IVF anyone?
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lili246 - September 12

WEll sounds like you may be closer and yeah everytime you say maybe sooner you just pass from the 40 weeks isn;t that funny..lol
Hang in there I hope you feel better I know it stinks being sick and pregnant. I would always be scared of taking anything while pregnant especially being this close to having the baby.

Isnt that wonderful being able to hold the baby. Sounds like they are doing great I am so happy for them. Be strong and positive they will be home soon.

I get it but hey thats good doesn't matter as long as the baby comes out ok. I have heard that csections are painful what do you think from your previous experience? I don't know I have had my two children natural.

I also think that an epidural is a blessing we have now. But you know from my last experience I notice that the doctor put alot in it because I felt like if I was going to explode. I felt my legs so numb like if they were as big as a hippopotamus..lol really I felt like if I was having alot of medicine put in. Has anyone experience this before?
I know with m first pregnany it felt better not that bad like this time so it might of been to much medicine right? and this time it did hurt when they put the needle and I felt that cold sensation in the back. WHich I didn;t feel it with my first child?


Tanya1231 - September 12

Well ladies, I am back. I have been lurking but without alot to say after my last BFN. I have been looking into some other possibilities. I have found a couple of docs that say they have 90% + percent success with tubal reversals and wonder what you gals know about this. I did IVF x3 following a tubal ligation 10 years ago. I responded poorly to meds and my first cycle was cancelled, the second produced 4 eggs and two were mature and transferred. I am only 31 years old and desperately want another child. I have found a Dr. Rogers and a Dr. Levin who both sound promising. What do you all think?


Jules614 - September 12

JasJulesMom - I hear you with the weight gain. Funny how much we gain wioth pregnancy. I gained 50-60 with Samantha. I had mine under control this time because I feared preclampsia. Don't feel bad about not taking off all the weight - as we get older, it just gets harder. Plus where is the time when you already have children.

Ronda - I am sorry you are feeling lousy. I was sick more than ever while pregnant. Your immune system is down more when pregnant.

Lili - with my firast epi I was numb but could feel pressure. With this one they put it so high I had the shakes and I felt absolutely NOTHING! Not the baby coming out of me or the episotomy. I had bad swelling for two weeks after delivering as a result. But overall both were great experiences.

Tanya - Good luck with your docs. Do what you feel comfortable with. Every day there are new advances to IVF - new procedures, new meds. Keep trying - you have already had one child so you know it is possible to have another. 31 is young. I was 31 when I got pregnant with Kaitlyn through IVF. Best of luck.



vw79girl - September 13

thank you for thinking of me. i think of you and Reshma every day and wonder what it would be like to still be pregnant.
Hang in there. I hope they can give you something for the cold.

Lili, I love holding them. Got to hold Ben for a little bit last night.

Jules...the C Section really wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Nothing compared to other abdominal surgeries. I feel no pain there whatsoever. The incision is so low, you wouldn't even know it's there. :)

Tanya, I dont' know much about Tubal reversal. I wish you the best of luck and am sending you good thoughts and prayers.

This is where the boys are:


nurses have been absolutely wonderful.

I can't believe the boys are two weeks old today. :) :)
Greg and I saw them last night(I snuck a visit for just Mommy in the afternoon).
They are taking Benjamin off of his IV fluids and Paul is already off of them. Paul is doing well with his feedings, Ben is spitting up a bit. But they are both tolerating my milk thankfully. They are both having less "events" with the CPAP to breathe so that is good. They are making some cute faces and it is so nice to see their eyes looking back at me. I just adore them both and am trying to stay focussed on living one day at a time. Benj is over 3 lbs. now and Paul is steadily climbing too.

Greg set up the crib in the nursery. IT looks cute. I will addd a couple of pics to my website either when I finish this post or later today. IT is 5 a.m. and I just finished pumping and really need to get back to bed.


Jules614 - September 13

Lisa - you must be so exhausted and yet you still have time to write us. I can't wait until you bring your babies home.



vw79girl - September 13

I am pretty tired but I am getting one 5 hour shift in and then a 2 hour shift of sleep. So I get 7 hours and then if I nap at all it's a bonus. Usually I multitask and write you girls when I am pumping lol.
Tues. is my birthday and I am spending the whole day with them again. They are the best gift I could ever receive.
How is the feeding going with your little one and how is Samantha with all of it?


Jules614 - September 13

Lisa - I am havingg no luk pumping. I just tried after a feeding and I have no milk. I just have no luck!



vw79girl - September 13

wait an hour or two and then can you pump and bottle rather than breastfeed? how long does she nurse for? maybe she is tapping you out but the other boob should have milk shouldn't it? i double pump.


