IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - June 5

Hope you all are having a good morning. I have either a little cold or bad allergies or a combination of the two. Sinus pressure and stuffy nose, then runny and just my whole head feels like a balloon. I feel like crap. I am off Monday and really couldn't take today off as well.

I have a routine OB appt. today with bloodwork for the second sequential screening(this will be combined with the first bloodwork and the nuchal scan to give an accurate percentage of the likelihood of everything being normal). I will get to hear the hb today as well. Doubt I will be able to sneak an U/s. I have one three weeks from today for the anatomy scan. They wouldn't let me schedule a 3-D scan until 28 weeks, I guess that is their policy. So I scheduled one for Aug. 29th. It is $125 and if you don't see them good they refund you half so I think that is a good deal. :)

I am looking forward to 2 p.m. so I can go to my appt. and then get some rest.

Have a great day!


lyly14 - June 5

Finally our site is working again. This off and on is so annoying. Anyway- I go tomorrow for my first scan to check and see how far away I am from ovulating! I guess I will find out tomorrow how soon they want me back.

Beth and Marina- You guys must be getting close! My thoughts are with you both. Soon we will all be on the dreaded 2ww.


Arabsrcool - June 5


I am so glad you and baby are ok. so bedrest for next couple months??? ARe you going to be able to work from home?


Hope you get to feeling better. At least you will get to hear the heartbeats today.


wow, tomorrow it begins! Then it will be the constant wondering when? At least school will be over soon, so hopefully it will not effect your work schedule. I'm so glad you are finally able to get going again!



JasJulesMom - June 5

Hi all only have a few seconds. Still crazy at work. Had to stay until 10:00 pm last night. I am getting so anxious only 5 days til my anatomy scan can't wait.

I will have to get on board with your chat as soon as the craziness around here stops.

Hope you all are doing well.


lyly14 - June 5

Hey Ronda- I will be in the midst of all the end of the year craziness during this cycle. Maybe it will be good and keep my mind off things. I am on day 9 of my cycle today so It should be sometime by the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. I never thought I would be able to start. Lets just hope my last precious embies make it through the thaw!

Lisa- I can't believe school is over. I just realized my students only have one more week of me and then we have our annual end of the year breakfast party that following week. They love it and it gives me some lag time in between parties to get my paperwork in order before I have to closeout. Technically I am supposed to see my kids until June 20th, but that last week we do parties with the groups instead of work. You have students right up to the end right?

Debbie- 5 more days that is exciting. You find out the sex of the baby right?


vw79girl - June 5

Ronda, you are so lucky you get to do that 3D scan so soon. I wish I didn't have to wait so long. I wonder why my OB's office does that. Does your ins. pay for it?
Yes, I am excited to hear those heartbeats today. I just want it to be 2:00 :)

Debbie, you must be so psyched for that anatomy scan!!!

Lyly, pumped for you to start the process and Marina and Beth...you aren't far behind.
praying for all of you!

Reshma, hope you are resting lots!

Jen, hope you are doing well. :) :) :)

Jules, how did your appt. go today?


vw79girl - June 5

actually, with my personal day coming up, I have 10 regular school days left. 4 days of exams where the kids leave at 11:30 every day and the last day is the 27th and we have a breakfast and then a bbq at my Prinicipal's house. :) So that's not too bad. I am reviewing pretty much the last few days of that last week. It is nice to know that when I go back in Sept. it will only be for a couple of months and then the babies will be here and I will have a few months off.


jenfrancis - June 5

Well I took two extra strength tylenol tablets and feel good today, minus the constant feeling of throwing up.

Me and the triplets are doing well. We had a bad storm last night, we have no electricity. I am upset. I just came from the grocery store!

Well, anyway, take care, anyone who has msn space can check out my new album. I put some tummy shots on it. Not too good, since I am taking my own.


vw79girl - June 5

Jen...have hubby take the pics :)


JasJulesMom - June 5

Just got the results of my AFP and it came it normal. I am soooooo happy!!!


lyly14 - June 5

Debbie- That is great news!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear things are going well.


vw79girl - June 5

Debbie, that is great news. :) Are you all done testing now? I actually think the second screening today if the afp test. Did they just say it came back normal or give you numbers?


JasJulesMom - June 5

Lisa they just said it came back normal. They did not indicate any numbers. I have OB appointment on Monday and anatomy scan Wednesday so many I will get more specifics them.

They told me the only test left at 26 weeks is the glucose tolerance test. How was your appointmeny?

Lyly- Thank you. I can't wait for you to get the BFP. I am praying for you.


jenfrancis - June 5

Yay Debbie! Happy its normal - one more thing you can relax about.

Lisa - Is the chicken sandwich you eat the Tendercrisp? I love that one with no tomatoes, just lettuce pickles and mayo!

Lyly- Tomorrow is a big day, get some rest tonight and let us know!

Ronda, Reshma, Beth & Julie - how are you all doing?


lyly14 - June 5

Jen- I checked out your pictures. I guess there is no way you can hide your belly until the 12 week mark! I can't believe how much you are showing, how exciting.
I will definitely let you know where i am at tomorrow.


vw79girl - June 5

Girls...my appt. went well. I heard both hb. one was @160 and the other @170 according to the dr. who did them. There was no measurement on the doppler she used which kind of made me mad but I heard them both and she said they were both fine. She also said there was a lot of movement going on. :) They weighed me and I am now 139 lbs. :O whoa. She said that is fine and good and normal. OF course to me, it seems like a lot but c'est la vie.

They also did the second bloodwork which I think is the Afp and the neural tube defects etc. I am nervous about the numbers being worse than the first time. I mean I know that it is only a screening but when they give you a 1:13 chance of something wrong. That is scary. However when they put it into % and say 92.4% all is well and only 7.6% chance it's not...that seems so much better. Keep praying that all is going to be okay in the long run for me will you girls?



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