IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - July 17

Thinking of you Beth. Hope you are going to tell us BFP today!!!


Jules614 - July 17

Jen -

How are you feeling with your 3 little ones inside.



vw79girl - July 17

Haha, Jen, you sound like me with the talking about the food. Isn't it marvelous to just eat? lol
I stopped at Angela's Pasta shop and got two little containers of their assorted pasta salads. One is a spicy one(with ginger, carrots, pea pods and green and red peppers with a spaghetti type pasta) and one has pineapples and chicken and tri colored pasta. It's kind of tangy but yummy. Got a couple of rolls as their bread is amazing. They also make these shortbread cookies with frosting so I got a package of those. They are little ladybugs. Needless to say I will be eating them as soon as I finish up some gardening. Going for a fetal heart check today. Why not. I just like the reassurance and if it's free, I see no harm in it. Hubby is working in the yard. Hot here today. Going to a pampered chef party tonight.

Thinking of you Beth. Everything crossed. :)

have a great day girls!

p.s. Jules, no pool today for the goddess belly sunbather. Perhaps tomorrow or Saturday. :P


jenfrancis - July 17

Lol - Lisa- Yes, its great to eat! That pasta salad sounds nice and refreshing on hot days. I would have torn into the cookies on the way home! LOL

Last night I cooked chicken wings, tenders, a nice salad, had some macaroni salad from the walmart deli and seasoned french fries. Of course I only ate 2 wings.

I am anxiously waiting beth's news!

I tell you what, these babies change week to week! They are definitely getting stronger! I feel them even more now! Just movement not really kicks. Exciting, and its funny I can actually pinpoint which one it is, since I know their locations!

I have been having bad headaches again for 3-4 days. Tylenol my big toe! Does nothing for me! Wish I knew truly what the risk of taking something stronger would be. I love these babies too much to risk it tho. So I suffer!
Bladder infection is gone, thank you Lord!
Marina - no more waiting on any pains! I promise! I wont do it again!

Lyly- counting down the days with you lady! 5 more days of BCP! Yay! Funny, how we look forward to shots on this panel! I was so afraid at first I almost backed out of my IVF contract, now look at me. I need a camera, so you can see this 16 week belly! I am huge!
About 185 lbs! Yuck!

Julie i am a preggo pig too.


bethnyc - July 17

Hey guys. So, heard from the doctor and it was bad news (BFN). Had a good cry with my dh and I'm now back at work. This was our last try since we were already at the egg donor stage and these 2 embbies (frozen) were all we had left. However, the nurse informed me that the donor we used is coming back, so if we want, we can use her again (and not have to get back on the waiting list which took 12 months last time). Not sure if we'll do it or not because I'm not sure if we want to spend the money and go through the emotional rollercoaster again. However, I am waiting for the doctor to call to see if he has any explanation for why it didn't work this time and what he thinks about us trying again.

In the meantime, we have been taking adoption so I guess we'll be looking into that really soon. I have a good friend who adopted twice and had an easy time doing it - adopted both in less than 2 months (maybe a rarity, but it happened to her twice, so I guess there's hope). She said she would help us through the process since she knows it so well. So, we'll see what happens -maybe we'll have a little one sooner than we think.

I appreciate all of your support over these past few months. It's been great to get to know all of you and I wish you all the best.

I'm going to continue to check this post to make sure that you are doing well.



vw79girl - July 17

Beth, my heart goes out to you honey. I know this was your last time and I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I am glad that you are considering adoption. That was our next step if this very last invitro didn't work either. I really thought this was it for you but wish you all the best and hope that if you can adopt, that it happens very quickly and easily like your friends. Stay strong and I am sending hugs.


Jules614 - July 17

Lisa - no pool? Why not?

Jen - i see how big people get with twins - I can't imagine how big u will get ith triplets. How much have you gained so far?

