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amyjoy - June 30

Hi Ladies-

The 4th is fast upon us, isn't it? No plans for us. Just woking on the house and getting the basement and garage in working parking my car in the garage?!?!

Had lunch with a friend today. She (not like us) has no desire to have kids, let alone get married, but she is a good listener. I told her there are no magic words, but an open ear is good right now.

Today a lady came into work with a 3 week old baby boy. I was staring at the baby and commenting how cute he was. Then I walked away and went into another room to get coffee. My friend followed me in (he has an 8 year old son) and said that having a child is the most awesome experience in the world. I said that I hope one day we will be able to experience it. I thought I was holding it together well until the tears just started flowing. Sorry to say it's proven to be a rough week. I know I'm stressed out and when I am I think of everything going on and everything I have to do and just add to the list.


Eddie - July 1

Hello can I join in too. I am 33 DH is 34 and we have been trying for about 2.5yrs. We are UNEXPLAINED infertility..............just love that word. I have done 3 IUI's with clomid..........ghastly!!!!!! which were all BFN. Then had a lap........found nothing of course. Went on to my 1st IVF and ended up with a BFP!!!!!! but sadly it turned into an ectopic and had to have my left tube removed. :'( Now I am doing a FET and am currently on Day 5 and taking that disgusting clomid makes me loopy. ::) I have a scan this Friday to see what is up and then maybe ET on Friday the 13th.

Nice to meet all you ladies and have someone who gets it. ;D


Jade - July 2

HI Eddie~ Welcome! It sounds like you are well on your way to a BFP. I am currently waiting on AF after a miscarriage at 9 weeks on May 30. Hopefully she will be here soon so I can move on to my 1st IUI. I am sorry to hear about your ectopic preg. I don't know too much about IVG (hopefully I wont have to find out) but why do you need clomid if you are doing FET. Sorry if it is a dumb question- just curious?! Good luck with your process and keep us posted on how it turns out......

Amyjoy~ Stress, stress, stress!! It seems like it is never ending doesnt it. If it is not one thing it is another. Hopefully you will have a change of luck for the better soon. Did you O yet? Were you able to ttc this cycle? Hope dh is feeling better.


LMD - July 2

Hey ladies, hope everyone had a nice weekend. Just as an update, I got the results of my b/w from Fri (7dpo). Everything looked good - progesterone was over 40 and estrogen was in the mid 600s, so both were up from the b/w they did 3dpo (prog was 24 and estrogen was 499 at that point). They still had me to another smaller hcg shot though. I have to go back on Thurs. for more b/w so keep your fingers crossed.


Jade - July 2

Hi LMD, Those numbers sound great. Is Thurday going to be your pregnancy test (beta)? I really hope that you get your bfp soon. Why do they do a second hcg shot? Good luck and keep us posted.....


Ange - July 3

Hello ladies,

I got AF today yuppie!I am so happy cause we can ttc this cycle on our own. Hopefuly it is the last cycle before IVF :)

Welcome Eddie I am so happy you joined our little family. Sorry to hear about your eptopic and losing your tube. I lost my tube and one ovary. I know you will like it here. I am going to do IVF too. I had a few things they needed to fix first before I have it. SO I think now I am done. :) SO the drug make you feel funny? I am not good with hormones I have been on them for two months. I just stopped yesterday thank god. Goodluck with the scan and keep me posted.

LMD~ I am praying for you. I can't wait for our first sister to get a bfp i so hope it is you. we then get to make our Veterans lounge bfp board so this board will remain as it is of course :) and we can have two boards to talk on :) I am so praying for you.

Jade~I got AF :) I think we are the only two happy at this point to get AF. Well, just this month lol. How was your weekend? I am on holiday yuppie I don't go back to work until the 10th :) So any signs of AF?

Heather~ I am doing great I am so happy we are almost there for IVF. I can just taste it :). I got AF :) so happy. I am happy to have made such great people like you. You are in my prayers :)

Amyjoy~ Our IF is written on our faces it is so hard when we are in a situation like a seeing a new baby, touching them and smelling them. I still get very emotional. All my family and friends know about my IF. I feel it better that way. SO then they don't ask the questions over and over again. I have learnt to just come out and say it. your in my prayers.

luv to all


LMD - July 3

Jade - You know, I had that exact same question about the second hcg shot and they told me they wanted me to take it for extra support. Has anyone else heard of this? It was new to me. Anyway, Thursday is pregnancy test day so I will know then. In the meantime, I am trying not to think about it too much. Take care!


Jade - July 3

Oh Ange- you are so lucky!!!! Where is my STUPID AF? I just finished the provera last night so hopefully THursday or Friday! How long did it take you after you finished the provera to get it? It usually takes me about 2-3 days. So I hope that is the case this time and she doesnt try to be sneaky and not come at all........I enjoyed the nice weather this weekend. How about you? What are you doing fun this week since you are on vacation? ANy big plans for the 4th?

