Anyone going through or have gone through gonal-f treatments?
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JasJulesMom - August 4

Amyjoy-How are you feeling. Still tired all the time, maybe that is a good sign. How about the sperm test, did you ask your RE about it. Close to only 5 days to go....cannot wait.

Lyly-I spoke to my friend yesterday and she said when she was trying to conceive she did not get a good post coital result either but she did get pg. See there is hope.


lyly14 - August 4

I am exhausted from this trigger, but hoping it doesn't wear off! DH has been laughing at my mid afternoon nap!

jasjules-did your friend get pg the same cycle as the bad post coital or was it on a later cycle? If it was later did they use any meds or do IUI?


JasJulesMom - August 4

She pg during the bas post coital visit. I am not extremely tired all the time but am having bouts of insomnia. These 2ww periods really are terrible.


JasJulesMom - August 4

Lyly- Not sure what was wrong with my fingers on the previous post. HAHA!! She got pg during the cycle with the bad post coital test. Her big problem was an incompetent cervix. She had her twins at 29 weeks. You would never know by looking at them today. They are almost four and so big. Never would have guessed they were only 3 lbs.


amyjoy - August 4

I still am tired, but who knows. i go non-stop with work and school, my body wears down occasionally. BUT, I AM FINALLY DONE WITH MY MASTERS PROGRAM!!!! Bbs are not as sore, don't know what to think. Projesterone is low at 11.4. I'm on the suppositories 2x a day now. Really thinking this will be a bfn. :( I have to admit...I've lost hope with this cycle.


lyly14 - August 4

JasJules- I've been hearing more stories like that lately. Let's hope I can tell other people a similar story! Only time will tell. Only 10 more days till my official bloodtest. I usually start spotting a few days before, so if that happens I know its a bfn.

Amyjoy- just as I posted I saw your post. Don't give up hope. My sister-in-law is 9 weeks pregnant and her progesterone was low when she found out she was pg. She has been on suppositories since she found out and her progesterone has been fluctuating up and down. So far pg is progressing. So don't think low means bad. Don't worry about the bbs not being sore either. Mine were never sore until I was around 5 weeks. With one I wasn't even tired. Those symptoms can all be different for different pregnancies and for different people, so don't invest stock in them. Remember those super sperm!

Well you both only have less than a week left!!!! Good luck girls.


JasJulesMom - August 4

Amyjoy-Glad to hear things are slowing down for you a bit. Congrats on the masters.

Girls do not give up. BBS can be sore one day and not the next. I have not been very tired, but I really cannot allow myself to be with dh,dd,ds. Who would take care of them so Can't be tired or sick. We should all continue to believe and not stop until 2ww is over and we get results. And even if we al;l get BFN we continue to believe until we get BFP we all are deserving of and want so badly!!!


lyly14 - August 6

As if this two week wait wasn't stressful enough, life just likes to dish it out. Spent the entire night in the ER with my mother last night. She really had me scared. She was so confused and disoriented and just didn't make any sense. Anyway, the Dr.'s in the ER are useless. I told them she has a history of seizures and mini strokes and they only checked her for stroke and pain med overdose. They wouldn't even do an EEG to see if it was her seizures. They just said all her bloodwork and cat scans look normal and I can take her home. They decided to keep her for observation for a few hours when I complained. How can you send a 60 year old woman home who all of a sudden can't even dress herself and you haven't checked out everything. They wouldn't even call in a neurologist. I ended up taking her home and calling her own dr. Looks like she skipped some of her meds. and was having seizures. Now I have to take her pills away from her and make sure she takes them. This way I'll know she is getting her meds. She is just starting to be coherent, but has been sleeping all day. I hope she returns to her normal self soon.

Amyjoy- When do you go for another Progesterone check?


JasJulesMom - August 6

Sorry to here about all the stress Lyly. Hospitals are not the most fun places especially when docs are useless. What hospital were you in. I know some in that area are not the best. Hope your mom is feeling better and you get some rest.


amyjoy - August 6

Lyly- My mom has kidney disease, so I know all about moms and hospitals. I'm happy that she is recovering and maybe this sleep is what her body needs to get back to normal.

