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amyjoy - July 6

Way to go Jade! Jamaica, huh? I'd love to go there. I did opk and the results were kinda iffy. The two lines were close in color on the 4th and when I tested on the 5th there was no second line at all. So maybe the surge was on the 4th. That would give me 24-48 hours until O and Dh wasn't feeling good on the 4th, so he asked if we could bd on the 5th and I said okay. I don't like these test sticks that I used. We did bd yesterday because it's usually the time I O, so we gave it a try. We'll see what happens.


RNORST - July 6

Jade, I'm so happy that af finally came. You are now on your way to a BFP!!!! My temps this morning was 98.8, they didn't drop hope they are the same or higher tommorow.

Amyjoy, how is your dh doing? I'm praying for him.

Well girls I get to test tommorrow morning, I cant wait to test, but I'm so scared to see another BFN. I will let you all know right away on monday.

Love Renee


Jade - July 6

Amyjoy~ SOunds like maybe you o'd on the 4th. I hate opk sometimes. It is hard to tell if it is as dark or darker than the control line and it is enough to make anyone HOpefully it works this time and you wont have to do another IUI........

Renee~ Sounds good- I think there will be a bfp for you tomorrow. I can hardly wait to hear from you on Monday......

As for me~ I have a ultrasound scheduled for cd 11 (July 16th) to see if my follicle is ready. Then I assume maybe IUI sometime later that week!? We will see. Right now I am just excited to see AF.......

Have a great weekend ladies!


amyjoy - July 6

Renee- He is feeling better, thank you. It's been really really hot here and even hotter next week. I get worried because he works in a warehouse and there's no air conditioning. I tell him to keep as hydrated as possible. We also had a long talk on Tuesday about all the crying I've been doing and to be honest I don't think he knows what to do, how to comfort, or what to say. Anyway, I think he would be okay not having any children and for me it would drive me to pure insanity, I'm sure. He called me "baby crazy" and I said call it what you want, it still hurts. Keep us posted about b/w results!

Jade- I think I did O on the 4th, so bd'ing on the 5th should be good. I hope this does work. I really, really do. I hate going into this cycle of such hope and ending up with such despair. Argh...

Jade- When we do the IUI, I go in for a u/s and b/w on cd10 and usually my follicles are not ready. So then I go back on cd 14, cd 15, and cd 16 for u/s and b/w and I do the trigger on cd 16. Then IUI on cd18. That's how it's been the last 2 times at least. But everyone's body is different. So I think you will probably do the IUI toward the end of July. If we have to do another IUI, I will be scheduled right behind you.


LMD - July 7

Hey ladies, unfortunately I do not have good news. Thurs I went in for b/w and test and I got a BFN. My progesterone had dropped from 40-something to 11.7. I was pretty upset about it since everything was looking good plus this was IUI #3. I have a feeling the IUIs were done too early for a couple of reasons but I am not sure if that is true or if I am searching for a reason. Anyway, we are done with the IUIs. We are meeting with the RE next week to talk about starting IVF the next cycle. I am excited because it could really work but I am also anxious about the process, although I did injections the last cycle so we can handle that part of it. In the meantime I have been keeping busy which has really helped. Work is slow now but I am hosting a large family party next weekend so we have been getting the house in shape for that.

Jade - Have a wonderful time in Jamaica. Before my first IUI, we went to Turks & Caicos for a few days. It was so nice. Keep us posted about the IUI.

Amyjoy - Glad to hear dh is feeling better. Still, what a awful thing to say.

I remember before we started seeing RE, I had also thought my dh could live without having any children and we got into some horrible fights about that. I had thought something was wrong and wanted to do something about it and he was in no hurry to do anything and what was the rush since I was only 31, so I would lash back at him saying he didn't really care about me, all he cared about was work and that he had lied to me about saying he wanted kids when we talked about it before we got married - it got pretty ugly. Weird thing was, we stopped fighting once we started seeing RE. He realized something is wrong and I realized that all of this does bother him but he just shows it differently. Anyway, to make a long story short, all of this just really hurts. I still cry a lot (I cried myself to sleep Thurs night).

