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amyjoy - June 27

Jade- sounds like you did O.

Provera is used to start a period. I had to take it once when I didn't get a period for a long time.

Well, I just got done crying my eyes baby pics from a friend who had her baby on June 6th. Well, there I go again. I am finding it harder to be patient these days. I'm glad she sent the pics and I am happy for them and I should really look at this differently, they did 3 cycles of clomid, but with no IUI, just clomid and bd'ing. I know I should look at this as hope, like maybe one day it will happen for me. I have to admit it's been a bad couple of days for me. Not sure why. Some days are easier than others. And here I am crying in front of the computer hoping Dh doesn't come up the stairs to see me so upset. Then I will really break down. And to make matters worse today we found out that Dh has a rare kidney disorder that involves the kidneys not filtering urine enough. It's a birth defect and they just found it now. I know I am not alone, but tonight I feel really alone. this is really a horrible, horrible feeling. I am sorry if I am being too depressing.

I will use opk around day 12 or so. That should be Friday.


Jade - June 27

Ange~ Well my temps are still down. I would assume to be about 4dpo unless I just O Monday bc my opk was still +. SO I will just give temps 1 more day to increase and then call for provera. Any side effects from provera?

Amyjoy~ I know how you feel. It is so hard to see someone who is pregnant. At work we had 5 preg ladies and it was just miserable for me. Baby showers all the time and I just didnt want to go. You are not alone. I think it is a common feeling. And it sucks........
Sorry about dh's kidney disorder. Are they able to help it with some meds? Are you on clomid or anything this cycle?

Renee~ How are you feeling today?

Heather~What cd are you on?


RNORST - June 27

Ange, So if you take that pill for 10 days, how long after you take it till af? My dh and Will and I are taking some time off and going to a amusment park this sunday and monday. So I'm taking off 1/2 day on friday, monday, tues. and wed. Then come back to work on thur and friday then sat will be test day. I'm very busy at work so thats makeing time go by fast.

Heather, Thank you so much for your prayers that means the world to me. What cd are you on, you are getting closde to O?? Good luck this month and I'm always praying for you also. Thanks again.

Jade, I would think if the opk was -, that you have O?? Are you taking that pill tommorow. I'm feeling really good, I dont have as many preg signs as last time, but then again, I'm trying not to think about them?? Last night I got up to go to the bathroom, I had to pee, but not too bad, (Sorry) but when I was done I had terrible pressure way down low, it lasted for about 15 mins??

Amyjoy, girl you are not alone, we are all here for you. Your in my prayers and so is your dh! Keep your head up you will make it though this.

Love you all and praying for you all.


Jade - June 27

Renee~ That sounds like a fun fourth of July you have planned. I know Will will love the rides. It sure will help to make time go by faster. I dont know much about pressure after peeing, but I do know that when I got a bfp I had very few symptoms- actually none really so hold out hope. I am going to see what my temps are tomorrow and then if they are low I will call RE to give me provera. Hopefully they will be up tomorrrow..........


Ange - June 27

amyjoy~ I think I cried for years everytime I saw a baby or a belly. My best friend had three babies two years apart. I was there for 2 of their births now that is a good friend lol. We had the same dr he knew about my situation. He was great he did make me feel better. I was ttc from her 1st one. I am so sorry to hear about you dh and him having kidney disorder. How is he doing today?

Jade~ SO tomorrow you will call for the provera if your temps don't go down? I am now on the 3rd day and my tummy don't like it. It has made me constipated. (sorry tmi )I am never! So I hope she will come soon. I keep feeling tinges on my right side but that is really it.

Renee~I have no idea when I will get af it is my first time taking it and the dr didn't say. I am glad to hear you will be having some fun. I am also taking time off work all of next week. Not really going to do much but we will be going to my M-I-L home town at the end of the week to celebrate her birthday. we will stay ther a few days (Camp)

luv to all


Jade - June 27

Ange~ I usually get af 3 days after stopping provera. Some people say between 1-7 days after stopping. So it shouldnt be long now. SOunds like you will be having a relaxing week. How is the weather there?


amyjoy - June 27

Dh is feeling okay today. Dr. called about his blood results from Tuesday and they are not looking good. Kidney function is abnormal again. hoping to get some answers from the specialist tomorrow. I think his work is getting mad from all the time he has to take off work. I am really, really stressed right now. And we moved a week and a half ago and I'm stressed about getting things done. There are still boxes to unpack and things to be done.

