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Jade - March 4

Lili~ Any news from your hpt? I hope you got your BFP. If not I hope you get AF soon. No news here. Still spotting- Not ovulating yet......


Ange - March 5

hello girls!

We has a major snow storm here on Friday OMG! My work was closed too. I still went to get my results through it all! I will be having the hystreoscopy in about three weeks. My uterus is shaped like a heart so they can't remove much of the septum. Can you imagine something shaped of love can't hold love... Anyways I am happy about the news. It seems to be ok the Doctor is very positive for my results.

Lili ~I hope that was implantation! let me know if you tested again

Thanks to all of you for your support! It means the world to me to have you all in my life.


caretta32 - March 5

well ladies did not HPT over the weekend but had my beta this morning and a little spotting..i think it is AF:(
I called DH and told him and was sad and said it time to take a break from the drugs and just worry about us! I love him so much...

Lili: I hope you get a BFP!! we need some good news

Jade: are you going to start the Femara?

Angel: never hear of Linda Paige or Crystal Star products, are they herbs or vitamins? are they expensive?


RNORST - March 5

Jade, I wasn't going to temp in the 2ww, but I'm. Are you still spotting? Hope it end soon so you can get back on track.

Lili, what was your temps? Did you do another hpt?

Ange, so what will the do in the surgrey? After the surgrey will you do IVF? Good luck girl. I'm praying for you.

caretta32, when do you get the results from the beta? I'm praying for you.

Butterfly, how is the 2ww going? Whats your temps, send me your chart.

Well girls, I have never ever felt so much peace in the 2ww before. I'm on cd 29, and 11 dpo. My temps on sat was 98.7, sun 98.6, today 99.1. I have so much faith in God, If this is my month Praise God and if it's not Praise God, because I know its right around the coner. After I watch the movie facing the gaints, I have so much more faith and trust in God, I now do NOT doubt that I will have a baby again, I know I will, in God precious timing. I have been eating better, preparing my body to carry a baby. I even bought diapers last week (Dh idea) and a cute outfit this weekend. I'm preparing my field, just like the farmer prepares his field for rain.

I'm praying for you all
Love Ya


lili246 - March 5

Caretta, Ange, Jade and Renee,
well girls on friday I did an hpt and it came back negative so i decided to wait a lil longer and see if af showed up not af till now. i will wait for a few more days and test again if af is not here yet.
I am keeping myself positive and going to keep trying if this month isn't my month. I am excited because I just recieve my ffertility test monitor and will be using it this month if I don't get that bfp and af gets here. so I am ready for that and I know that it will happen soon.
I am noticing that I am gaining weight so I am planning to go and do some exercise and start running each day so that I can be in good shape. but I want to find out first if I am or not pregnant before I do anything like that.
So keep the faith girls it will happens for us soon.

I am sorry that the spotting is not completely gone. Are you taking your temps still?

well not bad news at all right. You need to keep the faith and it will happen for you soon girl.

I am sorry for af showing up so are you only spotting right now or af is here for sure? Good Luck this month girl! :)

When are you testing, wow you seem all relax and I am proud of you girl, take all that stress away and you'll see that you will get that bfp. I am praying for you girl. :)

Have a great day! :)

Love you all Lili


Jade - March 5

HI ladies. I am still spotting. It was much lighter over the weekend but now it is a little heavier. I have been using OPK and last night I had what I thought was a line around the same color as the control line. It was really close so I dont know if i imagined it or not. I took one again this morning and it was the same as last night. So maybe I am ovulating or maybe not. I will temp the next few days to see if I see an increase. But on the downside I am a little concerned bc if I am Oing dont you think the spotting will mess things up? How is an egg to implant if I am spotting? WHat do you ladies think?

Lili~ Hopefully AF will show soon so you can get on track with your next cycle. I am in debate about getting an OV-Watch or Fertility Monitor. They would be around the same price. I am definitely getting one by my next cycle. I just have to make up my mind. Has anyone used the OV- Watch?

Renee~ I am glad you are staying calm and putting it in Gods hands. I really hope this is your month. When are you going to test?

Caretta~ When should you hear back from your beta? I hope it is BFP.

Ange~ I am glad to hear about your test. It sounds promising. What is the recovery time for this? Will you be able to TTC this next cycle or do you think you will wait on IVF?

Butterfly~ How are you feeling in the 2ww?


RNORST - March 5

Lili, thank you for your prayers, I'm also praying for you, hope that weight gain is from you being preg!!