Hang in there!


RNORST - July 7

Amyjoy, I'm glad dh is feeling better, I will keep praying for him!!

LMD, I'm sorry about the - results, just hang in there it will happen.

I'm still praying for all you ladies.

Well girls I tested this morning and got a BFP!!! I just went in for a b/w hope everything looks good.

Love you all


amyjoy - July 7

LMD- So, so sorry. I know how you feel. That happened with my last IUI. They called and said it was a BFN and I was so busy with buying the house that I tried to keep busy, but in the end I was hurting and I gave myself time to cry. And as far as being "baby crazy" I probably am. And I don't care. It's how I feel right now. We have had some ugly fights as well where the words seperate and divorce were thrown around. From all the things that have happened since April, we don't fight anymore and I think we are closer, but there are still some issues lying around.

Renee- CONGRATS! CONGRATS! What wonderful news...


Jade - July 8

Congrats Renee~ I am so happy for you. I wonder how many are in there?? When do you go back for more bloodwork?

Lmd~Sorry to hear about your BFN. It really sucks to get a bfn but it sucks more when you are doing IUI and actually have faith it will work. I think IVF has more promising results. I bet you will get your BFP the 1st time........

Amyjoy~ Looking back at my info. I see that I had trigger on cd 15 last time, but no IUI. So maybe that would put me for iui on cd 17? We will see. Last time I had IUI I had the post coital test the day after trigger and my follicle was already gone. So maybe I will have IUI at 24 hours instead of 36. SOunds like we may be IUI buddies this cycle. Hopefully you wont need it though.....

Ange~ HOw was your time off work?


RNORST - July 9

Jade, I went back today for b/w and they doubled so that was good. I have a u/s in 2 1/2 weeks to see how many are in there.

All you girls TTC... Please never give up hope, I had been trying for 3 1/2 years, I know thats not as long as some of you had tried. I know it's very hard and depressing, but keep your head up, it will happen, just keep thinking postive. I did a few different things this month. I prayed alot and told Jesus I was laying it down at Him feet, and I didn't worry at all. The 2ww actully flew by. Every time I would think about being preg I would pray to God to have me stop thinking about it,because it was all up to Him. God has a perfect plan for all of you, you just need to trust in Him and except to recieve!! I aslo started new prenantal pills, they are called optinate (it said on the pack to help ttc women also??)
They are expsenive though. I also drink about 4 cups of green tea up until IUI. But I know the true reason is God, it was my time. Trust in Him and He will help you get though this. I'm here for all you wonderful ladies.

Love Renee


wantafamily - July 9

Hi ladies,

I had such a wonderful time off work - it was great!

First of all, Congrats Renee!!!!! How exciting!! You have been in my prayers everynight (actually all of you ladies have!) I'm so glad you got your bfp. Hopefully this is the start of a surge from this board.

Amyjoy, it seems we are cycle buddies. I missed my exact O date, but I took a test on the 3rd, which is when I should have O'd and I took one on the 6th, both were neg. I am guess I probably O'd on the 4th, but we didn't BD that day so things don't look good this month. Oh well, maybe next time.

LMD, we will be waiting to hear how your test goes on Thursday!!

Jade, how cute that you saved the birdies! You will be such a great mom! Congrats on getting AF! I hope your IUI will work!

Eddie, welcome. It sounds like you have already been through a lot, but be faithful and God will be faithful in return!

Ange, you are having an IVF in September, is that right? I hope it works for you - I believe it will.

I think it is important for all of us to remember that it is normal to feel sad or cry and whatnot when we see a baby or a little child. That is missing from our lives and we all desire to have that. It's normal to feel sad, frustrated, angry, bitter, weepy, all those things, for a time. The trick is not to dwell in those emotions and have a pity party. when I get down about the IF thing, I try to remind myself that it is the middle of summer and I am a very active person, and if I were pg right now I might not be able to do all the things I am doing. I also that God that I have this time with my DH since we are relatively newlyweds. We are all going to have individual ways of dealing with the roller coaster, the trick is to deal with it, but not dwell on it.

