IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - May 21

Wow, you girls have been busy. You guys have SEX drive?????? I have none what so ever.......wonder if it will come back. My dh had vasectomy about 2 weeks ago, got infection and still sore, so he is not in the mood either, so thats good.

I'm gonna ask the doc tomorrow, why I don't feel great yet (I'm in the second trimester now) and why I have no sex drive.....of course when you don't feel well, its hard to think about anything other than laying down to rest.

I'm techo challenged so I don't know a thing about the live chat stuff!



Jules614 - May 21

Ronda - I never felt good my second trimester. I am just starting my third trimester and I am just starting to feel good. Still no sex drive.



RB - May 21

Hey Ronda, its been a while...sorry you are not feeling better yet...and don't worry...my sex drive comes and goes - just like my cravings...lol!

by the way girls...i think i felt a real kick yesterday! I was listening to the baby on the monitor and just as i heard a thump i felt my belly jump - i dont know how else to describe it....it could be just wishful thinking but i felt it more than once so maybe i did actually feel it :o Of course when i placed my hand on my tummy, nothing happened! Jen - you heard this story already but i had to repeat it for the rest of the gang!


Jules614 - May 21

RB - Maybe you did feel a kick - pretty cool, huh?



vw79girl - May 21

My uterus feels like a beach ball. When I saw it at the last u/s it was huge. Looked like a cantelope lol. I have been feeling some pressure there in the front where it dropped or shifted to. Hopefully that is normal. I am off to have Chinese food with a girlfriend. Dh is at a baseball game coaching. I cannot wait to eat. :) lol
talk to you girls later, maybe some of you will be on the chat.

Ronda~ we will help you figure it out if it is something you want to do, it isn't that hard to figure out and it's cool talking back and forth. :)

Reshma~ that is soooo cool, I bet it was a kick! I still think I felt hiccups last week. I was at the Pharmacy today and saw one of those monitors for like $25 and was tempted. This one said it isn't accurate until the 3rd trimester though. How can you tell the difference between your heartbeat and the babies? Is theirs faster?


lyly14 - May 22

Well girls I am tired and aggrevated today. I went to see the urologist and he advised me not to go for the FET. He is concerned if I have a stone and get pg it would be a terrible for my kidneys and if I am pg there is not much they can do for me. So I am drinking a ton of water to try and flush it out. I go for a cat scan on friday to check if I definitely have one or not. I am praying if I had one it is gone. I haven't had much pain so keeping my fingers crossed.

Julie just so you know I don't use that email. I only use it for my messenger. My regular email is the same but at optonline.net not msn.com


Jules614 - May 22

Lyly - I feel like you are never given a break! I really hope you pass your stoe. Isn't that common with Crohn's? Kidney stones is common iwth pregnancy too...
Good luck.

I updated your e-mil - THANKS



RB - May 22

lyly, sorry to hear about the stone. hopefully you can pass it if you havent already.

Jules, thanks for pulling together all the email addresses...i thought i had forgotten to add one but thanks to your list I got them all - at least until the others add theirs.

Ronda...if you can figure out the ticker, we can help you get onto the chat in no time :)

Lisa - hope you had a good lunch...i also feel the heaviness in my tummy and yesterday i got a really sharp pain on one side as i turned in bed...i got a little scared but it didnt last long. I figure it must have been the position of my uterus and the baby pushing against my appendix or something cuz where i felt the pain was exactly where i had to place the monitor to hear the baby today. I dont hear my heartbeat when i use it but one way to distinguish the baby's heartbeat i guess is that it should be about twice as fast as yours. I havent heard the heartbeat with the monitor yet but i love hearing the thumps from the baby moving around.

Talk to you all soon,


Jules614 - May 22

Hey Reshma -

Thanks for sending me a request. I don't have a windows account though. The only IM I have is aol. I don't want you to think I delcined you that is all 8)

I have you all on e-mail and will send you an e-mail later with some pics, etc...

Happy Thursday!



Arabsrcool - May 22


my email is [email protected] if you want to add me. Where do I go to sign up for live chat?


Jules614 - May 22

Thanks Arabsrcool - What is your first name?



Arabsrcool - May 22

its Ronda


Jules614 - May 22

Oh OK -



Arabsrcool - May 22

Just came back from doc ofc. Kinda freaked me out because doc termed me high risk (age factor). I go on 6/19 for 3-D u/s. I actually lost a couple pounds from last month, so I'm psyched about that. They forgot to do my bloodwork, so I have to have that done next time. Doc said I can highlight my hair....HURRAY!!! my age factor gray hair is coming out. I still cannot lift over 20 lbs, so my poor dd has to walk all the time.

He gave me some antibiotics because my cold turned into sinus infection. Hopefully that will help me start feeling better.



Jules614 - May 22

Ronda -

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? What did your doc ive you for your cold? I was on antibiotics a few times already as well.



vw79girl - May 22

Hi girls.... I am tirrrrred today.
At 3pm I am going to the OB so I can hear the twin's heartbeats. :) :) I am really looking forward to that. Still wish it were an u/s but it's better than nothing.

Ronda, how old are you again? I will add your e-mail in with the others. I went to MSN instant messenger. I think you have to make up an e-mail addy there to use the IM but it is free and Lyly and I have talked on it a couple of times.

Reshma, I kind of want to get one of those monitors just for the sake of hearing thumps right now lol. My doctor said that when you cough or sneeze you may feel sharp pains but it is normal and not to worry. I saw that you were on yesterday but you were away on the Instant Messenger.

Have either of you felt like a popping feeling in there? I can't quite describe it lol.

Jules, are you recovering from the fact that David cutie patooty didn't win American Idol? lol

Lyly, Hang in there. I am hoping and praying for you that Friday goes well and that you will be able to go through with the FET. You have waited long enough.



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