When I took provera it was like almost 2 weeks before I got af. But my body is crazy.

Renee- I got those pains, too when I used the bathroom when I did a clomid cycle. Weird, huh? Not a good feeling.

I found out about my clotting disorder after my 2nd time having a blood clot. Both happened after a surgery. Now I'm on blood thinners for life. But, I do feel alone. Most women don't have to do this all the time like I do.

We are not doing clomid this cycle because Dh got sick right when I got af. No time to tend to him in the hospital and be at the Dr. all the time for ultrasounds and blood work. Not sure if we will even try this cycle. Depends on what happens.


Jade - June 28

Amyjoy~ I am sorry to hear about your dh. You definitely have more than enough reasons to be stressed right now. I hope that they can get your dh kidney to function normally.

Well no temp increase again today- so I called re for prescription. I will go pick it up later today. But the nurse said that I shouldnt take it until cd 40......Now first of all the RE (who is the boss, right) told me around 30. Now the nurse didnt even want to give me the prescription. Finally I said we were going out of town and I would liek to go ahead and get it so she agreed but told me not to take it until day 40. Whatever!!! I am going to take it today! I am listening to the dr not her! What do you guys think?

Renee~ Another day at work for you and then a long break! That is so exciting. How are you feeling today?

Ange~ Feeling any better from the provera? YOu have a nice long break from work next week too. I hope my provera is only a 5 day presciption instead of 10 days. We will see.


Ange - June 28

Jade~ I took it on day 21 so I think you will be fine taking it on day 30. With my luck I will get Af next saturday when I will be out of town on holiday. I hope for you too it is only 5 days. Maybe our cycles with still start the same time. tomorrow I have a half day due to summer hours then no work till the 1oth yuppie.

Amyjoy~ I sorry to hear all you are going through you are in my prayers and my thoughts.


Jade - June 28

I think I am fine taking it now too. I really dont care what the nurse thinks. I am thinking my RE knows a little more than her. So I will start it today. I picked it up already and it is only 5 days (10mg). Thank goodness. SO we will probably be startin af around the same time.


bAByDrEAmiN027 - June 29

Hi everyone i am new to the board but not to infertility i am 27 dh 33 we have been ttc #1 for about 8long depressing years we have unexplained infertility which is very hard to deal with because there is no medically reason why we cant concieve but still it doesnt happen we have not been through fertility treatments simply because we cannot afford them so i feel completley hopeless,there is nothing i desire more then to be a mother and have a family and its so sad because everyone around me is either pregnant or have children and i try to be so happy for them but its hard and with each passing month and year i feel we loose so much time, i just dont understand and i feel like noone else does either besides dh i guess im just looking for a place where someone understands and knows what it feels like to have such a consuming desire and feel so hopeless at the same time my thoughts and prayers are with you all cause God knows i know how you feel i wouldnt wish infertility upon my worst enemy it hurts so bad and destroys so much! WisHes to each of you<3


LMD - June 29

Hi I am also new to this board, which I think is a really great one. Here's my story - DH and I have been TTC #1 for a year and a half. I am 32, DH is 37 amd we are also in the unexplained camp. I am now about halfway through 2WW from 3rd IUI cycle. This time they did a few things differently (last cycle was cancelled) so we'll see what happens. I had been on 100mg clomid but RE cut that back to 25mg and added Follistim after the clomid and I got 2 HcG shots - one to trigger and a smaller one 3DPO. I want to be positive but I am just so fearful that none of this will work. Of course it doesn't help that friends, family, people at work are all having babies and it's all anyone talks about which really doesn't help me because I am so sick of thinking about IF all day. Work is a little slow now so that is not helping either. At least when I read boards like this I don't feel alone because I see that you all are feeling the same way and that really helps. Tomorrow I have to go back for b/w so hopefully all will be well. Hang in there!