Jules614 - September 13

Lisa - Kaitlyn taps out both boobs - she is a little piggy!


bdantonio - September 14

Weight Watchers you can either do online or do meetings. I do online i dont have time for meetings. Online also cost less.There is two programs to choose from 1) is where you have a list off foods that you can eat and you can eats all you want 2) is where you get so many points a day and each food is worth so many points. I do points and if you are breastfeeding you get alot of points. I started while i was breastfeeding i could never eat all the points in a day you also get cheater pooints for the week. When you lose weight you slowly get less. When you stop breastfeeding your number will change also. However i am never hungrey and i lost over 20 lbs with NO EXCERSISE thats the best part. after the 20 lbs i started to do some crunches and walking only to help tone though. I highly recommend it. DH even started and in three months he has lost 30lbs he said it doesnt even feel like hes on a diet.


JamieP - September 15

Ronda sorry to hear you are not feeling so good. Hopefully you have recovered from your cold by now. Nothing worse than being sick when you are pregnant.

Lisa great to hear you are getting to hold your boys. Do you do kangaroo care? It is so nice just to sit there and hold them isn't it. Hope the pumping is going OK. It becomes a bit of a drag after a while!!

Tanya, I dont' know anything about Tubal reversal. Hopefully you have a good doctor who will make the decision easy for you giving you all the pro's and con's. What do they say about you being a poor responder to stims? I know people who have become pregnant with only 4 eggs at ER.

Julie how is Kaitlyn doing? Sounds like she is feeding well? Is she a good sleeper?

I am on the count down until my scan. It is only 4 days away but it feels like forever. I wish I was not so nervous about it. I know I will feel like this for every scan until I am 20 weeks!



vw79girl - September 15

I know what you mean about the scans. I used to want one once a week lol. Once you hit 13 weeks, you will be able to breathe a little easier hun. I did. Then you will look forward to your anatomy scan and so on.

The pumping is going okay. I try to multitask to make it go by quicker. I find that when I pump at the hospital where they are, I get quite a bit. Usually I pump in the nursery at home to and that helps.

We do do Kangaroo Care. I love it. It is the best feeling holding them right up against your skin. Greg did it for the first time last night.

have you seen our website?

Jules, we keep missing each other on IM

Lyl, how are you? feel like I haven't caught you on line in forever.

Lili, hope all is well with you

Tanya, what did you find out about the tubal reversal?

Ronda and Reshma...are you guys getting uncomfortable now? I was getting to that point already just before they were born. And Debbie...you are getting close! :)

Marina, how are you doing girl?


Arabsrcool - September 15


Sorry, I don't know anything about tubal reversals. maybe you should start a new topic and see if you get some answers from women who know more than our little group.


great job losing all the weight!


so far so good, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!.


Sounds like your little guys are both doing well. I looked up the hospital where they are and it looks nice. Not as nice as home, but good just the same. Good for you that you are pumping so much. Its a drag, but worth it....are you going to try and breastfeed the boys once they come home?

To answer your question about being uncomfortable. YES! Most of the time now. but I keep telling myself it is a good thing and Cara will come when its time. I am having alot of back pain, low pressure, contractions (some that hurt and some that don't). I am not getting much sleep, but I know that is preparing me for what is to come. Cara is active most of the night, which is comforting in one way and frustrating in another. I'm going to put another call in to doc's ofc. They did give me some meds, but told me to call back today if I was not better. I am a little better, but still pretty miserable. My sweet dd asked me this weekend if she needed to take care of me because she knew I didn't feel good. Bless her, it lasted all of 10 minutes!



JasJulesMom - September 15

Hang in there Ronda. It will be all worth it in the end. I know about the discomfort though. Some days I feel like my baby is just lying on my bladder for kicks. Like she thinks it's funny. Thankfully I do not feel her enough at night to keep me awake, although I do get up 2-3 times for a bathroom break. I cannot wait til 10/22.


lili246 - September 15

wow that is nice that your lil boys are doing great I am so happy for you and I bet that you can't wait to have them home. It sounds like they will be home with you very soon, so they keep it up they sure sounds like strong lil men :)
So any plans for your bday? Happy birthday tomorrow and hope that your dreams come true which at this point we know what your dreams are :) having your lil boys home :)

Don't worry not most women have milk I was a cow with no milk..lol both with my boys I did breastfeed but I didn't have much milk and I stooped after one month which was sad but since I didn't have milk I couldn't keep it up cause my boys were hungrt eaters..lol

Both of my epi's were ok aswell I did feel pressure but I felt like if I had my legs as big as a hippo I couldn't barely move to the sides which is was weired cause I didn't feel that way with my first child. and yeah I was swelling for more than 3 weeks aswell.

wow some of the ladies are way way to close to holding their lil ones, good luck girls.


JasJulesMom - September 15

Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow Lisa. Hope the boys are well!!!

Four more days of work, Ya Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!



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