I don't go for another projesterone check. The nurse said they like to see levels over 15 and mine was almost there at 11.4, so I'm doing the suppositories 2x a day and I go for a beta on the 10th.


lyly14 - August 6

JasJules- I took her over to Smithtown (St. Catherine's) it was the only way I could get her to go. That is where her doctors are (not that they called any of them!). Anyway I prefer Good Sam. Southside is the worst, that is where I went went I had my last m/c because that is where my old obgyn was.

Amyjoy- They should still do another progesterone check with the beta. My sister-in-law's who was having problems with her progesterone has fluctating levels even on the suppositories. I go for my progesterone and u/s check on tuesday. DH is having a sperm analysis tomorrow because of the post coital test results so I have to have blood taken tomorrow too for sperm antibodies. Hopefully all goes well.

Just think only a few more days left for you girls! Lots of baby dust to you both


JasJulesMom - August 6

Thanks Lyly, hope all go well with the RE today. Your dh must be nervous, I know mine was when he had to have sperm analysis. This will probably be the longest week of our lives. When do you go for beta. I am not scheduled to go until 8/13, I will POAS 8/10 which is the end of the 2ww. I am really tired the last 2 days and my bbs are still sore. Not progressively more sore, but sore none the less. I keep thinking I want the symptoms so bad that I am imagining them. Also since I do have PCOS and have not really had AF on my own in a few years, I think I am just feeking symptoms of PMS. Who knows, I am now just rambling on so I am going to sign off and wish you and dh luck.

Amyjoy-Any telling symptoms for you aor do you feel just as crazy and unsure as I do??


lyly14 - August 6

I haven't said anything to dh, but I think I might be more nervous about the whole sperm analysis than him. I had antibody testing done too to make sure I am not rejecting his sperm. Anyway hopefully I get a bfp this cycle and don't have to worry about the results. Not that I am that optimistic, which is why we did the testing now. We needed it to do IUI next cycle. I go for my beta on 8/14. I'm sure if it's a bfn I will know a few days before when I start spotting. I didn't even buy a test yet, don't want to POAS this time. I highly doubt I will be able to hold out, but I'm going to try. I know what you mean about thinking you may be imagining symptoms. The last time I was pg I even thought I was imagining the line on the HPT. I had to show it to someone else just to make sure it was really there, since I wanted it so bad!


amyjoy - August 6

JasJules- As crazy as you, girl! I'm right there with you!! I feel unsure sometimes and sometimes I think it's a BFN. Just waiting until Friday.

Lyly- I was sooooo nervous about the S/A. his first one was a little abnormal and the 2nd one was good (they did a 2nd one because the 1st one was abnormal). The third one (our 1st IUI) was LOW. And I mean LOW. I cried. But, the last 2 IUI's counts and mobility have been above average. I know counts can fluctuate.


JasJulesMom - August 7

I think my picture is now in the dictionary for the definition of crazy. It is 11:17 and instead of being tired like I was all day, insomnia is kicking in. Help!!!!!!!!!

Amyjoy I wish I was going FRIDAY for my beta, my RE does not want me to come in until Monday 8/13. That sounds like an eternity...


lyly14 - August 7

Hi girls. I knew I was right about having an infection. Finally got the results of my cultures and one came back positive. My RE doesn't want to treat me until we get the results of my beta. He said the antibiotic they usually give is not safe in pregnancy. Not sure what he would give me if I am pg. He checked my progesterone (which was high- so happy since he didn't put me on the suppositories) and he said my lining was at 20 (whoa!) not sure if that is good or bad went from 12 to 20 in one week since I ovulated. I've never had it checked 7dpo so I have no comparison. He also checked my ovaries to make sure I wasn't getting OHSS. They are huge (at least to me -compared to the size they are at baseline u/s). Anyway he said they are ok, so I am gonna go with him.

How are you two holding up?

Amyjoy- when do you plan on POAS? You're gonna test before your beta right? You should be able to do that soon. I hope you get that BFP. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

JasJules- I can't believe your RE is making you wait til monday. My RE gave me a slip to go for my beta on monday and I am a few days after you. He said I can go monday or tuesday. Hah, like I can wait til tuesday when he dated it the 13th. I am sure you will POAS soon too!



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