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butterflywishes1 - February 27

Lili ~ Please keep the faith. Sometimes we have anovulatory cycles and/or very confusing cycles.. The human body is very amazing and I know it will happen for you!
Lots of Love ~


Jade - February 27

Hi ladies. I am so cycle sucks. I have had spotting since my hsg last monday. I had spotting last Mond-Thurs then it went away. It came back yesterday and is worse today. It is a brown spotting (sorry tmi). I went to Re yesterday bc he thought it may be infection, but he said it wasnt. So I still havent O CD16- not even close on my OPK. Do you think this spotting will mess up my cycle??

Renee~ How many DPO are you?

Butterfly~ That is great that you O'd already. Is it on the side with the good tube?

Lili~ I am in the same boat as you with my cycle. Who knows if I will O or not with this spotting. Uggg.

Caretta~ Sorry about the BFN. It may have been too early though.


lili246 - February 27

Have faith I am not sure why you are having that this early. Did the doctor told you why? I sure hope that it goes away soon so tha you can keep testing and doesn't ruined your O time. Have you had this happened before?
I really wish yout he best girl!

Thank you for the advice, I sure hope that if I didn't O this time I would next time and get that BFP. I have faith in god and I know that nothing is impossible for him. :) I know that he will bless me soon. I will try to be patient which is hard but I will try and relax because I know that I was stressing this month and didn' thelo in anything.

Lets have faith sisters!

Love you all Lili


butterflywishes1 - February 28

Caretta ~ How are you?? Anything new?? I went to Target to buy the movie but they were SOLD OUT! I didn't have a chance to check anywhere else. Blockbuster might have it, but I want to buy it instead of renting....

Jade ~ Did your doctor give you an explanation as to why you are spotting?? Has this type of spotting ever happened to you before or do you think it is from the HSG?? I am praying for you. <HUGS>
I am sure I o'd from the left side which is indeed the side with a tube. I am keeping the faith.

Lili ~ Less stress is key ~ I am sure of it! Let's keep the faith!!

Lots of Love,


angelz9 - February 28

lilli: try this site it tells u about the progesterone..

pain has stopped a little no more brown stuff how about ur pain hope ur doing ok..

just stoppped in to read have been obsessing about symptons with this weird cycle.

Baby prayers for everyone..


caretta32 - February 28

well the nausea is in full swing..almost threw up at bed-time...still lingering this morning.

Angel: you are in my prayers!

Jade: any idea whats going on? have you talked to your RE yet? Maybe its just old menses your body is getting rid of.


Ange - February 28

Hello Girls!

I am just stopping by to say I am still alive! I am on cd16 I have no clue when I o'd. I am think I did a week ago for some reason. bbs full but not sore....itchy on the right one (sorry TMI). It is driving me crazy. I am so nervous for Friday to get the results of my MRI! I have been trying not to think about anything that is why I haven't been on in a bit. I found out my mother in-law has liver failure and my uncle has intestinal cancer. So I have been focusing on that too!

Jade~ are you still spotting? Has this happen to you before? I hope it stops soon cause it can put a damper on bd.

Lili~ I missed you guys too! I hope you get AF really soon so you can start a new cycle.

Renee~ they didn;t have the movie at the video store! I will try another one next weekend. how are you doing in the 2ww so far?

angel and caretta~ I wish you both a bfp this month babydust!

well ladies I will let you know the results of the mri on friday! Take care!



RNORST - February 28

designetedmom, I have never had any thing like that before, I'm sure it hurts, I'm here for you.

Jade, Yes my temps raised. I'm 6 dpo, my temps today was 98.7. This therm runs a little higher than old one. Have you O yet? Try not to stress about it, that makes O take even longer.

Caretta32, I took progesterone, and I never had any side effects like that, sound like preg signs to me. Dont worry about the bfn, it was way to early to test. I have a friend that I work with and they did a IVF, they did a hpt the day before the blood test and it said -, they were preg, so dont give up.

