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Jade - June 23

Ange~ Wow you have a busy weekend. I really want to start scrapbooking but I havent really got the patience for it yet. Hopefully soon. No big plans for the weekend for me. We will probably enjoy the beach since the weather will be nice.

Renee~ Let us know all the details on Monday. I need to prepare myself for my coming IUI. Good luck!


amyjoy - June 23

Hello there ladeis! As far Dh's count, they are not sure what the problem is. Counts can fluctuate for no good reason sometimes. He's had 2 good samples and 2 not so good ones. We will see with IUI #3. I expect af around July 14th and then I will start with the clomid once again. If this doesnt work, I think we will do one more IUI and then move onto ivf. I was diagnosed with PCOS many years before we even started ttc.

No bg plans this weekend. Just writing a paper for grad class. I am doing an internship this summer for my Masters. I am a teacher and for the past 4 years all my summers are dedicated to finally getting a Masters. tis summer is the busiest with class and an internship. I am getting my Masters in school counseling.

I am glad we waited this month out for the IUI. Dh was rushed to the ER on Sunday and it ended up being kidney failure!! I was soooo scared! They told me he was close to death and they were talking about dialysis! His kidneys ended up functioning again after a few days in ICU and lots of fluids and vitamins. No dialysis, thank goodness! We were both very, very scared. So I guess God was saying that it wasn't time for another round. He was in the hospital in May for 2 weeks for some other reasons. And when he got out we did IUI #2 and his count was the best it has ever been. Go figure.

Well, off to the dentist! Oh...Renee...I have my fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for you that this IUI is the ONE!!


Jade - June 23

Wow Amyjoy, I am so sorry to hear about your dh. What a stressful time for you. I am also a teacher. I teacher elementary- what about you? I should be having my first IUI around the 20th of July if AF shows on time. So we will be going through this together. Hope dh is feeling better soon.


Jade - June 25

Okay Ladies. Not sure what is going on with me. I told you on Friday that I had a definite positive OPK. Didn't do an opk Sat or Sun, but decided to do one this morning to make sure the line is less dark. ( I am obsessed, I know). Well, it wasn't. It was still a positive. WHAT IS GOING ON!! My temps havent increased bc they don't usually until I am 4 dpo. So based on my 1st opk- I would assume I am 2dpo. What do you think? I think that if the temps dont increase by THursday I will start the provera?!

How is everyone this morning? Any new updates? Renee how was IUI? ANge how was your weekend? Did you decide to start provera tomorrow? Amyjoy How is DH?


Ange - June 25

Jade~ How are you doing? Wow that is strange for you to still have a positive OPK . IS your ticker from the day you had your LAP? What kind of OPK are you using? I am not going to use the provera I so getting AF.

Amyjoy~ Sorry to hear about DH. IS he doing better now?

Renee~ How are you doing are you following the advise of all us and relaxing. Do you knit? Maybe that can keep you focused for the 2ww.

Hope u all had a great weekend. I am stuck in bed today due to throwing out my back/shoulder. So not lucky and have no idea how I did it.

luv to all


Jade - June 25

Ange~ The 27 days is from my lap. I have been using an internet cheapie, but I tried a clearblue just because I was starting to wonder. So who knows? So you think AF is coming soon. That would be great news! I hope she comes for me really soon. I think I will start provera on Thursday. What do you think?


RNORST - June 25

Ange, What cd are you on? So you think af is coming soon. I just know you will have succsess with the IVF. I also love to scrapbook. I'm getting behind on Will's, I need to get to work on it. No, I dont knit, it would be fun to learn, but I will try to keep busy, by getting ready for a garage sale, maybe scrapbooking. My cousin is back from Hawaii, so she is here to keep me busy.

Jade, thats weriod that you got another + opk?? I wonder why. So if temps dont raise by thur, you will start that med? Could you call the re and see why you would have so many +opk? I hope and pray that af comes soon so you can start the IUI.

Amyjoy, so you are doing IUI this next cycle? This will be the 2nd IUI? How many eggs did you make the first IUI? How many mg of clomid are you going to be on? Well good luck to you. So how is your dh? He's in my prayers.

