IVF anyone?
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lili246 - September 9

Hey girls I have not posted here but glad to hear that all you girls are doing good. I have been on other forums but it is to quiet and I love talking to girls here. I am happy that most of you are almost there at the end ready to meet your lil ones which is great and congrats on the new mommies. Have lots of fun.

I have two boys 1 is 4 years old this sept 29 and a 9 month old baby.

Julie and Lisa,
How did you girls lost the weight? I am having a hard time doing that which is hard to gain but not to lose. I have only loss about 6 lbs and would love to loss more how can I do that?

Take care and hope to hear from all you.



Arabsrcool - September 10



The site has been really quiet lately

The losing weight issue is a tough one. Breast feeding is great to help take the weight off, after that its just the old fashion way, watch what you eat and try and get exercise. Take the kids for a walk in the evening, pushing the stroller burns extra calories (at least that's how I lost it from my dd, lots and lots of walks)



jenfrancis - September 10

Hey ladies - Well, I had the cerclage surgery and then had complications from the epidural they did. Started leaking spinal fluid in my back, I had severe nausea dizziness, vomitting, back pain and headache and had to go back in for a blood patch. They took blood from my hand and put in in my back. This evened out the pressure and made my headache and backache go away.

I have a terbutaline pump in my thigh, it is a continuous flow of meds, but I still have contractions and i have a home uterine monitor I have to wear to transmit my uterine activity. Once in the AM for an hour and once in the PM for an hour.

I hear what you say about it being girls. I just can not believe out of 3 babies not one is a boy. I know al deep down wants a boy. He wont say a word tho. He is happy either way.

I am at work today only to check email. And get caught up, but I am on my way out soon. Thank you for listening. I will have to see on the 18th what she sees then. If on the 18th it is 3 girls then I will come to terms with it. We will not try again for a boy! No way.

I am so happy to hear Lisa that the boys are doing good! I was so excited to see Julie and Lisa's pics of the babies.

Got me all happy and warm inside.

I will try to check back again soon! Thank you for not being mean about my feelings on the girls.


JasJulesMom - September 10

Jen- Glad you are feeling better. Take it easy and get lots of rest. I am sure your girls will be beautiful.

I had an OB appointment today and he realeased me from work next Friday and scheduled my C-section for 10/22. I am going to change my ticker to refer to that date. I am so excited that I know when she will be here now.

Talk to you all later!!


Arabsrcool - September 10


wow, off work next Friday and a c-section date. How exciting. Try and get rest after you off and not run around the house cleaning like a chicken with your head cut off!!


Glad to hear you are doing ok. I was thinking about you. Boy you are having quite a time of it. Hang it there, it will be worth it, even if it is 3 girls. I know, what are the chances that all three are girls.......weird huh? I know most the the women I know that got pg with fertility treatment are having girls. Wonder what is about that? someone should do some research and figure that out. Its interesting to look at your two tickers and realize that you are 30 weeks according to the triplet ticker......how long do they want you to go?



JasJulesMom - September 10


I will try hard, but I already have a list of things I want to do before she gets here.

The ggod thing is both kids go to school full time and I will have 7 glorious hours alone everyday!!


vw79girl - September 10

sorry I have been dormant for the past few days. I have been visiting my little angels twice a day and enjoying every second of it. I spent the day there yesterday and in spite of the rain, they brightened my day. They had a parent luncheon, I got a pedicure at the spa, worked on their baby books, pumped milk and visited them inbetween all of those things.

Ben continues to do well. He is still breathing on his own with only a nasal cannyon(not sure how you spell that).
He has his “events” with the breathing but as he matures, that will lessen and just be nonexistent. He is 3 lbs today!!!