LMD~ I have read a couple of people get a smalled hcg shot a few days after o, but no whys? Maybe it is in case you had other eggs or something- who knows? Thursday will be here before you know and I am wishing you lots of luck!!


amyjoy - July 3

Well ladies, looks like I have 4th plans after all! The family is coming for a BBQ. I don't know if I O'd. The reason being that we've been soooo busy with fixing up the house that I go to work, work on the house, and pass out. Today will be CD16. I usually O on day 16. So as soon as I am done here I am going to test and see wha happens. I have a feeling that I missed it though. But that's okay, we will do the IUI and clomid right after I get AF, which should be around the 17th. So I am figuring the IUI the end of July or beginning of August. We are also trying to get someone to put up a fence for us so besides working on the house I'm also calling around for estimates.

I did lose it again today. We were out to lunch and of course the person I was with saw someone he knew that had a 8 month old baby. I cried at the table. I didn't even have time to make it to the bathroom or let alone home when I cry my eyes out at night. And I didn't even know I was crying. It was really weird, the tears came all on their own. I was sitting their smiling at the baby and soon enough my cheeks were wet. All I could think that IF is just disgusting. It turns my stomach that it has made me cry at the thought or sight of someone else's joy. I hope I get some time to explain to dh what's been going on and how I've been feeling. We've had no time to talk, just work.

Ivf will be the next step if this IUI doesn't work. I am going to call the Dr. and ask if maybe we should try something different than clomid. Maybe that's the problem? Last time I only had 3 good follicles. I have a ? about ivf - is egg retrievel painful? How many days were you out of work?

Welcome aboard to all the new ladies! We're sure making ourselves a nice little group here, aren't we?!


amyjoy - July 3

LMD- great progesterone level! Mine are usually just above 20!


Ange - July 4

Hi Girls~

AS of last night my AF got really heavy. Maybe tmi but I am changing every 45 to an 1hr. I don't know if this is because of the surgery but it is weird how it is flowing out so fast. I feel fine so far. Cramps are not bad which is nice but I think I need cramps to slow down the flow. I am so happy I am not at work cause This would be an embarrasing day I am sure. I hope it slows downs soon. I wish you all a happy 4th of July.

Luv to all


amyjoy - July 4

Ange- sometimes that happens with the Provera.


Jade - July 5

Well still no af for me. I really hope she shows soon. I have been have some cramping- especially yesterday and I thought for sure she would show- BUT NO, of course not.......

Well Tuesday I found a baby bird. It had feathers, but too young to fly. So I built it a nest and left it under the tree. Yesterday, the mothers nest fell out of the tree. Now I have twins. Two baby birds. I hope they fly soon... My dogs dont like them one bit.

Ange- I have heard that provera can cause a heavier af. Last time I used it my af seemed a little lighter, but who knows.

Amyjoy~ Did you opk test to see if you did o? I am not sure of ER and how painful it is. BBq for 4th sounds fun and at least you were able to spend it with family.


RNORST - July 5

Hi girls, I have missed you all.

Amyjoy, Girl you are in my prayers. God will bless you soon, I know what you mean about crying, I use to do the same thing.

Babydreamin, LMD, and Eddie, Hi gilrs and welcome, we are all here for you. I'm on my 3 IUI, I test in Sat.
You are all on my prayer list!

LMD, When do you get to test?

Heather, How are you doing? I think you have a great plan when you focus on God all thing are possiable!! I'm on cd 28, 12 dpIUI. I test on Sat.

Jade, no af yet? When did you start taking that pill?

Ange, I'm glad you got af. IVF in sept? That will be here soon.

Well I had a great time off, it went by fast, but we had a good time. Well I test in less then 2 days now!! I test on Sat 7/7/7 I hope its my lucky number. I dont have alot of signs like last time, so thats good, my hopes are not up. I want this so bad, but I just dont know it this is going to be my month?? I want to think postive, but I dont want to get hurt again like last month. Last time I had so many pains and was sick a few days, this time I had a pain that lasted a min on sunday and that was it?? My boobs just started to hurt yesterday, but just a little, they are swollen, but they dont hurt like they did last time. But then again, ever time I think about it, I pray to God and tell Him, I'm laying at His feet and to help me not think about it. So maybe I'm not noticing as much as last time. The 2ww has actully went by really fast!!! My temps today was 98.8. Last month my temps dropped a little on 13 dpIUI, so I knew it was a BFN. Tommorrow will be 13 dpIUI. I'm not worrying about it at all, I'm trusting in God to do what ever is right for me.

Love and prayers for all of you wonderful ladies.


Jade - July 6

Hi Ladies~ Good news for me!! I got AF..........YAAAY! I am so excited. Now I think I will be able to fit in IUI between trips. I leave Tuesday for Jamaica and come back Sunday. So hopefully the week after i will be having IUI. I will keep you posted.

ANyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Renee~ How were you temps this morning?

Ange~ Enjoying your time off?

Amyjoy~ Did you opk test?

LMD~ How did beta go yesterday?


amyjoy - July 6

Way to go Jade! Jamaica, huh? I'd love to go there. I did opk and the results were kinda iffy. The two lines were close in color on the 4th and when I tested on the 5th there was no second line at all. So maybe the surge was on the 4th. That would give me 24-48 hours until O and Dh wasn't feeling good on the 4th, so he asked if we could bd on the 5th and I said okay. I don't like these test sticks that I used. We did bd yesterday because it's usually the time I O, so we gave it a try. We'll see what happens.



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