IVF anyone?
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Arabsrcool - June 23


You are 31 weeks pg.....that could be why you feel rundown.! take it easy, try and gets some extra rest and push fluids and veggies and fruit. Hopefully you will start feeling perky again.



Jules614 - June 23

Ronda - I hope so. i am barely feeling Kaitlyn which makes me a nervous wreck.

Will I ever be calm?



bethnyc - June 23

Lyly -- hang in there. Wednesday is only 2 days away. I know it's hard, but stay positive. And remember that we are all thinking of you and pulling for you.

To the rest of you girls -- sounds like everyone had a nice weekend, lots of eating (Lisa), gardening, shopping, etc.

Things here are good -- still on the estrogen patch and pills. Makes me so bloated - my stomach has a yucky roll on it (normally I'm pretty thin so this makes me crazy, but I know it's worth it). I go back to see the RE next Tuesday so nothing new to report till then. I will hopefully still be on track for the Julyl 8th transfer.

Back at work today -- was out the past 2 weeks with the shingles and tthen off site meetings. Srange to be here, but nice at the same time. Hot and humid today -- hoping it will rain so some of the humidity will go away.

I hope you are all doing well.



JasJulesMom - June 23

Lisa- I went the website. You look great. Love the 2 suns shirt very cute. The boys look wonderful! Must be all those chicken sandwiches...LOL!!


vw79girl - June 23

Haha, thanks Deb! I love that tank top. I wish it were a large though as I wonder if it will fit me into August. Maybe I had better cut down on the chix sandwiches lol.

Beth, it is humid and rainy here too. gross! Glad you are doing better. :)

Jules...you should be tired. I am sure it's normal at this point and no, you probably won't ever be totally calm but I can relate, I am the same way.

Ronda~ I love that U/s with the both of them. I am going to frame that one and put it in their room. It is adorable.

I am off to the cardiologist for a check up. He checks my heart every year as I have a leaky valve (Mitral valve prolapse) and wants to make sure the pregnancy isn't having any affect to change it as I have been fine thus far. My brother and my Dad have both had surgeries.

p.s. I had some chinese food for lunch :P


Jules614 - June 23

Beth - I am glad your shingles is almost gone.

Lisa - What website has your pics? Good luck at your heart appointment.



lyly14 - June 24

Well girls the bleeding is getting progressively worse and I took the dreaded hpt. Just as i thought BFN! I am so ready to start my next fresh IVF.


Marina - June 24

I'm so sorry,hon! :(But there is still a little bit of hope left,they told me that FET embryos implant later and beta in general lower then in fresh cycle.I understand that it's not very convincing,but still could be true.
Well,if not,we will be doing fresh togather,again, and this time around it's going to be the success.


Marina - June 24

Lisa,I got your pakage today-THANKS A LOT!!!!
What a cute top yor friend made for you!
Beth,glad you are on your way to BFP,hope you'll be more lucky with FET than me.I still don't count Lyly as BFN.
Julie,how is baby doing?Do you feel her more?
Jen,your pictures look great,you can't hide those triplets girl!


Arabsrcool - June 24


I am so sorry. Are you still going to take your beta tomorrow? >:(



Jules614 - June 24

Lyly - I am sooooo sorry - my heart goes out to you sooo much. I am really glad to hear you are going to try again. Are you going to start right up again?

Marina - My baby is still quiet. I feel her here and there - but not a whole lot. I have an u/s on Friday so hopefully whings will look OK.



JasJulesMom - June 24

Lyly- I am really sorry you have to go through this. I can't stop thinking about you and why you are not able to fulfill your dream. What I do know is that since I started posting last year, you have been the most positive person and I know you have it in you to continue until you get what you want. Will you still go for Beta? If so when do you think you can move on to Fresh cycle ? I hope you are doing OK. I know how much you want this.


Jules614 - June 24

JasJulesMom - Even when I got my period - my lab still made me take my beta. One too many times did I take that beta with my period and it was so hard.

Lyly - HUGS!



JasJulesMom - June 24

Julie- That must have been terrible. The two times I did get my period and BFN I did not go for Beta. They told me if I got AF and BFN I did not need to go. I hope in Lyly's case there is still hope.


lyly14 - June 24

Debbie my place is the same way. They say you can bleed and still be pg. They don't recommend hpt's because they don't pick up levels as low as the blood. Plus with IVF you are still on all the hormones so you should really not get a period until you stop. So I am not sure what the bleeding is from.

I am still going for the beta because I have to but, I am not optimistic . The bleeding comes and goes, a full gush and then nothing but a bit of spotting. It has happened twice so far. Last night and this morning. So wierd. I am scheduling a consult as soon as they call with the beta results tomorrow. So hopefully I can get started right away!


lyly14 - June 24

Gee maybe next time I should put 4 in!



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