Beth - i am so sorry you had a BFN. Does your insurance cover the IVF process. That is hopeful your donor is coming back. What are the reason's you don't want to try again? Adoption is good. DH and I considered it as well.

Not much new here. I am soooo tired. I think it is time for a nap.



Marina - July 17

Beth-honey...I'm so sorry...Gosh I totally feel your pain! :'(
Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen to good people >:(.We were also talking about adoption and still are if this time doesn't work.Keep me posted,I'm very interested in this fast adoption and where from they adopted a baby?
Have you had all blood work done(coagulation profile)?
I understand you guys want answers,we did too.But my doc had none for us,ecxept bad luck. ::)And they charge you for saying hello too(we got a bill for $160 for talking to our RE after my embies didn't make it only to hear that he doesn't know why.)Very frustrating.


Marina - July 17

Lyly,your puppy is addorable little guy!When we got our dog I was wondering if that will teach my boys to put their shoes away...It didn't-our Mila had no interest in chewing shoes-real lady.

Lisa,I've looked at your paintings-wow girl! :)
Do you have any empty walls left-how many walls your room has? ;D


jenfrancis - July 18

I am torn up. I guess I consider you guys my friends or i would not get so emotional over your situations. I cried over Lyly's BFN too.
I pray for the adoption to be swift and speedy! Hope the baby looks just like you!
God Bless you in whatever you decide!


Jules614 - July 18

I just want each of you to know that two of my closest friends were adopted because their parents were told they could not get pregnant! After my friends were adopted both parents got pregnant because the pressure was off to conceive. If you don't have specific medical problems and are diagnosed with unexplained infertility - I still feel there is a chance after you adopt!

DH had surgery years ago to get me pregnant. They said I would not get pregnant for 6 months after the surgery! Guess what, we weren't thinking about it right after he had the surgery and bang I was pregnant a month after he had his surgery. Mychances were maybe 7% and now I have a Samantha! I have faith in you guys and I hope we always stay in touch.



Marina - July 18

Yeah,I know a few cases like this. Even Jenny(a girl from this forum,who just had a baby 3 months ago after 3 IVFs, just got PG the old fashioned way after all thr hassle with the fertility treatments-and she is 9 weeks PG now)
But, Julie ,you were how many years old-28? 30?We are talking 40 here...When our eggs just not good enough anymore and we'll be extremely lucky to get one good egg out...For you girls who are in your early 30ies everything possible and it's wonderful.For women in their 40 fertility clinics don't even want to take them in a program because they don't want their success rates go down unless you agree to use donor eggs!!!
But talking about miracles-yes,sometimes they happen,thanks god!
And adopt a child is an honor,to give little one a chance to normal life.
Whatever you decide Beth,I wish you the best.
Can they synchronize yours and donor cycle to transfer fresh embryos-why did they have to freeze them?
I see so far not many people get PG with frozen transfers,even if the embryos survive...In fact ,I don't know anybody who did


Jules614 - July 18

Marina - I understand the age thing. My mom's coworker got pregnant by mistake at 45 and had twins. My mom is also an oopsies - her mom had her in her 40's too - my mom is 18 yrs apart from her sister. My mom got pregnant in her late 30's after having her tubes tied. I think even in your 40's and late 30's you can still have the goods to make a baby - my mom pointed out that I was unable to make a baby at 24 when I was trying - (because I was complaining about getting up in age too) so sometimes I wonder if it is hit or miss. 2 of my coworkers just had children at 38 out of wedlock and mistake 8)



Arabsrcool - July 18


I am so sorry to hear about your BFN. I had hoped that your symptoms were positive signs. I know you will struggle with the decision between donor eggs and adoption. Before I got pg with my dd, we had the check written to an agency (having already researched all the agencies etc) and were just wanting until I got my BFN. I have a co-worker that her daughter and husband are adopting from Ethopia and are currently waiting on a Court date. I think adoption is a great thing and you know, at least with international adoption, you are going to get a child. Keep in touch, you are in my prayers.