Well girls I had the IUI done on Sat. Every thing went well. The last 2 IUI that I had, I had more cramping and pain, so it was nice this time, I still had cramps and was tried, but not as bad as before. I'm trying to relax and take it easy.
Love ya Renee


Ange - June 25

Jade~ I would start it for sure on Thursday this way you can get ready for your IUI. But I do think it is strange to always have a + OPK.

Renee~ I am glad to hear everything went well. I am so excited for you. I am truly praying for you to get a BFP this month. So you love scrapbooking too? I am hooked. I just started recently and I am having so much fun. I just finished a book for my mother in law. It is a book of her life so far. We are going to give it to her for her b-day. I have no idea what cd I am on but I had the surgery on June 4th so If I count from that I am cd 21. I can't wait to do the ivf. But I am patiently waiting I have waiting this long. I can wait a few more cycles.

Luv to all


amyjoy - June 25

Renee- this will be my 3rd IUI. Sigh...I expect af around the middle of July, so about cd 16 I do the trigger and then the IUI a day a half after. We will try naturally this month. It's always worth a try. I have to take a month off between clomid cycles because I always get residual cysts and I can't take birth control pills because I have a blood clotting disorder. I take injections of blood thinners while ttc. The pill form causes birth defects. It always makes things a little more complicated. I took 100mg of clomid with both IUI's. I made about 6 eggs the 1st round and 3 the 2nd round. At least that's how many were 18mm or bigger.

Dh is doing better. Much better. Thanks for the positive thoughts. He's still not 100%, but he's getting there.

I am a 6th grade teacher in an elem. building. I really do love what I do...


RNORST - June 26

Ange, is the re going to give you meds to start af if she doesnt come for a while. When I had my surgrey I started my af close to the time af was due. I'm praying for you.

Jade, Did your temps raise yet? I'm praying that af will come very soon. I cant wait for you to do IUI!!

Amyjoy, So we are both on our 3rd IUI. The 3rd times a charm!! As they say. Hope it true. Do you take the injection for the blood thinner every day? Girl you are going though a lot, you deserve a BFP!!!! So are you getting close to O? What cd are you on now? Are you using opk or taking your temps? I'm praying that you will get a BFP this month and wont need the IUI!!! Have faith!

Well ladies, I'm still really clam, thank God! I also forgot how many dpIUI I was, I had to think about it. I'm 3 dpiui. So far those 3 days have gone fast.
Love Renee


Ange - June 26

Amyjoy~ I am glad to hear dh is feeling better. That must have been quite a scare for both of you. Is he still in the hospital? I guess you will wait for the next IUI unitl he is fully recovered.

Renee~I started provera yesterday. I thought about it and not taking it and the dr said I needed to take it cause of the lupron shot. It is for 10 days 2 times day 5mg. I feel so out of it lately with all these raging hormones lol. I am glad you are relaxed. You and dh should do something special next weekend just the two of you. That should make the 2ww go faster too. :)

Jade~ How are you doing today? ANother +opk? I staeted provera yesterday night. I was wrong it is for 10 days and 2 times a day. I need to take it because of the lupron side effects. I am praying we get af at the same time :)

luv to all


wantafamily - June 26

Hi Girls,

Sorry I have been gone a day or two. Wow, a lot has happened!!

Ladies, I'm sorry to say, but I don't understand all the abbreviations that you use. I have never really know what opk stands for, though I have always assumed it was something about having a postivie peak on your ovulation test.

Also, since my dh and I are still trying to do things naturally for another month or two, I am unfamiliar with some of the medications and such you talk about. I know about Clomid, but what is Provera and how is it used? You would think I would know since I am in science, but I focus mostly on inflammatory diseases and cancer treatments.

Renee, I know this will be it for you. I pray so hard for you every night!!

Amyjoy, what a scary thing!!! I'm glad he is OK! I hope your next one works for you and I will put you on my prayer list.

Ange, I hope everything is going OK for you. You are always in my prayer and you are an inspiration because you are such a warrior. I know God will answer your prayer!

Jade, how are you? I hope things are back to normal for you.

