IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - May 23


I'm 37 and doc put me on Cefaclor 3x per day.

If I get a few minutes today (if work slows down), I'm going to use link Reshema provided and try to set up with Windows live. I'll let you know if I'm successful.



Arabsrcool - May 23


So the test was bad huh??? Do you get the results soon? Guess that is another test to look forward too in the future.

I tried to get to MSN live and its web blocked here at work. I will try from home this weekend, which sucks, because I am hardly ever on the computer in the evenings and weekends with my dd to keep track of.



jenfrancis - May 23

Jules -
We would rather put that $2000 a month to their college. So until they go to school, I get to stay home.

I can not imagine paying someone else to watch my babies! With gas prices, I sure wont be bringing in much more than daycare and gas.


Arabsrcool - May 23


you are very lucky to get to stay home with your babies. I don't have that option at this time, which sucks, but thats the way it is ::)

So you are going to try and work until August? Hopefully you will be able to, but remember to take it easy.

triplets......I just can't hardly wrap my mind around it. It still blows me away!



Jules614 - May 23

I hear ya Jenn!

The diabetes test was not bad. I remember it being a piece of cake with Samantha. This time, I was so hungry by the time I took the test (you don't have to fast but I wanted to) that by the time I went from drinking that sugary stuff to having a very hungry belly - it mized bad.
I just got home and scarfed down a bowl of cereal. Unfortunately, my stomach was already so upset from being hungry I didn't keep it down.. But I didn't see the orange stuff come back up - TMI!




jenfrancis - May 23

Blows me away too, but we really wanted a boy. So this strengthens our chances. Plus we will not have to do this again. Lots of people have 3-4 kids, and they have to do the diaper thing and bottle feeding and teaching them to read, and poddy training, etc all at different intervals. I could not imagine that! Doing that 3-4 different times, years apart!

This will be fine. One piece of advice I am following, is feeding them all at the same time. If one wakes up in the middle of the night, they all three get fed and changed.

I am using both cloth and disposable diapers, to save money. And I am breast feeding at night. I heard that helps me be able to go back to sleep, and they feel comforted easier.

One more thing is that I am not too proud to take advice, or hand-me-downs! So I am open to anything!


Jules614 - May 23

Jen - Breastfeeding Rocks - plus, it helps you lose weight.

If you want free baby stuff and I mean everything.. go to freecycle.org and put your zip code in. You can post what you want and people will give it to you for free.

Everyone - I sent you an e-mail with pics of me, Samantha, u/s, belly shot, hubby pics.. the works.




Meg - May 23

Sorry Ladies for being a lurker, but I just wanted to jump in as a veteran MOM of 4 1/2 year old twins and a 2 yr. old singleton. For those of you p/g w/ multiples, you may want to look into your local chapter of a Multiples Club. I belong to one and wished I had joined when as I was p/g instead of waiting until I had our twins. It has been a GREAT resource for me, and our club as well as the other local clubs have a sale twice a year of gently used clothing and equipment. You may want to look into it. Jenn, there is also MOST, which is Mothers of Super Twins, which I am sure is a great source for Moms w/ triplets and more.

Again Ladies sorry for jumping in. I have been on this website since we tried for our singleton two years ago. I love reading everyone's success stories as well as always keeping all of you in my prayers as I know what it is like to want a baby so badly. Some days I even think I want to do it again... but as of now my hands are incredibly full :) Best of Luck to all of you !



lyly14 - May 23

well girls i had a rough night. I swear if something can go wrong for me it does. I must have been bad in a previous life. lol My ashthma started to act up in the evening and I stared wheezing. No big deal right?!? Well by 4 am I woke up from a sleep gasping for air. I couldn't get my breath and was coughing my brains out. Figures the one night everyone sleeps soundly in my house. When I was little I used to hold my breath when I walked past my mother so she wouldn't drag me to the hospital when I had an attack. Last night I was almost ready to call an ambulance for myself it was so bad. I was actually scared. By the time I found my inhaler and was able to breathe it was time for me to get up. So now I have no voice today. Here's the other crappy part. I went for my CT scan to check for the stone this am. When I made the appt. they told me I need to drink 2 bottles of barium to prep. so at 6 am I started to drink this stuff and it made me get the runs! How lovely ontop of the fact I can't breathe. Well when I got to my appt. they told me I didn't need to drink the barium if I was coming to check for a stone! What the...? Who the hell told me to drink that crap!!!! I was so pissed off. Of course I left and then called the number I used to schedule an appt. I asked for the supervisor and complained. Not that it makes a difference at this point. I can't change the fact that I drank it already and my stomach is messed up. sorry to vent but I just needed to get it out! Hope you girls are all having a good day.


Jules614 - May 23

Oh My God Lyly - You poor thing. I can't imagine that happening to me. I would be pissed too.



jenfrancis - May 23

Lyly - I just can not imagine how you are feeling. It does seem like one thing after another! Hope you can recover this weekend.

TLC from hubby sounds nice!

Jules - got your pics how nice! I adore your daughter! What a sweety pie!.

I went to mexican for lunch and could barely finish three bites. Just thought I was craving it, then looking at it, I know its greasy, and It smelled gross.

I really hope this nausea and morning sickness hits a peak and goes away.

Ronda - I agree I am very blessed. My husband is in the army, 22 yrs in, and he has invested pretty well, and is very frugal, (opposite of me). So I am lucky enough to stay home. He told me he would not be happy with anyone else getting paid to raise our children, even if we were having one. But it is not smart to work with three kids in day care. I have a good job but not that good, there would only be a couple hundred left.