Ange - June 29

Jade~ I think I have been hit with the stupid stick. I have no idea where I got the number of days I need to take provera. Last night I was looking at the bottle cause I missed the night befores dose. It said from day 22-day28. Aparently I can not add or subract lol. So it is 7 days at 5 mg. I don't think there will be much of a difference but I was laughing when I was reading thinking where in the world did I get that number lol. So did you start?

Babydreaming~ Welcome! 8 that I can relate too. I am 15 years IF. Only in the past year did I find out what my IF is and I had all the work ups done 15 years ago. I just didn't have a good dr like I have now. Have you had your tsh checked? If so what were your numbers? I found out last year that I was mild hypothyoid. Dr before told me that I should wait later in life to get treatment because I would have to stay on the medication for the rest of my life. BUt not telling me that I wouldn't be able to conceive until I got treatment. I have learnt over the years that you need to be a jr RE in order to conquer your IF.

LMD~ Welcome! I am so praying for you to get a bfp. Let us know how you b/w went. I had 4 IUI all bfn I am in the process to do IVF. Maybe by September :) I am happy you have chosen to share your journey with us:)

Renee~ Enjoy your holidays! Have fun!


Jade - June 29

Oh good Ange. It is good to know that you only have to take it for a week. Seems much shorter than 10 days. lol I started my provera so hopefully next week this time af will show her face. I will be glad to get on the ttc journey again........ I hope that you have fun next week.

Hi Babydreamin~ Welcome. Hopefully we all will overcome this infertility thing and have a precious one soon. What kind of things are you doing to ttc? Prenatals? Green tea? BBT? Preseed?

LMD~ I have my first IUI coming up in July and have heard many times that the 1st one usually doesnt work. So hopefully with this being your third time you will get that bfp you deserve. Why do you have 2 hcg shots? I have heard several people doing that but I have no idea what the second one is for? It is tough to hear or see pregnant people around us. I know how you feel for sure.

Renee~ Enjoy your long weekend.


wantafamily - June 29

Hey ladies,

Welcome newbies! This board is so great - it's really comforting to know you are not alone.

Jade and Renee, I am on CD12 now, so I will O in just a few days. But I think right now we are just going to take it easy. I feel a bit hopeless about TTC with regular BDing. Right now I have decided to just lay this thing at the cross and redirect my focus to serving God. (sorry to get preachy). I think I have gotten so focused and distracted by TTC that I have maybe put my #1 misson on earth on the back burner. I need to focus on serving God first and then I do think everything else will fall into place. However, that doesn't mean I won't be going to an RE in a few months when they can get me in. :)

LMD, keep the faith girl. It will happen for you. I will add you to my prayer list. BTW, you are in nearly the identical position as a friend of mine!! I pray for her every night too. :)

Amyjoy, you are going through so much right now. My heart goes out to you. I can't begin to imagin what you must be feeling. I can't really think of much to say except persevere, we are all here for you!

Renee, how are things going with you? How did the last round of IUI go? What CD are you on again?

BabyDream, years is a long time to try. I really hope you get a bfp soon. I think we can all relate to feeling like everyone around us is pg or talking about their kids. I just hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine who started to ttc about the same time we did. Its hard, but we are here for you any time you need to vent or have questions. I don't have too much knowledge wtih IF yet, but there are some pretty amazing women on this board who do and I know they will help you anyway they can.

Ange, how are things with you? Any sign of AF yet?

Happy 4th to all. Sorry if I fogot anyone!!



amyjoy - June 30

Hi Ladies-

The 4th is fast upon us, isn't it? No plans for us. Just woking on the house and getting the basement and garage in working parking my car in the garage?!?!

Had lunch with a friend today. She (not like us) has no desire to have kids, let alone get married, but she is a good listener. I told her there are no magic words, but an open ear is good right now.

Today a lady came into work with a 3 week old baby boy. I was staring at the baby and commenting how cute he was. Then I walked away and went into another room to get coffee. My friend followed me in (he has an 8 year old son) and said that having a child is the most awesome experience in the world. I said that I hope one day we will be able to experience it. I thought I was holding it together well until the tears just started flowing. Sorry to say it's proven to be a rough week. I know I'm stressed out and when I am I think of everything going on and everything I have to do and just add to the list.



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