IVF anyone?
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JamieP - November 25

Ronda I am like you I follow all the rules to avoid SIDs. It is weird but I am pretty relaxed about most things but SIDs and car seats are two things I am really diligent on. I do/don't do whatever they say to avoid SIDs and I buy the absolute safest car seats available on the market and I would only buy a car that had a latch system. My sister used to work in the emergency room so maybe I have heard one to many horror stories about SIDs and car accidents. Anyway, I am sure she will settle soon. I think it is good to hold them a lot when they are little. What happens if you hold her until she sleeps and then you put her down?

Take Care


vw79girl - November 25

Ronda, I know what you mean about them sleeping on you. The boys want to do it all the time. I have to admit, I have dozed off a few times, mostly during the day though and I am such a light sleeper, when they move, I wake up. I usually do it until they fall asleep and then put them down. They love it. How did you put that little mini pic there on your ticker? so cute!

I took a couple of naps today and it helped. I am still pumping and I feel like my milk supply isn't as great as it was when I was just pumping and bringing it up to the hospital. I feel like my breasts aren't as full as they were. :( I am doing what I can and if it ends up that my milk just starts to diminish, I feel good that I was able to give them milk for their first 4 months at least.

Lili, I gotta get some more pics up there on my site, I love love love your comments!!! :)

Lyl, I hope you feel better too. Stay hydrated! Have you been out of school? Can't wait til we can catch up again, it's been a while.

Jenny, hope the girls are doing well today. love hearing about them. Is the NICU they are in "pod" style or do you have a privaite room? just wondering. God bless them!

Jamie, I can't believe you are half way there pretty much! Are you taking pics of that belly?

Jules,, getting sick is my biggest fear. I hope you feel better soon honey.


Jules614 - November 25

Thanks Lisa - I am eating spicy wings for breakfast to hep clear my sinuses... poor Kaitlyn when i breast feed



jenfrancis - November 25

Lisa - they are pod style, not private rooms, I bet they would like that better! The noise!!!!

I think we will be bringing them home seperately as well, since, Alvina is not on an IV, not on feeding tube, she eats a full feed one ounce, and she is really growing!

Fine by me. I get used to taking care of them and bonding with each one. But then I cant take them back in the NICU, noone under 18!, so my husband and I will have to go alone.


Arabsrcool - November 25


I tried holding her until she sleeps and have even heated her bassinet mattress with a heating pad before putting her in it. she sleeps about 5 to 10 minutes then starts screaming. I put her in her bed at least a dozen times last night and finally gave up and let her sleep with me at 4 am. Of course my oldest dd got me out of bed at 8 am, but she was up at 6 am to at least her dad kept her away from me until 8. So I am sleep deprived, but loving being a mommy to my two girls!.


Sorry to hear you finally got the illness. Hope you are feeling better soon.


I put the picture there on the ticker website, just downloaded it to the appropiate spot. If I can do it, I am quite sure you can too!. Sounds like your boys are doing well and you are loving having them home.


Sounds like maybe your girls will come home separately, which won't be all bad. You can get used to them being home a little at a time. I hope you have some family or friends that are going to help for awhile after they are all home. You are going to be soooo busy!



Marina - November 25

Hi guys,
Jen-finally your beautiful trio arived!Congrats!
Ronda,your little girl is wonderful!
Lisa-glad your family finaly reunated

Well,I had my u/s today and we are having...twins.
We got to hear tiny heartbeats also.


Jules614 - November 25

Ronda - is your litle one colicky? Is that why she is not sleeping? With Samantha I bought a sound machine. It played the sound of the a beating heart to make the baby feel like she is back in the womb. Good luck.



lili246 - November 26

Wow twins congrats girl you will be very busy just like the other girls but sure bless with two lil ones.
Best wishes and keep us posted!

How are you guys doing? My youngest son had the virus he was vomiting and diarrhea for 7 days poor baby he barely eat and loss some weight. He is feeling much better thank god.



Jules614 - November 26

Marina - Congrads on the twins! How exciting...How many embryo's did you put back again?

Lili - That must have been heart breaking seeing your son so sick. I am glad he is feeling better now.



Meg - November 26

Congrats on your pregnancy and w/ twins :) I read Lyly post about you worrying b/c you may be too small to carry twins. I am small myself and carried twins. I am 5'3'' and was 103 lbs. when I got p/g w/ them. I carried until 32 wks and worked up to the week I had them. Just take it easy. You will be fine :) I know easier said than done especially after all that you have been through. I will continue to say prayers for you. One day at a time....

I am sure that you are enjoying the boys being at home :) Don't stress out about your milk supply. I swear that makes it even worse. You have done a fantastic job thus far. I pumped for my daughter until she was 3 months old and than she had to go to soy milk b/c of issues that she had, and I pumped for my son until about 5 months old. I still had to supplement w/ formula even when pumping when they came home. I just couldn't keep up pumping, and trying to get them on the breast, and just take care of them in general. It was way too much. I am sure you are getting into a routine w/ them. Enjoy every moment, even the sleep deprived ones ;)

Congrats to Jen also :)

Happy Thanksgiving Girls! Enjoy all of your many Blessings this Thanksgiving :)



JamieP - November 26

Marina how exciting! I hope it is a long and boring pregnancy and you find the best doctor in the area to look after you!

Hope everything is going OK Jen. How are those wee girls doing?

I can't believe I am 1 day off half way!



lili246 - November 26

You conceived your twins naturally?

Yes it was heartbreaking and even more when I took him to the doctor and she didn't want to give him anything. Poor baby he did suffer for 7 days. Thank god he is feeling much better and is trying to walk :)

Have a great day!

Happy thanksgiving!!



vw79girl - November 26

Congrats Marina! You will join the multiples club!!! :)
get plenty of rest girl. I am running around like a crazy person these days.


Marina - November 26

Thank you guys.
I'm too early in the very begining and hard to tell what's going to happen,but I'll try my best.
Meg,thanks for support,I'm really small person(5'3 and 107 lb) and it is scary for me to carry twins,but I guess we'll see.Your's , Lisa's and Jen's exampls give me hope that everything somehow works out.
Julie,we put 2 in and both took... this time.
I already called the perenatology office,they specialize on high risk pregnancies.
I don't know Jamie about boring,it seems like nothing is boring with twins(lol),you never know what to expect!


Jules614 - November 26

Marina - There is a girl build just like you in my other chat who went on to deliver two healthy beautiful girls.



Arabsrcool - November 26


HURRAY!!!!! Twins!!. Congrats. I am so happy for you!. I am so glad you kept trying. Sorry the doc's office sounds impersonable, but it WORKED!!!!!


Your boys are so cute! I see you got their picture posted on the ticker. Don't sweat the milk supply issue. If you don't have enough, supplement with formula and know that you gave them breast milk and the best start possible.


Sorry to hear about your sick little one. It is so hard when they are so sick and there is not alot you can do for them, other than hold them.




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