I thank God every day. Triplets, I could not be happier! People who know me and know I am yearning so much for my boy, ask, what if you have 3 girls, well, the 5 of us, (my 15 yr old and I included) will just drive my DH insane! But we dont intend on having any more.


vw79girl - May 23

You all are busy bees today. I couldn’t get to the computer for the past 2 hours and there are a ton of posts!!! lol who is working today. haha
anyhew...Meg, thanks for your jump in. I already contacted someone in my area about a support group for twins. :) :)

Jules~ CRAVINGS??? me??? lol, just inhaled a chix sandwich with cheese from BK. :)
Can’t wait to check out your pics when I get home. They block the site from my school as well.

Ronda, hopefully you can set that up and go on when you have time if even for a couple of minutes here and there on the weekend. If not, we understand. At least try to post some pics.

Jen, In the grand scheme of things, staying home seems like a wonderful idea but I am in the same boat as Jules. Can’t afford not to work. I don’t make 6 figures by any means but I do make decent money and with a mtg. and two car payments, I can really only afford to take off 4 months. Same with Greg. If either of us were to stop working we would be in serious trouble with keeping our bills and mortgage paid and just plain living. Thankfully my Mom and Dad are helping us when I go back in March and then I will be out for the summer. We found a super reasonably priced home day care to take the twins to in Sept. of ‘09. It is affordable and about 10-15 min. from our house and work. Greg is off on Fridays so they will only be there 3 or 4 days a week. Mom and Dad may break down and do one day a week once fall comes.

from what I hear Jen...it’s all about keeping them on the same schedule so you have the right idea! I hope we can swing it!

Reshma, I am going to get that Heart to Heart monitor today. I found one at the Baby Depot for 20 bucks! :) Can’t wait to try it. We will be 15 weeks soon! Almost 4 months!

Debbie, let us know how your test went.

Lyly, I just wanna give you a hug. What morons. Why didn’t they tell you not to drink that stuff for a stone. GRRRRRR.... I hope your asthma is better today. Thank god it’s a long weekend.


bethnyc - May 23

You guys are so busy today -- I'm trying to keep up with it all, but the minute I finish reading another post goes up.

I'm done with work for the weekend - our offices close at 2pm on Friday's from Memorial day through the last weekend in September. And, since I work from home most Friday's there's no commute so 2pm is really 2pm. Very excited to have a few days off and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend here in NY. Finally!!!

I went to the RE today and I'm all set - started the patch and estrogen already - I got an immediate headache -- happens from the patch, I think. But, I can handle that -- at least I'm free of shots for 2 weeks and then we start the progesterone ones. DH is looking forward to that -- he loves giving the shots and he's acutally good at them which is a plus for me.

Lyly - i'm so sorry to hear about the doctor today -- what a nightmare. How could someone be so wrong? When do you get the results? I hope they come back clear and you're given the ok to move ahead with the FET. Let us know...

I haven't had time to go to MSN yet, but will try to do so later today or over the weekend. I'd love to see everyone's pics.

I hope you all have a great weekend - I will try to check in when I can, but I promised DH that I'd try to stay off the computer. He thnks my laptop is attached to me (and, unfortunately, he's right). I have such a busy job and can't stay away from work too long or I have way to much to catch up on -- so checking email a few times a day over the weekend only helps me get through the following week. But, I am going to try my best to keep it shut as long as possible.




Jules614 - May 23

I just wanted everyone to know I passed my diabetes test!!!! I am so relieved! I guess they look for levels under 130 and my levels were 118! Phew.



Jules614 - May 23

Jen - I am really happy for you and your triplets. But with so many babies comes extra symptoms including the fun filled morning sickness. Have you tried preggy pops yet? Also, they say ginger helps with the nausea. I am currently seeing a nutritionist and she gave me some tips to deal. She said hot foods trigger nausea so try and stick to cold foods. She also said when you wake up in the morning don't get out of bed quickly. Take about 10 minutes to slowly get up because if you move too quickly you can trigger it and it may stay with you throughout the day. After she gave me those tips, I did notice the hot foods did trigger it.
Good luck! See I had to pay for my tips and you get them for free HA HA HA!

Lisa - I agree with you - Burger King and McDonalds - so yummy with pregnancy. I am craving a veggie burger from the ninety nine tonight. I have been craving them soooo much. I am going to take Samantha for dinner and bring home some steak tips for dad.

Beth - Best of luck! We are here for you! How are you feeling emotionally and physically?

I am still so glad I passed my diabetes test. Given how fat I am, both sides of my grandparents having it - I was pretty nervous. I was preparing myself for a change.



RB - May 23

Jules - thank God! I know how relieved you must be :)

Lyly - my heart goes out to you! If there is one person who has had more than their fair share of trials it has to be you. I cant belive they made you drink that awful thing for nothing! I hope things get better for you soon hon.

Beth - congrats on getting started! Soon you will be on the 2ww! I hope you can steal a few minutes with your laptop so you can join us on windows live :)

Lisa and Jen - i loved seeing your u/s pics...its so cool to see the multiple sacs....wow!

Jen - i can understand the decison to stay at home...i am contemplating it myself because i dont have much in the way of support from family and i am leery of being so dependent on a stranger to care for my baby...at the very least i may change my current terms so that i can work from home more - at least for a year or two.

Ronda - hope you get a chance to get onto windows live...its really cool and not that diffuicult to set up.

Debbie - hope you can come up for air...at least over the weekend. How did your test go?

Lisa and Ronda - 15 weeks!!!! whooo hooo!!!! :) :) :) :)



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