Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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lyly14 - July 29

Just got back from the dr. and it seems as though you were right. My follies were still there. I have 7 follies all around the same size 16-17! They really haven't grown much since yesterday. I guess that is what he was hoping for by decreasing my dose. Waiting to hear the results of the bloodwork this afternoon, so he can give me instructions. He said it looks like I will trigger tomorrow. Had to go to the hospital for the bloodwork today and they butchered my arm. Have a huge lump, blood collected under the skin and it's already bruising. It hurts just to bend my arm :( Just so stressed out from this whole process. Will be glad when I am in my 2ww. I hope this will be it for all of us! Not sure if I can go through all this monitoring once I go back to work in September and I can't do next month because we are going away on a cruise. So hopefully the gonal-f was the magic stuff :)


lyly14 - July 29

RE just called me said he got my b/w results. Wow that was quick. It's been less than 2 hours. My E2 level dropped slightly from 1350 to 1289. Guess that is a good thing since he told me it should have only been about 1000 yesterday. He told me to stay at the same dose of gonal tonight and come back in for E2 and u/s tomorrow. It seems like it's never ending!


JasJulesMom - July 30

Lyly-Keep your spirit up. Continual monitoring is definitely better than a cancelled cycle. Also, do not think about missing a cycle in August and trouble with work in September. You need to think like this is your month and time. I am hoping come April all 3 of us will be welcoming new babies into our families. Good luck with the RE tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.


lyly14 - July 30

Things are looking good girls. I have 6 follies that are ready to go. I am just waiting for my E2 levels, but RE said I will more than likely take the trigger tonight, as long as the levels aren't too high. Have to BD tonight and go in for a post-coital test tomorrow. I hate going in for the post-coital test. Then we have to BD 2 more nights. So here's hoping!


JasJulesMom - July 30

Good luck lyly. Hope your husband is ready. Guys are so funnny. Bd is never a problem for them, but as soon as huge importance is on it they seem so scared. Well as least my husband was nervous. Oh well. Have fun and congrats on joining the 2ww. 10 days and counting.


lyly14 - July 30

Thanks JasJules! I hope he is ready too. I definitely have the bigger appetite for bd than he does. So the next three nights is going to be work for him. Plus he hates the on demand stuff. We have had many fights over it. I do have to admit it is weird sometimes He feels like it should just happen on its own. So this has been difficult for him, but he knows how much this means to me. Looking foward to the 2ww. I have been at the RE's office 7 times since fri the 20th! And I have to go back in tomorrow for a post coital test. They also told me they were going to do a u/s sometime after the trigger to check my ovaries for swelling, but at least it will be less hectic than the past week. Here's hoping we all get bfp's this cycle :)


amyjoy - July 30

Lyly and Jas Jules!!! My dh is the same way!!! I definately have the bigger appetite and he hates the on demand stuff,too, but oh well! That's how babies are made, right??? Sorry to hear about your arm, Lyly. I know sometimes I hate when certain people draw my blood. JasJules, 10 days, huh? And who's counting? LOL! :)

I am really hoping this is it! The last 2 cycles I knew it was negative, but I think this cycle can go either way. I keep looking for symptoms, but it's way too early, I know. I need to stop looking!


JasJulesMom - July 31

Girls if our husbands only knew what we were saying about their bd appetites, they would be soooooooo embarrassed LOL!!!!!!!! We have definitely had some fights over the "we need to do it now stress". Oh well I guess they will get over it.

Amyjoy, I know what you mean about looking for signs. If I am sleepy or nausea sets in for some reason, I am thinking it is a sign. Crazy, huh!!!


lyly14 - July 31

I am so frustrated and upset today. Went in for my post coital test and the results were not good! This is our third one and the other two have all been good, even on the clomid. He told me he didn't see any sperm, but I had a lot of white cells. He said the white cells could be blocking him from being able to see the sperm, but it doesn't look good. He also told me white cells could mean an infection but so far 3 out of the 4 cultures came back negative. I really don't think they tested me for the bacterial infection that I usually get, so maybe that is the cause of the white cells. Who knows? I was so hopeful this time. Had 6 good follicles and dh was so good about things. He didn't seem stressed and it wasn't awkward. He even initiated! What a nice of change of pace only to be disappointed.