Paul is doing well but is still on a Cpap to breathe which is this little thing with prongs in his little nose. He has had a lot of poking and proding the past couple of days. Ultrasounds and chest xrays. Everything is coming back normal, he is just smaller and because of that it seems he is less developed and will perhaps be in the NICU a little longer than Ben. We’ll see. They say your due date is a good goal for them to come home and if they come home sooner, it’s a gift. I was hoping for Halloween but again...we will see. He is over 2.5 lbs. today :)

Greg and I continue to be optomistic and pray every night that they will continue to grow and will be home with us soon. I have good days and bad days. The bad days stink because I am weepy and miss them being inside me and just want them home. I want to take anything wrong with them and just put it on me.

Debbie, how exciting you have that date...:)
mine was supposed to be Nov. 3rd. lol
Get what you can done now...just incase she surprises you

Ronda...aside from my big milkfilled boobs...lol I do look like I did before I ever got pregnant.
Lili...I have no idea how I lost the weight. I think it’s the milk pumping. I am down to 136 now and another 15 off...I would be happy. I was like 110-115 before the stims.

Reshma...Get those bags packed girl...and enjoy the lamaze class. Even though I had a C sect. It was very informative.

Jen...so good to hear from you, glad you are hangin’ in there.

Jules and Lyl, I am trying to get on messenger tonight to chat with you girls. miss you!

be well girls and keep on keepin’ on!

<3 Lisa


bdantonio - September 11

well on the topic of weight loss. The day i gave birth to my little one i was 201lbs. I am down to 140 with about 10 to go. I did it on weight watchers which was reccomended by my ob after i gave birth. She said it was a diet i could do while breastfeeding, that is one of the questions htey ask when getting your plan to gether if you are nursing.


lili246 - September 11

Thanks girls!!

OMG bdantonio you did loss all that weight that is great. I have heard of weight watchers but how does that work. Give me more info and I might give it a try. I was at 205lbs before I had my son and up to know I am 176lbs but need to lose the weight atleast to 150lb. I need so much help I don't look that fat since I am tall but I want to get back to normal since I don't feel comfortable having this weight..lol

Jas Jules,
Sounds great being off work..haha I wish I would be to..lol But hey you are right now you know when you will be having your baby that is great and I bet you can't wait but take it easy and rest alot but do walk alot that will help. Well actually with a csection doesn;t really matter but why are you getting a c-section.?

You are so close when is your due date?

My lil one his name is Angel Paul we have something in common. I think those lil Paul's are very strong and he will fight to get up there. Don't worry you will have him by october you'll see have faith those lil ones are very smart and it just takes time.
I am so happy that you are seeing them every day. It feels bad not having your babies at home with you but they will be ok and be home with you soon.
Keep us posted :)

Wow are you at risk if you ever get pregnant to have triplets again?
I can't believe that out of 3 babies not a boy? wow but as long as they come healthy that is all it matters look it at the positive side. I wish I could get a girl and look you wish to get a boy isn;t that the way it always goes??.lol but you will be very happy with you 3 lil princess you are almost there girl hang in there.
Do you have a big tummy? Can't believe how 3 babies can fit there..lol

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jules614 - September 12

bdantonio - I never heard of an irregular follicle. I was 236 when I delivered and am now about 208

Ronda - an epi is a wonderful thing! I would say go for it. I had 2 great experiences.

Lili welcome - I lost weight by watching what I eat and walking an hour every day!

Jen - My you have been through a lot - can't you go on disability from work?

JasJulesMom - OMG you have a delivery date! How awesome is that? How do you feel?

Lisa - So good to hear from you. Your boys are in my prayers. Did you get my package?



vw79girl - September 12

I got to hold Paul for two hours tonight and was in absolute heaven.
He is having a great day and Ben is too minus the spitting up. They are both on the Continuous Positive Air Pressure prongs (CPAP) to breathe again but for 30 and a half weeks they are doing fine.
Ben is 3 lbs. 2.4 oz.
Paul is 2 lbs. 4.5 oz.
My heart melts every time I see them.

Lili, thank you...yes it is so hard to not have them with me but I am counting down the days. Each day that goes by is one day closer to them coming home.