I gotta tell you, yesterday I called a radio station and won some free food from Arby's!. I cannot wait to go pick it up and eat it.



bethnyc - July 18

Hi guys. Thanks again for your support. Feeling better today. I know things happen for a reason, and one day I feel like I'll have that reason.

I'll try to answer all your questions:

Julie - my insurance covers IVF, but not egg donor. So, we have to pay the upfront part - the fees for the donor, for her meds, for her retrieval, but my insurance covers my meds, my u/s and bloods and the transfer. So, net net, we end up paying about $15,000. As for not trying again, it's not really the money (thankfully, dh and I both have really good jobs - and I actually got a promotion yesterday - how ironic -- all I wanted was good news and while I got some, it wasn't the good news that really mattered). It's more about he emotional rollercoaster and what I'm putting my body through.

Marina - my friends that adopted so fast did it via private US adoption - I have heard that it usually takes so long (at least a year), but they literally had their 1st within 8 weeks and 2nd within 7 weeks. Pretty amazing and hopefully we will have the same luck.

So many people tell us to adopt and that we'll end up getting pregnant on their own, but like you said, the older you get, the harder it is. I can't even produce more than 2 follicles on the highest dosage of stims, so can't really imagine that getting pregnant the "old fashinoned" way would even be a possibility (although dh still seems to think so - I don't think he realized that I'm 38 (will be 39 next month) and that's old for these type of things. And, now he realizes why I wanted to start trying the second we got married and not wait (we waited 18 months b/c he thought that was best). Not saying it would have happened, but we may have had a better chance...

As for having all the tests, we have except for a histerscopy (spelling) so I plan to do that on the 30th. He said it's minor surgery - I have to go under, but that it's not a big deal and will rule out any other issues. He said it will probably come out ok, but we might as well do that. I think if it comes out ok, then there's no explanation, but if he finds pollyps, scar tissue or abnormal cells, he can take care of it and mabye solve the problem. So, we'll see what happens...

And, lastly, we did a egg donor fresh cycle back in April (when I first joined this group), but that didn't work. And, we had 5 frozen to which 2 were good and transfered. We would defintely do another fresh cycle next time - and hope for frozens too (future siblings). This donor had 41 eggs (which we shared), so we got 21, fertilized 16 - 12 made it to day 5, transfered 2 and 5 made it to be frozen. So, we think she's a good donor (not to mention that she met almost all of our qualificastions, appearance (I wanted to make sure she had my coloring b/c dh is dark and I'm light and I wanted to have a baby that looked a little like me), personality (same reasons), athletic, education (she actually has a law degree), and religion (she's 1/2 Jewish). So, we think it would be hard to find someone else who "fits the bill". I think we'll end up using her again - hopefully we can try in the next few months. I will, of couse, let you guys know.

Enough about me...

Marina -& Lyly - where are you in the cycle?

JenFrancis - are your legs/ankles any better? Are you still drinking alot of water. I want to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Julie - I can't believe you only have 35 days to go - so soon.

Lisa - I don't think I saw a post about what you ate yesterday - was it a slow day for you?

Reshma, Debbie, Ronda - hope you guys are doing well.

Sorry for the long post - but I wanted to make sure I answered everyone.

So happy it's Friday. I think we're going to go out tonight to celebrate my promotion (although bitter sweet b/c I would rather be celebrating my pregnancy). And, heading to the beach for the rest of the weekend.



Jules614 - July 18

Beth -

You have a great attitude and no matter what you decide, each of us is here for you. I hope no matter what you always keep in touch with us.

yup 35 more days to go - i elt like this day was never going to come between puking for 27 weeks, having a bleeding cervix for 6 weeeks, hemmorhoids, post nasl drip, and everything else that has come my way. I will be so releived when Kaitlyn is in my arms and out of me. I still constantly fear something will happen from now until then as his has been one of the toughest journey's of my life - no correction this was the toughest 3 yr journey of my life.




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