Jade, I would call your re and tell them about the opk and see what they say. Maybe you can O if your spotting?? I'm using my friend fertility monitor and I love it. I might test on Friday. I will keep you posted.

Love Renee


caretta32 - March 5

ladies bad new BFN!! the RE just called, I guess we are taking a month off! I think I will have a glass of wine tonight!

Lili: you are in my prayers for a BFP!


lili246 - March 5

Keep the faith that bfp will come very soon for you. Keep trying and don't give up that easy. I am praying for you aswell. thanks for the support!

Love Lili


Jade - March 6

Okay, I just wanted to check in and let you guys know I finally watched the movie. It was a great inspiration. It will happen for us soon.


lili246 - March 6

well I tested yesturday hpt and it came back as a bfn. :( And I used a opk like Renee suggested and I could see a second line aswell, what might this mean?
I thought that after O you would not see any second line at all, so now I don't know what might be going on with me.
I am confuse and going nuts hope that af shows up soon for me because I am prepared with my new monitor and hope that it works. :)

I have faith and I know that nothing is impossible for god! :)

I am glad that you watched the movie it is a great movie and it brings our faith back and we trust god more than ever. :)

It will happen for all of us very soon, you'll see! :)

Have a great day!

Love Lili


RNORST - March 6

Caretta32, I'm so sorry, I know how you feel, I went though the same thing last June. Keep you head up and never give up. Whats you next step?

Lili, I dont know why you would see a 2nd line thats weriod, search the net and see what you can find.

Jade are you still spotting? a + opk yet??

Love you girls


Jade - March 6

Lili~ I read the LH chemical can be found at all times in your cycle, but it will really surge at O. So I think it could be normal to have a second line. And the cheap internet ones didnt work this time for me. At least not yet. I used Clear blue easy and got (what I thought) a line of equal darkness. Hopefully AF will come for you soon.

Renee~ I am still spotting. It is weird. In the morning it is more pink blood and as the day goes on it is brown. Sorry if TMI. I dont know about O. I tested again today and it was the same darkness as the 2 days before. It seemed to be the same color as the control. Which is weird bc wouldnt you think I would have already O by now. So I had dark on Sun night, Monday morn, and Tues morn. Temps were low today? And i cant tell by cm obviously with the spotting. SO- I will wait until Thur and give RE a call and see if he will do ultrasound to check for o. How are you feeling today? How many days until testing? Did you say you LP is usually 15?


RNORST - March 6

Jade, if your temps were low today, maybe you are getting ready to O. Bd just in case. I hope you stop spotting and get this taking care of. I'm praying for you.
I feel fine my only sign for preg is sore and swollen boobs and very bloated but that can happen before af. If I'm not preg, I'm happy that I didn't have a ton of signs like last month. My l/p is usally 14 days, but last month it was 16 days. I'm 12 dpo today, cd 30. I think I will test on friday morning if temps are still high, that will be cd 33 and 15 dpo. My temps this morning was 99.0. This therm runs a little higher than old one. I was all relaxed this cycle, now I'm getting excitied and want to test now, but I'm not going to, I'm only 12 dpo, I know it would be BFN now. This 2ww was going by fast and now these last few days seem slow.
What was your temps today? Maybe you are O late from that med? Are you still taking them?
Love Renee


Jade - March 6

Renee~ That is good that it went by fast for you. I know the last few days seem to take forever. I am glad you are staying relaxed. Friday will be here before you know it. I will pray for a BFP for you. My temps this morning were 97.7 I usually dont have a dip before O. My temps after O are usually 98.3 or so. Hopefully tomorrow. The med is like clomid so it should be making me o earlier. It doesnt seem to be working well. He will probably want to up the dose next cycle, but I dont know if I want that bc I think it is causing the spotting. I take the meds from cd3-7. It is supposed to make me o. So this cycle definitely didnt work. Last cycle I o on day 20. This cycle is already cd 25. So who knows. Take care and stay calm.....


RNORST - March 7

Jade, Are you still spotting? That's weriod that they are suppost to help, but make you O late?? Are you going to take it again next month? What is your next step with the re?

Well girls, I dont think this month is mine. I'm on cd 31 and 13 dpo. My temps yesterday was 99.0 and today 98.8. They seem to slowly drop down until af. So I would not be surprized if my temps drop down to 98.5, then 98.3, then 97.9 af :'0(. If my temps are still 98.8 or higher tomorow I will do a hpt then. My boobs are sore, but I was thinking back to when I was preg before, they were so sore then it hurt for my shirt to touch them. They are sore but not that sore.
You are all in my prayers



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