IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - June 24

Gee maybe next time I should put 4 in!


JasJulesMom - June 24

Lyly- Since it sounds like it is not a flow and it is sporatic, maybe it will be BFP afterall.


vw79girl - June 24

Marina, glad you got the package! you are very welcome!

Lyl, thinking of you hun. ~hugs

Jules, praying that everything goes well on Fri. I am sure she is okay. Eat some grapes!


lyly14 - June 24

I know you girls are all trying to make me feel better but i took one of those early hpt's that you can take up to 4 days before your period. So I think if it was bfp it would have picked it up even if it was faint. Even if my beta comes back positive it can't be too good. They made me wait 13 days after the transfer which is 16 days after ovulation. I did the hpt 14 days after ovulation 12 days after the transfer which should be sufficient. I just can't wait to get off this progesterone it is making me so tired! And I am just ready to move on.


Jules614 - June 24

JasJulesMom - Yeah it did stink going in I was taking a test just to tell me what I already knew. I always had my period by the time my beta came around.

Lyly - My sister had her period and was still pregnant - of course the pregnancy was eptopic - but with an eptopic your body doesn't realize you are pregnancy and you still get your period. That is why my place tests. I really hope you get your BFP but you are right - chances are the test should ahve been positive. You know your body and you wouldn't want to get your hopes up for nothing. I wish I had a magic potion to get you pregnant.

Lisa - I had a whole fruit bowl - Barely anything 8( But I do feel some movement.



RB - June 24

Lyly, i am so sorry to hear about the bleeding. I agree it doesnt sound hopeful but since you have to do the beta anyway, maybe, just maybe, there is still some hope. I will continue to pray for you and if it is BFN, then we focus our energies on your new cycle!

Julie, I know how nerve racking it can be - i have only just started feeling movement and if an hr passes and i dont feel anything i start to worry. I am sure all is well though. You're almost there and soon little Kaitlyn will be in your arms. :)

Jen, i am sure you are counting down the days. I also feel my belly harden when i have to pee and if i am feeling gassy )sp?. it's mostly in the morning and at night.

Lisa, Ronda...we're almost at the half-way mark!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!

Debbie, i am also thinking of pink/brown (more coral pink though). I have been doing some online shopping...bedding and nursery furniture mostly as well as stroller, car seat, etc I am also looking at clothes and trying to restrain myself. I will be having a baby shower but there are some things that i would rather buy than count on others to get for me...we'll see.

Beth...i hope all goes well on July 8th.

Marina, how are you doing? Hope you are all set to get going again.

Well girls, i am going to take a nap. I got up and 3;15 this morning and couldnt go back to sleep...I eventually feel asleep around 6 only to get back up at 7 to go do my glucose tolerance test and now i am really sleepy.

Talk to you all soon...on msn or here.



Jules614 - June 24

Reshma - don't you love waking up and having trouble going back to sleep. It all comes with the pregnancy.

I am still barely feeling any movement. I have been at my friend's all day working form there as she just had a baby 3 weeks ago today. I have never seen a baby with so much hair in her head! I am calling her spike.



jenfrancis - June 24

Hi ladies, I sometimes forget about this site, now that we are chatting on the MSN messenger!
But I wanted to check in! I have the nuchal scan tomorrow and what ever other prenatal first trimester testing they do, even tho i am in week 13.

They said they wont draw blood tho. Since with three the blood tests are useless. I will post whatever results they tell me. The tests are at the IVF institute so I am sure they will give me pictures! I will post on my MSN Space.

I hope my hubby can come!


bethnyc - June 24

lyly -- i'm so sorry that you hpt showed a BFN, but let's see what happens tomorrow. And, if it's the same, then I'm happy that you are already set on going forward with a fresh IVF cycle asap. It'll happen - you are so positive and good things will come.

My sister got her period after an IUI cycle (she claims a full flow for a few days) and when she went to start her next cycle on day 2, her bood test came back BFP. And, she has the most beautiful 4 year old girl. So, keep the faith. Anything is possible...

Everyone else seems to be doing well - congrats to all of you who are at the half way point. Great news.

Have a good night.



Jules614 - June 24

Beth - funny how both you and I had sister's who got pregnant from IUI's - my sister just delivered twins. Too bad it wasn't that easy for us. I had no luck with IUI's. Thank God for IVF!



bethnyc - June 24

Julie - That is funny. I wish it was that easy for us too. My sister's first baby was a honeymoon baby (no problems at all) and the next happened on her first IUI cycle. We did 5 IUI's, and tried to do IVF 4 times with no success (no follicles) . I hope that this next cycle is my time --

I hope you are feeling well.



Jules614 - June 24

Beth - I am right there with you! I hope your cycle works this time. Fingers crossed...



RB - June 25

Hi girls,

it is 12:45am and i am wide awake!!! I had Indian food for dinner....love, love love Indian food...ate too much of course and then like Lisa, passed out! My SIL, may she rest in peace, would have called that a food coma! So now, i am wide awake and will probably be up for another few hrs...i wonder if this is what Zara's sleep pattern will be? hmmm


Jules614 - June 25

RB - Don't you love those awake moments?

I have concluded to give up on trying to feel Kaitlyn move during the day because it just doesn't happen. Last night from 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. today she was on the go! I wake up numerous times to pee and she was still kicking away at all hours of the night. I am feeling more relieved because I almost called about a non stress test for today! The day has begun and I am already tired..



JasJulesMom - June 25

Lyly- I am thinking of you today. Hope all goes well. I know how positive you are and even if you don't get the BFP you will be gearing up for your next IVF.


Jules614 - June 25

Lyly - you are in my thoughts as well.




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