Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 8

Marina: I am on complete bedrest to only get up to shower and bathroom. I do get up to eat at the table with my daughter though. I have been doing hair for 3 years.


lucky - December 8

Hie bdantonio
I just read ur input, i was just wondering if its oright with u to tell me is there any reason for bed rest or is it to be on the safe side, so i can perpare too. lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 8

Lucky i was ut on bedrest due to premature labor. i was first on limited avtivity due to what is called hypermesis grandviulm. Its a rare but serious disorder. The dr ordered me on complete bedrest at 24 weeks after going into labor. I dont think i would ever volunteer for it. I wish that i could work and get up and dod things i have a 3yr old and its hard to stay in bed.


laura - December 8

Hi Ladies!
Lucky- a beta as we call it is beta HCG that is found in your blood. This is a hormone that is produed by the embreo as it develops. The first few weeks it usually doubles every 48 hours for a viable pregnancey. This hormone is also found in your urine for the HPT's;but it ist as accuret and shows up later. They also use this hormone to trigger ovulation, so you can get false positives if you test too eary, if given this injection
Marina- wow a beta of 1519! Are they expecting to see a heartbeat on monday? I know that is usually seen at 6 to 7 weeks, but I alwas get confused how far along we are sence we know the exact day of fertilization. Do you start counting two weeks before retrevel?

my beta day 14 was 285!! The best I have had.
Baby dust Laura


Marina - December 8

hi Laura,,with me it was a little tricky,my 1st beta(10 days after transfer only 1 ambie) came 21,I was in tears,2 days later 66(14 day),and 16 day it was 272.My RE said we are doing ok( as long as it doubles-and it was tripling!) and he wants to check one more time before u/s to make sure it's growing-and it was!(1519).So,Mon.they want to see is it's a normal pregnancy,because I'm not sure they can see the heart beat yet(it's only 5 weeks) and after that they'll do another u/s in a week to see the heartbeat and kick me out to a regular ob gyn.The reason for the low beta could be late implantation or because it's a single embie-who knows?


bdantonio - December 8

MArina 6w5days is when they saw my heartbeat I just went back to look for you.


Brianandjena - December 8

*HUG* ur not bothering me... *silly*
A beta is blood test.
does that help?


bdantonio - December 8

MArina which pregnancy is this for u?


lucky - December 9

Hie girls thanks for all ur replys, but i remember when i did my iui i was not informed aboat this blood test or any thing like this when do they normaly take this test or do we ask for it?lots of love and baby dust


Marina - December 9

Beth,this is my 1st prego with IVF,my son is 13 and I never thought I have trouble getting PG.I never tried again before(with my ex,he didn't realy want the 1st child)) and was on a pill untill i've met my 2nd husband and he wanted to have a baby.We found out I have blocked tubes and he got horrible sperm...So here we are...
Lucky,I'm not sure with IUI why they don't schedule you for blood work as soon as poss.,but in our case(with IVF) it's usually 14 days after your ovulation.They need to know as early as possible if they continue meds-progesterone and estr.(if it's BFP) or cancel them (if BFN).Hope this helps.good luck!


bdantonio - December 9

Lucky i did iui and i was schedule for my blood test when i left the office that day for 2 weeks away i had my iui on 5/28/07 and my beta was scheduled for 6/10/07. Two mondays away.

Marina I went on the pill at age 15 for medical purposes. I go my period to often and too long. I would get it for like 3 weeks go off for 2 weeks and back on. The Dr's put me on it to control it. I got married at age 20. Right before my 20 b-day i went off th birth control cause we watned a child right away so we were told to get off at least 6mths in advance. So April of 2002 i went off and we got married 11/2002. When i got off the pill i never got a period again. The only way i get it is if the induce it with meds. I no longer ovulate naturally. SOme tests say my body wants to go through perimenapause at age 20. I am 25 now. I have seen many specialists and i have unknown infertility and unknown miscarriges. They have not wanted to treat me for the perimenapause due to being scarred that it may send me into menapause and then i wouldnt be able to concieve. However since this is our last cild i may let them try and treat me now.


Marina - December 9

This is very sad,Beth,but look at the bright side,you have a beautiful daughter and in a few weeks you'll have another little one and you'll be done at age 25 and have a whole life ahead of you!And it's really aa miracle you finaly got PG and almost made it to the end.I wish your little one will bring you only joy you truly deseve!


bdantonio - December 9

I know i am just glad that i found the right man young and decided to have my children young so that my body wouldnt of went through complete menapause. Its weird though my mother in law is in her 50's and my mom is in her late 40's and they want to go through menapause and i started at age 20. It just shows you never know. Everyones clock ticks differently. I dont think i will ever want either of my daughters to take hormonal birth control though. The birth control i started on was a high does and after 2yrs on it it was recalled, and i still think it was to strong and too much hornmones for me at my age and it played an effect in all my issues but i will never know.


lucky - December 9

hie thanks for ur reply ur right ,my last iui was a year ago i did not realy remember but even though they never told me the result i remember i went after a week from my transfer they took the blood test and an ultrsound to make sure i ovulated and thats it then the 2ww no result for the blood test unless i had to phone and i did not, i hope ur doing well
lotts of baby dust.
hie marine sorry its sad , but as she said look at the britte side u have some one to hold on too some one to love and take care for, unlike some of us that r still waitting, sorry girls got a bitt emotional.


Wesleysmom - December 10

Hey, Ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. Lucky, hang in there. I completely understand getting down-I think we all do!

Okay, so I broke down over the weekend. I took 2 hpts and they were both faint positive. I'm a little bit excited but scared to get my hopes up. I went for bw this morning & I usually hear back around 2-ish. Oh, my gosh it is so hard to wait!!

Good news, Laura! Marina, u/s is today, right? Can't wait for the update!

Have a great day.


bdantonio - December 10

wesleymom a faint line is good.



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