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butterflywishes1 - March 1

PS ... I found "Facing the Giants" at KMART for 19.99! It was their very last copy! I am going to watch it tonight.
Love you all ~ Butterfly


caretta32 - March 1

we dont have Kmart by us anymore...I am going to try Walmart on saturday for the movie.

I think the nausea is from the progesterone..yuck!

Renee:good luck on your 2WW..

Lilli: I have one of the CLearblue Easy ones, got it on ebay a lot cheaper than the drug store and the test strips can get kinda expensive though....I used to rely on before the meds were is very accurate!

Ange: dont forget to let us know about the results on Friday from your MRI

Prayers and baby dust to all!!!!
Jade: I am going to test on saturday morning!:)!

Angelz:how are you doing?


lili246 - March 1

I am doing good, thank you! I am happy for you that you already O.. I hope that this is your month.
well I did buy the monitor for only$188.00 including the monitor and a package of extra tests (30) and shipping was free. I am excited and all ready to start this new cycle. I just hope that af comes very soon.

How are you today? Where are you in your cycle, when do you test? I hope this is your month to.

How are you feeling girl? I hope that the bleeding stops. It might ruin your cycle this month ha. Because you were so close to O time and now you might not know where you are>. UGH! I hate when that happens, I had my weired cycle to and I think that I didn't O this time. :(
Beside for now 3 days I have been noticing some pink coloring when I wipe and I think it's a sign of af, but hadn't show up yet and I am not to sure why. I know that when I see that it usually comes within hours or the next day so don't know whats going on this crazy cycle is very weired and I just hope that I am ok.

What is that website again, I am having trouble logging in. Thank You.

Have a great day!


butterflywishes1 - March 1

Lili ~ I think you got an excellent price on the monitor and test strips! I can't wait until you can start using it so you can tell us all about it!!!
Love ya!


Jade - March 1

Yep. I am still spotting. I hate this. It is the worst. I was due to O probably tomorrow and I guess that wont happen now. UGGG. I have to call Re tomorrow if it is still going on and I am sure it will be. I dont know what he thinks it is. He said he may just try some more femara. I personally think it is the femara that is causing this. I did have spotting 7 days before AF and then had my hsg after af and then spotting until now. So i dont think it was the hsg....

I hope somebody gets some good news soon. We need some kind of positive news around here fast. I dont know how much longer I can take this TTC thing. It is so depressing...


RNORST - March 1

Butterfly, let me know if you love the movie, get some tissues. I cried alot, it hit right at home for us.

Careta32, Your in my prayers, Sat will be here soon. Are you taking a hpt or a blood test?

Lili, any more spotting? I'm on cd 25, 7 dpo.

Jade, let me know what you find out tommorow, Good luck.

Ange, dont forget to let us know what you find out.

Love Renee
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Jade - March 2

Okay Ladies, I have some good news. I was reading in my local paper that ice cream can help you conceive. How great is that? So it says that high fat dairy products like ice cream can help ovulation problems. And that if you conceive low fat dairy like low fat yogurt it can cause fertility problems. How crazy is that. So I am starting my ice cream treatment tonight........:) I searched online to see what other info I could find. Here is a website about it if you dont believe me (I didnt believe it myself)....


butterflywishes1 - March 2

What an absolutely GREAT movie! For those of you who haven't watched Facing the Giants yet ~ go buy the movie!!! I can't believe how well this movie fits into our lives! It is truly a must watch for those ttc or those who need help restoring their faith. Thank you all so much for recommending it. I loved it!
With God all Things are Possible.

Love you all,

PS. I am working my 13-hour day today and then going to Miami this weekend. I also work a 13-hour day on Monday, so if I can't get back on until next week I wish all of you a great weekend and much love and babydust!!!!! ;)


butterflywishes1 - March 2

Jade ~ thanks for showing us that article on ice cream. I do have to admit that it's tempting, but the thought of eating high-fat ice cream 2-3 times per week sounds so unhealthy! Don't get me wrong, I would love to do it, but I know I'd surely gain atleast 1-2 pounds per week if I did! (lol) One serving per week wouldn't be too bad, though ;)

I think it might be better to drink a couple servings of whole milk instead b/c it's not loaded with sugar and carbs like the ice cream. Of course, when I add the chocolate syrup it's probably just has bad as the ice cream (LOL!) :)~

Lots of love ~ Butterfly


caretta32 - March 2

Jade: I heard the same thing on the view the other day but thought HUH? I dont like the taste of regular icecream unless it has chocolate, carmel or hot fudge sauce on it....I would be like butterfly and gain 2-3 pounds....oh well if science says so then lets do it..LOL
I think I will do the whole milk with the chocolate syrup, less calories in the cream can get addictive...LOL

Renee: I will do the HPT on saturday and the beta monday...i think that if the Beta is BFN then the shock will be less and I can get my crying done on saturday and not monday at the office....:(

Lili: if you have any questions about the monitor please feel free to ask....

