Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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JasJulesMom - August 1

Lyly-I also heard that the sperm needs to be present before O. So if you are feeling bad I would pass. I know what you mean about the bloating. Yuk!!!! Anyway my BBS were also sore before trigger but less sore now. I hope that does not mean BFN. I went to RE today for b/w to see what progesterone levels are. These will be the 8 longest days of my life. Suppossed to go to Beacon Theatre tonight with dh, I am seriously thinking about not going. Really not in the mood. Still very crabby.


JasJulesMom - August 1

Lyly- I also responded to you via instant message.


amyjoy - August 1

Lyly- The nurse at my Dr.'s office said that drinking sugary drinks like regular pop and juice with actually take the extra water out from bloating. I drank juice because pop has a lot of caffeine in it. I think it helped a little and she said don't drink anything unless I am really thirsty. Drink when you need to and stay away from salt and salty foods. Bloating sucks!


lyly14 - August 1

Amyjoy- The pain finally subsided around mid-afternoon. Good thing too because I could barely stand up and walk. I am still really bloated and uncomfortable though. I' ll have to try the juice. I don't really keep it in the house since my sugars are borderline, I try to stay away from that stuff, but if it helps I'll have to try it for a few days


amyjoy - August 2

Lyly- I hope you feel better soon! I feel your pain! I was in a lot of pain with my 1st clomid cycle and I was so bloated a few days after the IUI, I went home from work just to take my clothes off and lay in bed! It will go away, I promise (unless you do get pg, then I heard it stays around, but for a good reason :) )!


lyly14 - August 2

Hi girls, I feel so much better today! I really think I felt myself ovulating yesterday. Maybe because I had so many follies releasing. I have never had more than two before. Last night was even feeling good enough to bd one more time just to be sure. DH was so great this cycle too :). No stress or fighting! Well we are all finally in the 2ww wait. I am trying to stay optimistic but can't help feeling like that post coital test means a bfn! Hope I'm wrong.

Amyjoy- thanks for your well wishes!
jasjules- I sent you another message. Your family lives in the same town as me! ! ! ;D


JasJulesMom - August 2

Lyly-Glad to hear you are feeling better. I had alot of bloating around ovulation also. I was finding it hard to drive. As far as your 2ww. Think positive,things can happen for you when you leats expect it.

Amyjoy-How are you doing with 2ww. Any symptoms yet???


JasJulesMom - August 2

lyly- i sent you another message.


amyjoy - August 2

Bbs still a little sore, but still thinking it's the projesterone. And I'm really tired lately. But, it's been so hot out that it knocks the energy out of me.

One more week of this wait. I'm already thinking it's a bfn because I called the Dr. and already asked what the next step is!! The nurse said another IUI with Gonal-F. If we do another, this will be the last. I think after 4 IUI's it's time to move onto ivf.

I have questions. Is there any way to tell if my eggs are not getting fertilized or are they getting fertilized and not implanting. Any test for that? I wonder what the problem is.


JasJulesMom - August 3

Not sure if there is a test for that. Maybe RE can tell based on hormone levels. As far as BBS, there is a different type of sore I think between progesterone and BFP. I think when BFP it hurts to even sleep on them. They feel sore and bloated. When they hurt before O, it was just certain spots and they were just sensitive to touch. I don't know eveyone is different but maybe that helps.

I know what you mean about 2ww. Cannot wait till its over. I think I might POAS three days out. I am so anxious and my RE told me not to come in until 8/13.

I told myself I would POAS Monday. Iknow crazy, but Monday seems closer than 8/13.


lyly14 - August 3

Amyjoy- there is a test called the sperm penatration assay (SPA). It is used to check whether or not DH's sperm is capable of penetrating and fertilizing an egg. You should inquire about it if you are concerned. I don't know of any tests that can see if the fertilized eggs are not implanting. As far as gonal-f, you should really give it a chance they say it can take up to 3-6 cycles to get pg. The whole process if frustrating, I know. I gave the clomid 4 tries before moving to injectibles. Don't give up. I know it will happen for all of us, someday. Hopefully sooner than later. Being tired is definitely from the trigger and the progesterone!

My bbs are sore too, actually more my nipples, same as with all my pregnancies, but they have been this way since a few days before my trigger. So it must just be the gonal-f shots.

Jasjules- I go for my beta on tues 8/14. I think if you POAS on monday it mightl be too early. You should wait at least 14 days after your trigger otherwise you might get a false positive from the shot. I wouldn't wait till the 13th though that is around the time I will be testing and you are definitely a few days ahead of me.


JasJulesMom - August 3

lyly- I am sure you are right about POAS but I am desperate for answers. I probably should own stock in HPT. I already have one for this cycle. Since I have PCOS and really never get AF without help...I usually POAS and pray. Guess you know how that has worked so far.


lyly14 - August 3

Waiting stinks!!!! I have 12 more days!

Amyjoy-when do you test?

Jasjules-I forgot to ask did you end up going to the beacon or did you skip it?


JasJulesMom - August 3

Lyly- I did go to the show and I am glad I did. Chris Cornell was amazing. Cute too!! As far as waiting, 6 days and I do not feel pg. Probably a BFN. Oh well.


lyly14 - August 3

jasjules-I'm glad you ended up going and having a good time. Stay positive- I never felt pg until I was at least 1 week late!!!! I sent you a reply from your last message.

Amyjoy- How are things going? Did you find out anything about that sperm penatration assay? Keep your spirits up!


JasJulesMom - August 4

Amyjoy-How are you feeling. Still tired all the time, maybe that is a good sign. How about the sperm test, did you ask your RE about it. Close to only 5 days to go....cannot wait.

Lyly-I spoke to my friend yesterday and she said when she was trying to conceive she did not get a good post coital result either but she did get pg. See there is hope.



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