Jules...got it today. THANK YOU...love everything you sent. Especially the Daddy Rocks Onesies. Greg LOVED them. thank you girl! Keep praying for them :)


JamieP - September 12

It sounds like everyone is doing OK. I am glad that you are doing ok now Jen after a few complications. Hope you are managing to keep off your feet and take it easy. When I was in hospital they told me that every day I stayed pregnant chances of a successful outcome went up 3% until 32 weeks when they are basically ready to go but under baked (i.e. need fattening up).

You are all so good with the weight loss - I have been very naughty in the past and kept about 10 lbs from each pregnancy so was 20 lbs heavier when I got pregnant this time compared to my first! Very naughty.

Lisa, so pleased to hear the boys are both doing well. Paul will catch up in no time. I can totally relate to the good days and bad days. These couple of months will be probably the most difficult you will have to live through. It is so hard to explain your emotions to others - it really is a roller coaster. Each day feels like a week with all the ups and downs the day brings. I hope you are taking care of yourself and letting others take care of you too.

JasJulesMom that is great you have a delivery date. Not too long to go now. How exciting for you.

Nothing has changed with me. I am just hanging out for my next u/s! I am guessing I will feel like this throughout my entire pregnancy. Well until I get to 32 weeks!! I try not to think about things too much so then I won't stress.

Take care everyone.


Jules614 - September 12

Lisa - glad u got my gift - it is great hearing from you.

Jamie - hey don't feel bad about your weght. I was 212 when I delivered my first (began at 158) and I was 218 when I got pregnant with my second - that is 6 pounds heavier than when I delivered my first!



Arabsrcool - September 12


That is great you got to hold Paul. I have been thinking alot about your boys and am glad you get to see them everyday. I know its hard, but at least they are making progress and will be home with you soon!


Glad to hear things are moving along for you. When is your next u/s?


my due date is 11/16. But they way I feel now, I doubt I will go that long. I have been having alot of painful contractions and just feel so run down. You watch, now that I have put that in writing I will go over my 40 weeks. Murphy's law at work! Of course my dd brought home a cold and gave it to me, my dh and grandma. I feel crappy and broke down and called the doc ofc this morning. I hope they can give me something b/c I'm dying here! Just waiting on nurses to call back



JasJulesMom - September 12

Goodmorning All.

Ronda- Sorry to hear you are feeling so crappy. I have definitely had days like that. Some days I just want to cry. Hang in there.

Lisa- How great you got to hold Ben. I am glad they are doing well. How are you recovering from the c section?

Lilli- I am having a c section because I had ywo prior and do not have a choice.

Julie- I am sooooo excited, especially since a date gives me something to aim for. Funny about all the weight conversations, this is the first pregnancy for me that mine is under control. Mainly because I do not have a choice with the diabetes. I have only gained 16 lbs since I got BFP. I gained 76 with ds and 82 with dd. The only problem I have is I only took off 44 after dd and started heavier this time. Hopefully I will get it all off after this baby.

Marina and Lyly- Hope you ladies are good.

Jamie- There is an end, even though it seems so far now, you should be so excited you are past the first obstacles.


lili246 - September 12

WEll sounds like you may be closer and yeah everytime you say maybe sooner you just pass from the 40 weeks isn;t that funny..lol
Hang in there I hope you feel better I know it stinks being sick and pregnant. I would always be scared of taking anything while pregnant especially being this close to having the baby.

Isnt that wonderful being able to hold the baby. Sounds like they are doing great I am so happy for them. Be strong and positive they will be home soon.

I get it but hey thats good doesn't matter as long as the baby comes out ok. I have heard that csections are painful what do you think from your previous experience? I don't know I have had my two children natural.

I also think that an epidural is a blessing we have now. But you know from my last experience I notice that the doctor put alot in it because I felt like if I was going to explode. I felt my legs so numb like if they were as big as a hippopotamus..lol really I felt like if I was having alot of medicine put in. Has anyone experience this before?
I know with m first pregnany it felt better not that bad like this time so it might of been to much medicine right? and this time it did hurt when they put the needle and I felt that cold sensation in the back. WHich I didn;t feel it with my first child?



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