Love to all you ladies!! The Lord will bless us all!!



Jade - July 9

Heather~ That sucks that you missed O. Maybe you didnt though. Those swimmers can live a long time in there.........Glad you enjoyed your time off work.

As for me~ AF is still hanging in there....worse than usual. Maybe that is normal for the 1st af after m/c. Who knows? I am ready for her to hit the road (for 9 months). I am off to Jamaica tomorrow. I will be back SUnday. And maybe I will enjoy some cocktails while I am there.......

Ange~ Geez are still on vacation??


amyjoy - July 9

Jade- Girl, enjoy that vacation!! It's nice to get away from the usual sometimes.

Heather- Your words are inspiring. I was reading something this morning that going thorugh IF is like grieving your lost over and over each month until it happens. And the grieving process is one that goes on and on. It's not like the process of change (going through steps and completing each one along the way). I understanding the grieving process from my counseling background, so I feel better knowing that what I'm feeling is a normal process or as normal as it can be or sound. Looks like we are cycle buddies! I am starting to hate those test strips. I opened the bathroom cabinet today and there they were staring me in the face. I took the box and threw it in the back of the cabinet. Last thing I wanted to look at at 6am this morning! :) Are you doing a clomid and/or IUI cycle this month when/if you get af? I will be.

LMD- Keep us posted. My fingers are tightly crossed for you!

Renee- Do you think there are more than one??? Were the beta numbers really high?

Ange- When are you doing retrieval?


Ange - July 9

Renee~ Congrats I am so happy for you. I have been gone a few days out of town it was a nice surpised to see when I got back. I saw you went to the recent bfp board but I am still going to make the veteran bfp board to celebrate all of our bfp. I hope you come to it cause one day soon I know we will all be in there.

Jade~ congrats on af! Have fun in jamaica. :) I just got back from a long weekend out of town. no ocean but I did have waves :)

Heather~ I will find out on the 20th when i will do the ivf I am so excited. Heather when I was in the process of adopting my daughter they asked me if I grieved the loss of my unconceived child. YOu know what just when we decided to adopt that is what I did . I had to grieve and I felt so alive more than I had in years. Some people carry all their stress in their stomach and that is not good for ttc. I do cry sometimes but not like I used too.

LMD~ I am sorry to hear about your bfn hopefully we will both get our bfp with ivf at the same cycle. I am going to see my re to make sure all is good so it may be august instead of september for me :)

Amyjoy~ I am hoping to get the ok on the 20th so maybe next cycle in August but I think for sure september. I am so excited :) What about you? Are you doing another round of IUI in august since dh hasn't been well. I hope he is better now?

Please note that I am making a veteran lounge bfp site so we all can support our new bfp girls and ask them all about what there are experiancing and continue our journeys together.

LUV to all


wantafamily - July 10

Good morning ladies'

Amyjoy, I am not doing IUI or Clomid quite yet. DH and I have been trying for 11 months, and no place will take us until it has been 1 yr. I did go see a regular doc, but she was completely useless, told me not to worry until it had been 2 yrs. Next month I am off to see an RE!! I totally understand what you mean about the test strips though! I think that is why I might have missed this month. I think I just go tired of trying so much.

Jade, you have a BLAST in Jamica!!!!

Ange, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Gotta run to a meeting for now ladies, but I will check in later!


RNORST - July 10

Hi girls, I will check in on you guys because I know there will be some BFP soon!! Just keep praying and it will happen. Thank you girls for your support, I love you all. I'm praying for all of you!
Love Ya Renee


Ange - July 10

Hello Girls,

Well I just got my appointment for my re Aug 2 so looks like sept is the month for ivf :)

Heather~ Thanks for your support I am always praying for you too :)



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