Love to all!~



Jade - June 26

Hi Ladies......

Ange~ I think I will start the provera on Thursday. Still no temp increase this morning and I havent done an opk yet today. Maybe I will try one later and let you know. So you decided to take the provera? That is good so Af should be here soon for you. Hopefully she will be here for me soon too.

Renee~ No temp increase yet. If I o I expect it should increase tomorrow, but I am not getting my hopes up. I think I will take the provera Thursday. You are staying relaxed and that is a great thing. I think that this will be your cycle......

Amyjoy~ Glad to hear dh is feeling better. How did you find out about your bloodclotting disorder? Do you have to take baby aspirin and heperin shot when pregnant?

Heather~ How are you? Provera is the pill that helps induce AF (period). I have to take it when I dont ovulate. What cd are you on?


Jade - June 26

Okay- I took another opk to see if the line was lighter. AND it was. Really light. So you think I o'd or not? It was barely there ( the second line). I guess I will see what temps do tomorrow.


Ange - June 26

Heather~ Here is a list of the abbr. Thanks so much for your kind words. I have been very emotional due to all the hormones I have been taking since my surgery. You made me smile :)


AF Aunt Flo (period, menstruation)
ART Assisted Reproductive Technologies
BBs Boobs
BBT Basal Body Temperature
BCP Birth Control Pills
BD Baby Dance (intercourse)
BF Boyfriend
BFN Big Fat Negative
BFP Big Fat Positive
BIL Brother-in-Law
CB Cycle Buddy
CBE Clear Blue Easy (Pregnancy Test Brand)
CD Cycle Day
CM Cervical Mucus
D&C Dilation and Curettage
DD Dear Daughter
DH Dear Husband
DS Dear Son
DPO Days Past Ovulation
EPT Early Pregnancy Test
EWCM Egg White Cervical Mucus
FET Fetal Embryo Transfer
FIL Father-in-Law
FMU First Morning Urine
FRE First Response Early (Pregnancy Test Brand)
GF Girlfriend
GL Good Luck
HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Pregnancy Hormone)
HPT Home Pregnancy Test
HSG Hysterosalpingogram
IB Implantation Bleeding
IMO In My Opinion
IVF In Vitro Fertilization
ISP Imagined Pregnancy Symptoms
IUI Intrauterine Insemination
JK Just Kidding
LH Lutenizing Hormone
LMP Last Menstrual Period
LOL Lots of Laughter or Laugh Out Loud
LPD Luteal Phase Defect
M/C Miscarriage
MIL Mother-in-Law
O Ovulation
OPK Ovulation Predictor Kit
OPT Ovulation Predictor Test
PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
PG Pregnant
POAS Pee on a Stick
RE Reproductive Endocrinologist
ROTFL Rolling on the Floor, Laughing
RPS Real Pregnancy Symptoms
SIL Sister-in-Law
SO Significant Other
TMI Too Much Information
TTC Trying to Conceive
U/S Ultrasound

Jade~ Yes I took it. I am excited to get starting again it has been soooo long. I am ready :) Woo hoo I think you finally did O :) let me know how yours temps are?

luv to all


amyjoy - June 27

Jade- sounds like you did O.

Provera is used to start a period. I had to take it once when I didn't get a period for a long time.

Well, I just got done crying my eyes baby pics from a friend who had her baby on June 6th. Well, there I go again. I am finding it harder to be patient these days. I'm glad she sent the pics and I am happy for them and I should really look at this differently, they did 3 cycles of clomid, but with no IUI, just clomid and bd'ing. I know I should look at this as hope, like maybe one day it will happen for me. I have to admit it's been a bad couple of days for me. Not sure why. Some days are easier than others. And here I am crying in front of the computer hoping Dh doesn't come up the stairs to see me so upset. Then I will really break down. And to make matters worse today we found out that Dh has a rare kidney disorder that involves the kidneys not filtering urine enough. It's a birth defect and they just found it now. I know I am not alone, but tonight I feel really alone. this is really a horrible, horrible feeling. I am sorry if I am being too depressing.

I will use opk around day 12 or so. That should be Friday.



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