Butterfly: have fun in Miami, enjoy and relax!!! I will have to watch the movie this weekend.

Baby dust and prayers to all.


angelz9 - March 2

hi everyone been alittle busy and down since my AF came pretty darn early...

i also have been doing some research and came across some sites .

and a site that uses lunar phases

in address window or just use the part with www up to the .com

i received mine in two days and use the free overview

just do a search for day 21 progesterone test ..
i am at work and kinda pressed for stuff right now but if u still haven't found anything i will look again for u...

Jade and Caretta : the first site also talks about that ice cream thing but i can't remember exactly where on it ...
she just makes reference to it and gives the site or paper...

any one ever heard of Linda Paige or Crystal Star products i am currently using it as well the female hormone balance has in some interesting ingredients...

Rnorst & Caretta :
ur in my payers do have that BFp for me ..

Baby payers for everyone !!!


RNORST - March 2

Jade, thats a awsome news. I will buy some ice cream and start tonight, I think I will do about any thing.

Butterfly, have a safe trip, Have a good time. Talk to you next week.

Caretta32, Good luck this weekend, I'm praying for you!!! Let us know right away what you find out. Do you still have preg signs?

angelz9, Thanks for the website. Keep your head up, this month my be yours:0)

Love ya Renee
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lili246 - March 2

Hey girls, how are you al today?
I really wish you all have a great weekend. :)

WEll af is not here yet and I am not sure what this is all about. On my chart says to test for pregnancy since af is not here yet but I did on wednesday and got a bfn so I am not sure maybe I will tonight just to make sure. If I am not it's ok I know that the monitor will help me alot and thank you all I will have alot of questions and will be needing your help so as soon as I get it I will try to figure it out so that I can be
I will let you all know what happens by monday.
Take care and remember Nothing is impossible for God! Please keep the faith and don't give up :)

Love Lili


Jade - March 2

Hi Ladies. I am so glad it is Friday. I am still spotting but not as bad as before so hopefully it is on its way out. I called the RE today bc I was still spotting- he said to just monitor my temps and if I have cramping or whatever to call him over the weekend. I think he is thinking infection while I am thinking it is the meds. WHATEVER. blah blah blah. so if it doesnt end soon i will get aggrevated. I am not too worried about gaining weight with ice cream. I dont eat much dairy- I hate milk and dont really eat ice cream unless I have a craving, but I think I will suck it up and give it a try. I should probably start drinking milk too, but I have never liked it (even as a baby).

Renee~ ARe you not temping in the 2ww still or did you change you mind about that? I said I was going to this cycle - if I have a 2ww.

Lili~ Hopefully you tested to early- but I know that if it a BFN you wish AF would hurry up and get here. I feel the same way with my spotting right now.

ANge~ I have been thinking about you today. Let us know.....

Carretta~ Good luck tomorrow. Let us know....

Butterfly~ Are you temping during the 2ww?


lili246 - March 2

wow we sure have something in common with wiered cycles. I sure hope that we have better luck soon.
I also hope that I could get that bfp.

Guess what this morning I was tying here in the computer and all of the sudden I felt something moving very fast in my stomach and then disappear. For one moment I stopped and prayed to god that I may be pregnant. But well see what happens. I really hope that I can get pregnant very soon. I will test tonight and see what I see. Because today i have not seen any spotting at all and this is very weired, I saw the spotting for 3 days and no it's gone. But when I say spotting it;s not like bad only when i would wipe sory (TMI) but yeah and I am wondering what this could be, any suggestions.

Have a great weekend!

Love you all Lili


Jade - March 4

Lili~ Any news from your hpt? I hope you got your BFP. If not I hope you get AF soon. No news here. Still spotting- Not ovulating yet......



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