JasJulesMom - July 31

Lyly-Did RE say BFP was definitely not a possibility??? I am a bit confused about post coital test since we never had to have one. Since you just triggered last night and O does not happen for 36-40 hours isn't it possible for the sperm to work tonight. Sorry could not be of more help.


lyly14 - July 31

JasJules the post coital test is done just before ovulation. You have sex anywhere from 4-12 hrs before going in to Dr. and they take a sample of your cervical mucous. It's just like getting a pap. Then they look at the sample under a microscope to make sure there is live sperm that is able to move foward through the mucous. It is a predictor of whether or not the sperm can swim up through the cervix to reach the egg(s) and survive long enough to fertilize the egg. Since I had no live sperm ( he also didn't say that there was any dead sperm) that he could see it is very possible that no sperm was able to pass through the cervix to get where they need to go :( He didn't say it was impossible to achieve pregnancy this cycle, but he did say next time we need to do IUI. Which made me think he wasn't so optimistic!

amyjoy- how are you holding up ?


JasJulesMom - July 31

Sorry to hear that Lyly. I hope he is wrong and it works for you. I know it would be great to just go on vacation knowing you are pregnant and be able to relax. Welcome to 2ww, it is brutal. I am going out of my mind with questions about whether or not BFP. I am so down and I do not know why. I really have no get up and go. My kids are driving me crazy because they are so bored and I just do not have energy to deal with the heat and take them somewhere fun. I promised myself today would be the last day I mope around.

I noticed you were from NY. Where??? I am from Bklyn originally.


amyjoy - July 31

Girls, I am so crabby and my bbs are sore, but I think it's from the trigger and/or the projesterone suppositories. I wishe I could look inside my body and find out NOW! LOL! :)

Lyly- I am so very, very sorry. I hate when things turn out like this and it's so sad because women like us, who are ttc, know exactly what disappointment is all about. I hope the Dr. is WRONG and I would still bd until I couldn't bd any longer. Can you do an IUI tomorrow? Would it be too late? I just went straight to IUI's because I wanted to be really agressive and bypass the whole cervical mucus problem. Don't know if I have one, but I didn't want to deal with it.

JasJules- Why so down and out? The weather? It's REALLY hot here in Illinois. The hot weather makes me tired and crabby.


JasJulesMom - July 31

Amyjoy-I think I am just feeling like you. I am really crabby(hopefully hormones) and my BBS are sore. Was not feeling this way yesterday. Just one of those days. Tomorrow will be better!!! I hope. LOL


lyly14 - August 1

Hi girls ! How is everyone doing today? My BBS have been sore since before my trigger. I figured it was all that FSH. Today I feel terrible. I am so bloated and it hurts to laugh or when I move around alot. I woke up at 7 am in pain. I wonder if it's the big O it was exactly 36 hours after my trigger! So we did bd last night (which was kind of uncomfortable for me in certain positions) just to be on the safe side, but I am not so sure I am going to be able to tonight because I am so uncomfortable. I did take some extra strength tylenol so hopefully that kicks in soon, but don't want to risk injuring my ovaries if they are enlarged! You think that is bad if I already O'd this am? They say that you O 36-40 hours after the trigger, so if we did bd tonight wouldn't that already be after the fact? Anyway from what I heard the sperm needs to be there before you ovulate and not after. Let me know what you guys think?

JasJules- I saw you were online yesterday, so I sent you an instant message in response to your questions.

amyjoy- RE said next time we should do IUI, but didn't say anything about this time. Guess by him saying next time he was pretty sure it was not going to work!


JasJulesMom - August 1

Lyly-I also heard that the sperm needs to be present before O. So if you are feeling bad I would pass. I know what you mean about the bloating. Yuk!!!! Anyway my BBS were also sore before trigger but less sore now. I hope that does not mean BFN. I went to RE today for b/w to see what progesterone levels are. These will be the 8 longest days of my life. Suppossed to go to Beacon Theatre tonight with dh, I am seriously thinking about not going. Really not in the mood. Still very crabby.



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