IVF anyone?
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vw79girl - May 22

Hi girls.... I am tirrrrred today.
At 3pm I am going to the OB so I can hear the twin's heartbeats. :) :) I am really looking forward to that. Still wish it were an u/s but it's better than nothing.

Ronda, how old are you again? I will add your e-mail in with the others. I went to MSN instant messenger. I think you have to make up an e-mail addy there to use the IM but it is free and Lyly and I have talked on it a couple of times.

Reshma, I kind of want to get one of those monitors just for the sake of hearing thumps right now lol. My doctor said that when you cough or sneeze you may feel sharp pains but it is normal and not to worry. I saw that you were on yesterday but you were away on the Instant Messenger.

Have either of you felt like a popping feeling in there? I can't quite describe it lol.

Jules, are you recovering from the fact that David cutie patooty didn't win American Idol? lol

Lyly, Hang in there. I am hoping and praying for you that Friday goes well and that you will be able to go through with the FET. You have waited long enough.


vw79girl - May 22

Ronda, did they give you a number for your risk factor like a ratio? My OB said just based on my age...37 my risk is 1:92


Jules614 - May 22

Lisa - I am recovering slowly - very depressed David A lost - he he he...

Thanks for rubbing it in.. ha ha



vw79girl - May 22

Jules, they were both so good. It could have gone either way. :)


JasJulesMom - May 22

Hi Ladies- I have been soooooooooooooooooo busy at work I can't breathe. I would love to get in on the chat. I will get going with that when work lets up. Should by end of next week.

I am going for AFP bloodtest tomorrow. Can't wait two more weeks and I go for my anatomy check and get to know if it is a boy or girl.


Jules614 - May 22

Good luck JasJulesMom -



vw79girl - May 22

Debbie, good luck with your AFP tomorrow. :)


bethnyc - May 22

Hi girls. Wow - I don't check for a day and there's so much going on - as for American Idol -- I have to say that I couldn't be happier that David Cook won. He really is the better overall performer and has such versatility. My dh hasn't seen the finale yet and I think that's what we'll be doing tonight when he gets home. I'm not sure how he went through the day w/o knowing who won -- I'm sure someone on the subway was talking about it. He's going to be so excited though b/c he wants DC to win and thinks that DA is going to. DH is a big rock and roll fan so DC is more his style.

I don't have MSN messenger, but will see if I can sign up for it -- not sure if my work laptop will allow me to download it, but if not, I can do it from my home computer. I will let you know my address once it's done. I think I have all your email addresses now -- I copied it from one of your posts.

Lisa - how did the u/s go today?

Lyly -- i'm so sorry to hear about the kidney stone. Please let us know how tomorrow goes. WIll you get the results immediately? I really hope it's gone b/c I'd love to be on the same schedule as you.

Speaking of schedules, AF came today so I go in for my day 2 blood/scan tomorrow. If all goes well, here's my schedule: start estrogen pills and patch tomorrow, back to the RE on June 3rd (blood/scan) - again on June 7th (blood/scan) and the transfer will be on June 10th (with the BIG test on the 19th). And, if I stick to this schedule my RE will do the transfer which is exactly what I wanted - is is possible that things are falling into place??? DH thinks so.

Have a good night.



Jules614 - May 23

Hey guys! I just wanted to jump in and leave a website that explains in detail everything that is happenng to you and your baby week by week. I think it is a great reference.


can click on which week you want to read. This is found on the left of the page.



vw79girl - May 23

Jules, thanks for the website, it's great.

Beth...MSN is easy to sign up for and Reshma and I have created a sort of my space thing through MSN to display pics so we can share with one another. It's very cool. I invited Lyly and Jen because they are on messenger so you can view it. I don't know all of the ins and outs on all of it but Reshma helped me set it up. :) It's a safe alternative to Facebook and My space as you guys are the only ones who will see the pics. and YES Beth...it is possible things are falling into place. :)

Lyly, let us know how tomorrow goes. Crossing my fingers that you can do your transfer!

Reshma, so good to chat with you today!

Well girls, I heard the heartbeats today. All is well. One was 144 and the other was 158. :) :) They weighed me and I am 133. This means since my retrieval, I have gained 11 lbs. so I guess that is on schedule to about a lb. a week. I feel so much better that I went and did that today. Next one is in two weeks.

Debbie, let us know how your appt. goes.

Jen, how are the four of you doing? :)

I am off to bed. TGIF and a long weeeeekend


RB - May 23

Hi Girls,

ok here is the link to the site to get Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Spaces (like MySpace etc)


Once you download and install the software, you need to create an account with username and password. Once you do that you will be able to use Messenger, Hotmail and Spaces. With spaces, you can share photos - Lisa and I have already posted some up there so if you have already received an invite, do acceot and check it out. Jules, i will send you the link via email to see if you can access it without actually signing up. . Ronda look out for an email from me. As fast as i get the other emails i will send you the links and an invite as well.

With Spaces, Lisa and I have restricted access to oinly those people we add as friends and I am only using this for you guys so its like a private space for just the group of us on this board.

I hope you guys try this.

I'll catch up on the personal stuff tomorrow or rather later today...i appear to be suffering from imsomnia :) But for baby's sake, i'm going to bed as soon as i send those emails.



Jules614 - May 23

Lisa -

Glad to hear you saw both heartbeats! You know what is scary? I am 100 pounds heavier than you.. ha ha ha!



vw79girl - May 23

Jules~ If I keep eating the way I am, I may catch up to you lol :)

Girls~ I too have set my windows live site so only my Journey girls can see my info and pics. It is an easy way to share pics and you can upload and delete or do whatever with your page. You can also put funky colors etc. with it :)

Reshma~ I think I am going to go after school and buy that heart monitor so I can listen to the babies too! You should be tired and not suffering from insomnia after being up so late talking to me last night haha.

Lyly, thinking of you and hope all goes well.

Marina, where you at girl?

Debbie, Beth, Jen and Ronda, hope you all are well. I hope I got everyone there.


jenfrancis - May 23

I am ok. Just working alot. Busy.

I am happy for the 3 day weekend. I am trying to hang in there, but I can usually give my boss 6 good hours a day, then I need to take a nap.

I dont know how I will be able to make it. I just need to work as long as I can. Every hour I work is one pack of diapers! And we all know I will need many of those.

I have decided to sign up for some survey sites. Hope to make some spare change with those. Then when I have to go on bedrest, I will have something to do.

My husband told me yesterday to give my notice at work, for July 4th. That gives my boss 6 weeks to find and train someone. I told him I would go through August.


Jules614 - May 23

What's wrong Jen - you can't afford daycare for three infants.. ha ha ha!

Lisa - how r u feeling? Any cravings?

I just did my diabetes test. They made me drink more than I remember 4 yrs ago and they only give you 5 minutes to drink it down - I almost hurled right there. I am starving and am chowing down on a bowl of fiber one!



Arabsrcool - May 23


I'm 37 and doc put me on Cefaclor 3x per day.

If I get a few minutes today (if work slows down), I'm going to use link Reshema provided and try to set up with Windows live. I'll let you know if I'm successful.




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