have a big feeling that we will get alot of bfp! :)
Lets be on of them!! ;)

I am happy for your big news! congrats! Thats what you needed! :)
Well af is light today it was heavy the past two days and today it seems very light hope that it is shorter this time so that I can keep my cycle as it was from last month and I can have a good idea of when I should be O. I sure hope that I can get alittle of a normal cycle. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have a great weekend!! :)

Love Lili


Chrystal - January 19

Hello All! We are all one day closer to "motherhood"! I am very hopeful that this will be our year!!! God knows our deepest wishes and desires! I would like to post a poem that I wrote, I hope you all like it........


"Upon the wings of Angels his love is flowing down,
holding and embracing you, falling all around.

He knows your hearts desire, he hears your evey prayer, and shall you ever call his name, his spirit will be there.

He'll pick you up and carry you throughout this troubled land, and love behind his grace and love and footprints in the sand."

Love and Baby Dust,


RNORST - January 19

Dreams of motherhood, Thank for the nice poem.

Ange, You can get geritol at wal-mart or online. Will is feeling better, thanks for asking. Whoa-whoo, congrats on the mri for the 30th of jan. right? Thats awsome. Girl prayer works, Praise God. Thing will work out for you have faith. I'm still praying for you:)

Well my temps went down a little, yesterday it was 98.2 and today it was 97.9. My temps seem to do that after I O. In the tcoyf book, the last 6 months are so is like the chart called the fall-back rise. I do think I O because I didnt have any watery cm last night, and the night before I had a ton. So the tcoyf book says the last day of wetest cm, and that would of been wed. cd 13. Well I will just have to see what temps are tommorrow and then also make sure I dont get any cm back. We didn't bd last night, I was out of town and didnt get back till late. I will bd tonight just to make sure I got it covered. I have never every O that early before, so that why I'm watching it close.

Has anyone every had a fall-back rise? Or know any thing about it.



Jade - January 19

hey everyone. I am so glad it is friday. Yaay.

Renee~ I saw the chart you are talking about. My temps have been really high this month. Usually I am around 97.6 before o and 98.2 after. I havent had a temp below 97.9 yet and i am on cd 11. I wonder what is going on.. I have even had a 98.5 - I know I havent o yet. It may be the femara. Who knows?? Temping can be so confusing sometimes.

Lili~ I hope Af ends for you soon and is as nice as she was last month.

Ange~ That is FABULOUS about your MRI. What will they do after the MRI? I know how you feel about others having a baby. I feel like everyone I work with are having babies or pregnant. I am jealous and it is hard not to be... Oh well. Our time will come.


butterflywishes1 - January 20

Ange ~
I am so happy for you about the MRI! GL to you ~ you are in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Ladies ~ I received my bloodwork results and everything came back normal. So, my thyroid is fine and I must just have low temps..? Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers. It has really helped.

Love ~Butterfly


Emma_31 - January 20

Hi ladies,

I thought I'd join your thread here. I am TTC #1, dx PCOS last October. Just finished Provera, waiting for HSG, and then hopefully Met.

I've been browsing this website for a while, but wasn't very active.

Baby dust to all.


Mahogany Heart - January 20

Hello Ladies just dropping in to see how everyone is doing on their ttc journey.

Have anyone purchased their planner?



Mahogany Heart - January 20

[size=3]Make sure you all jot everything down.[/size]


Ladies are going to Conquer this thing call infertility!!! [/size]


vidia1103 - January 20

Well girls AF has finally shown as of the 19th. I havent been very good at tracking my cycle. last af was actually dec 20. so she can just in time.

Mahogany Heart- I have decided to start my own little journal and I call it my baby log book lol that way I will be better at tracking my cycles.

I am not as upset as i thought I would be. I actually handled everything pretty well. I got a little teary eyed and then overwhelmed with determination LOL I guess af really causes mood swings.


Emma_31 - January 21


I started putting everything in a journal, so that I have a better idea of waht;s going on. Still not tmeping, but will start as soon as I get AF.

cheers to all.


Ange - January 21

Hello All,

Welcome Emma, how long have you been ttc? Yeah I the journal is a great idea. I mostley right everything on my desk calendar at work LOL! I write in code so I don't know if anyone would understand it.

Renee,Lili, Jade,Butterfly, I am so excited to have the MRI this month I am still checking with my opk to see when I ovulate but I will now wait till after to try preseed. SO as soon as I get the results and hopefully they will be ok I will have the surgery yuppie. I went to the hospital to see my nephew. My brother called when we got home on Friday and ask when I was coming so natural i said sooner the better and was off to see him within the hour. I held him till I left I didn't want o let him go. He was so warm and smelt so good. I loved him from the moment I saw him. Ok starting to tear.....My day will come and so will yours in the mean time lets enjoy what ever we can when we can.

Vidia Sorry to hear about AF! I generally feel better once I get AF too cause of the PMS sometimes is too hard to deal with all those emotions crying over commercials. LOL!

Take care


Mahogany Heart - January 21


I'm so excited for you all.

Supernatural Baby Dust!!!


vidia1103 - January 21

Ange- I know what you mean about the crying lol I am horrible about that. LOL my dh thinks it is hilarious when I cry over stuff that I normally wouldnt cry over,. like commercials like you said!

Butterfly- Yea I was disappointed. Too bad we both didnt get our bfp, but hopefully we'll be able to get them this valentines like you said! Another thing is I am starting to figure out my temps even though I am not taking them right now, but I did see a big drop the day of AF which had me kind of expecting it to come so now I will be able to know what to look for next month.

Well I can tell AF is almost done! probably another day. She usually only sticks around about 4 days! woo whoo.



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