Angelza, Sound like preg signs to me, I'm praying for you.

Jess, I'm glad you liked that movie, thats the faith we need to get though this.

Butterfly, we are in the 2ww together, I'm 6 dpo what are you?

Ange, I'm sorry about the bad news in your family. I'm sure you will get good news on Friday. I'm doing good in the 2ww, not stressing at all.

Lili, whats your temps, any change?

I'm praying for all you girls, love ya


lili246 - February 28

thank you for that website I will go and check it out right now :)

I will do that this coming month after af comes. I will try to be more relax and hope that it helps. :)

I am sorry to hear all those problems with your family. I sure hope that you get good news from your MRI. Good Luck girl! :)

Have a great day!



Jade - February 28

Hi everyone. I am still spotting. Today it is much heavier than yesterday. Last night I had some red blood mixed in. Who knows. I called my RE back today and he said if it is not gone by Friday to call back and they will see what is going on. I had this once before in Sept. and it lasted 45 days. UHHH. I hope that is not the case this time. He says if it continues they will count it as another cycle and start me on Femara again. I am only on CD 19 - I havent O yet.... and I think the Femara might be causing it.

Lili~ Are you still having AF cramps?

Renee~ Not long and you will be testing. Isnt the 2 week of the 2ww the longest of your life??

Ange~ I am sorry to hear about your family. I will keep them in my prayers. Hopefully you will get good news Friday.

Butterfly~ How many DPO are you?

Carretta~ So are you going to test again or wait until the 5th?


lili246 - February 28

No I am not having those cramps but I am having some spotting well no exactly but when I wipe I can tell that af is soming very
I just hope that it comes today so that I can start a fresh new month and I am going to buy one of those fertility monitors hope that it works. :)
I have faith that it will!

I am sorry about that bleeding you are having. Don't you hate when something like that happens and you don't know why. I hate it because my cycle was very confusing and don't even know if I ever O. UGH! this is very hard and so stressing but we have to relax and always look forward.

Have a great day

Love Lili


RNORST - February 28

Jade, thats weriod that you are still spotting, hope it stops by friday. What will the re do for you? Was you spotting before the HSG? Did your re say that the med could cause this?Yes the 2ww is longest, but for some reason, I'm so relaxed this cycle, I'm just waiting for it to happen.

Love Renee


Chrystal - February 28

Hello Ladies,
I have a bit of a disgusting question.....Has anyone in here ever taken Ovulex, and if so, have you noticed a strange smelling discharge? (TMI, sorry!). This past week I've had lower abdomen and lower back cramps followed by a creamy discharge with a strange smell.....Can anyone help me figure this out?


butterflywishes1 - March 1

Chrystal ~ You should have your doctor check it out. Any weird smelling discharge could indicate infection and it's better to be safe than sorry! I hope this helps.
Love ~ Butterfly


butterflywishes1 - March 1

Ladies ~
I am in the 2ww, 3 dpo. I def. ovulated on cd 14 b/c I've had 3 days of high temps. I feel like I o'd on my left side so I have more hope than last cycle. I will keep you all posted.

Ange ~ I hope everything goes well for you on Friday! Keep us posted.

Lili ~ How are you today? Anything new?

Jade ~ I hope you figure out the cause of the bleeding. I'm wondering why your re isn't more concerned? It sounds like you should have an exam and possibly an ultrasound/labwork to find out why you have this abnormal bleeding...?? How are you today?? Do you feel any better?

Renee ~ I emailed you.. Sorry it takes me a while to respond but I've been working every other day (13 hour days!) I hope you are doing well. :)

Caretta ~ How are you feeling today?

Love ~


butterflywishes1 - March 1

PS ... I found "Facing the Giants" at KMART for 19.99! It was their very last copy! I am going to watch it tonight.
Love you all ~ Butterfly



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